Kanchi New story teaser & poll… Choose one!! By abhilasha

Hello friends…..remember me???…….just kidding I know u remember …..well ur so much lovely and encouraging cmnts made me pick up the pen once again………lets talk about the plot of story…it would be a ff!!
First is a reincarnation story that how sanchi and kabir take rebirth ….it wont be much filmy as I will give my touch!!!
Title- janam janam k sathi or tied for births!! Plz choose 1
Second thought is love story of kanchi after their divorce !!!
Title- love …..phir se!!!
So my dear frnds plz choose any one story and after receiving ur views I ll start working on it!!
Also I wont post it regularly….it may take much time as my term exams are about to start so maybe I take some to post the episodes!!!!!!
Now as I have decided to cook up u peoplewith my bakbak so lets chitchat about future plot of sdch.
My first tension is whether kanchi would be paired or not. Plz if u have any ideas then plz tell me.
And what the hell cvs is doing ….like first sanchi helped kusum and now she would find savitri means now not only kabir a veer but also their mothers will be fighting or wanting sanchi……seriously yr story ka rayta faila dia!!!
Lets see what destiny or cvs has in its pages!!!
Wish for best ready for worst!!!
But no sdch without kanchi as if sanveer happened it would be like other dailysoaps sas bahu drama !!!
Sanveer fans no offense yr I full fledgely respect ur feelings !!!
Don’t throw ur footwears on me for taking ur much time!
And plzz drop ur review on the choice of story and title.
Love uh…keep smiling and I hipe ur blood is in cool temp.(means u all wont be angry for cooking u ppl)
Are plzzz last question two stories are left from so much time
A danger game of love and married to mr khadus ….who was writing these ….plz update if u r reading ….those were my favourites!!
Now big wala abhilasha style sorry holding 1 ear ……bye bye.

  1. I think second one would be more interesting. Phir se… BtW you r right. I also think they r upto making it a saas bahu drama.

    1. Abhilasha

      Thank u dear for giving ur time…. It means a lot.

  2. Palak.Sharma

    Hi Abhilasha!!! I think you should write Janam Janam Ke Saathi, it’s your choice but my vote goes out to that!! I know you will write something amazing ?

    1. Abhilasha

      Thank u dear for ur valuable cmnt… Write now I m writing love… Phir se but I won’t make u upset… I will work on that story too!

  3. Anee

    Hey Abhi dear welcome back. ur story’s both title are exciting for me. i’m confused what i choose or what I loose. but it’s completely ur decision dear i’m just eagerly waiting for ur story.and yehaa my heart strongly say in the serial it will be kaanchi. i also thought with veer its totally saas bahu drama and all the type. so dear i want say that don’t worry it will be kaanchi. start story soooon dear can’t wait.

    1. Abhilasha

      Hello anew…. Thank u so much for ur valuable cmnt and I wish ur heart saying come true and we get kanch.

  4. Niyaaa

    Hey abhilasha my vote for option one tied for birth n yaa wardha n bewitch if u seen our comment plz plz plz post danger game of love and married to mr khaduss its humble request we r waiting eagerly n abhilasha m also irritated by cvc smaj nhi aa rha kya raaita bhala diya h sametne me hi nhi aa rha kya chahte h kabhi kaanchi kabhi sanveer kyu dono k fans ko guma rhe ho ek pe tik jao dhali k bangan jaise ho gaya h show ek jagah rukta nhi chodo jo hoga dkha jayega hum kar bhi kya skte h bus kanchi pair k liye hope k siva otherwise ur ff teser is awsome start soon dear

    1. Abhilasha

      Thank you soooo muchhh dear for this precious cmnt and I will write janam…. Soon so till then plz read 1st one and ur cmnt make me smile…. Seriously CVS ka rayta sametne me hi ni Ada… Anyways hope for best… And thank u once again!!

  5. Please pair kanchi only

    1. Abhilasha

      Its kanchi only dear!!

  6. Richa1496

    Hey abhilasha…. Happy to see you back…. I think second option is good….. In serial I also hope kanchi should be pair, because love kanchi a lot and their chemistry is far better than sanveer…. But as story is going I think it will end up with sanveer…..?

    1. Abhilasha

      Hello Richard dear and thank u for this valuable cmnt and yaa the way story is proceeding is quite scary just wish for kanchi!!

    2. Abhilasha

      Richa*Sorry for misspelt

  7. Kittykrishlife

    I liked phir se concept. CVS dont know what to do with this serial. Every week they are coming with new track. If it is sanveer then it will be same saas bahu drama. I love kanchi pair.

    1. Abhilasha

      Thank u so much dear… I have submitted the 1st episode and me too love kanchi!!

  8. Muchki option 1 pasand hae.kanchi ir praveer ko pair karna please????

    1. Abhilasha

      Thank u Anu right now I m working on love… Phir se but I will write next one too so don’t be hopeless!!

  9. All the best yaar????keep it up

    1. Abhilasha

      Thank you soooo muchhh

  10. Hi dear I chose Janam Janam ka sath but it’s up to you . I think it will unique like always and I throw shoes at u because how u thought that u will waste our time no dear it won’t . U always rock and some hugs and kisses to u and sorry if I hurt you

    1. Abhilasha

      Thank you soooo muchhh dear…. Ur cmnt make me smile…. And Luv uh too and lots of hugs and kisses to u too.
      And sorry for now I m writing love.. Phir se but I won’t make u upset and will write whenever possible janam janam!

  11. Both are very nice I like both the titles
    U r right cvs is really irritating.as it is rashmi sharma show can’t predict. But I think it will be kanchi reading spoiler Coz in latest spoiler it is written that jaya will tell sanchi that dr malohtra has killed his dad so sanchi will go ahead on path of revenge. moreover dr malhotra loves both veer and priya so much so he will use kabir as puppet to keep sanchi away from veer

    1. Abhilasha

      Thank u so much for giving ur precious time and lots of chocolate and sweets in ur mouth if ur this preconception came true… As k only want kanchi!!

  12. Hi Abhilasha I am soo happy that u r back and even I too tensed with sdch and coming to ff I want reincarnation story . Rest all u r wish and no problem if u do 2nd one because u r ff will be awesome. Bye take care love you update soon

    1. Abhilasha

      Thank you so much dear for this precious cmnt and u too take care… Love uh too and tku once again!

  13. Sandra19

    I hope first option about rebirth will be perfect….. I’ll vote for the first. yar truly this cvs are making the serial hell….i just love to see kaanchi….only for kaanchi I’m wayching sdch….but if there is no kaanchi I’ll stop watching this show. i feel bad for veer also but i thint veer and isha shd be paired. and saanchi and veer shd be bst frnds forevr….I love to see kaanchi…only kaanchi.

    1. Abhilasha

      Thank you so much dear for giving ur valuable time and I won’t disappoint u as I will write rebirth story next time and yaa even me love kanchi only and sanveer as best frnds only!!

  14. Haha Abhilasha dear u r so funny ???
    Don’t worry nobody is going to throw any sandals on such an amazing writer ???
    Now coming to the plots… I would go with the 2nd one…this has my own reasons… never mind dear, but I seriously don’t believe in this rebirth concept..for me its just a bullshit…2 love birds dying..& taking rebirth(alag alag places mein then pata nahi kaise aur kahaan se takrate hai) aur miljaate hain to complete their adhuri prem kahani..????total bakwaas for me….
    But dear the 2nd one has got some sense…so I would go with the 2nd one…btw these were my perception..its completely upto u what u want??

    1. Abhilasha

      Thank you so much dear riya for this precious cmnt and I loved ur logic BTW… I have posted EP one.. Hope u liked it….. U r really sweet!!

  15. Negisanyukta

    Hii dear,so good to see u back.??Both ideas r just too gud but if i have to choose one of them then i will prefer second option.???
    Seriously,cvs is spoiling our one of the favourite show,i mean cvs is making pappu of Kaanchi and Sanveer fans both.???
    I don’t think in this show destiny or cvs is going to make Kaanchi as pair.
    I just lose hope to see kaaanchi together.??????
    If we talk about Sanveer,Saanchi looks like the elder sister of Veer .???

    Kaanchi just look perfect with each other.Their coordination,way of expressing
    is really likable.????
    Sorry,if i hurt any of u.

    1. Abhilasha

      Pappu…. ?????… U r correct dear CVS is making us April fool from June.. Lol… And thank you for giving ur valuable time and this cmnt…. And I agree with u nd of course no offense to anyone… Maybe I would have loved sanveer but I m swasanian so……. Let’s wishwish for kanchi!!

  16. As everyone here wants kanchi it should be kanchi nd I think “PHIR SE” would be great, nxt is all upto u so u decide nd plzz start it soon I love ur writing nd yes danger game of love nd married to Mr khuddus r my personal favourite too.

    1. Abhilasha

      Thank u so o much dear and I have posted EP 1.. Hope u like it!

  17. AnahitaAnnie

    Hey Abhilasha.. I am sooo happy u are back. I was waiting for u to make a entry again!!! Now, both of the stories are so interesting that I fell in a dilemma but I would go with the second one.. Rest is upto u. Besides anything write is always amazing. Secondly I don’t what the SDC authors want but seriously this is hilarious. I laugh out everyday at their level of mind. Seriously, making Saanveer means all those family drama. Saanchi fighting with her-in-laws as revenge blah blah blah. We see this saas-bahu drama literally everyday. But kaanchi is a new twist. Both of them are different, ambitious and would be interesting to watch how opposite attracts and how arrogance change into love. I really wish we could add a piece of our mind to the writers. But all we can do is wait to see if the writers will choose logic or turn this into a family circus… Btw, how are you??? Can’t wait for this one anymore… Love u loads..?

    1. Annie where r u missing you and u r ff

    2. Abhilasha

      First of all thank usoo much for taking ouur precious time for this and ur cmnt… Seriously I m so touched that uwrite this much me… Luv uh loads…… And totally agree with u… Kanchi is just magical….. Their chemistry sets fire and just wish from my heart for kanchi… Don’t know whats in pages of CVS but thank you soooo muchhh once again….. Keep smiling and I m waiting for ur ff!

  18. Welcome back Happy to see u again. I think 1 one is better . I agree with you they are now making it typical saas bahu serial hope kanchi get paired I m not understanding what CVs r upto .

    1. Abhilasha

      Seriously Yr they are making fun of our emotions…. rs likes only that boring SAS babu drama… Just wish for kanchi!

  19. AnahitaAnnie

    A danger game of love was by wardhaRosy and Married to Mr.Khadoos was by Be_Witch. Don’t know about Be_Witch but Wardha got discouraged by the apparent absurdity of the CVS.

    1. Abhilasha

      Why she got discouraged Yr…. In fact she should be encouraged by this anyways hophope try complete their story!!

  20. RANdomfANCreationz

    My vote goes for the second one and yaar I totally agree with u

    1. Abhilasha

      Thank u dear for this precious cmnt and I have started it.. Hope u like it!!

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