Kanchi Forever (Episode 35) Last chapter

Hlo guys . I am trisha hope you remember me …here is the next episode of kanchi forever … Nd hopefully last this time thts not a prank nd firstly so sorry guys I couldn’t come up with a long and super happy ending but most probably I would come up with a new ff soon . Till then do read this nd don’t through sleeepers on me ! As I already told u guys I usually got free time to write the ffs but from day after tomorrow’s my sessional extra classes r going to start so I will be least free and As per OS I will be posting them between the time ! I have my exams after a month so pls pardon me for not being able to continue this ff …

Let’s start ….!

It was a usual morning of SDCH . All the interns doctors senior doctors nurses and all the staff reached on time …it was almost 1 hr after the morning when voices from crowd shooked all of them !
They ran towards the main hall of the hospital when found many people gathered there shouting “arrest Saachi ” !

Kabeer Saachi veer Isha Pragya riya Anand all were present there !

Anand – whts happening here !

Guard tried to control the crowd but that were bold enough at lay a shouting voice from Kabeer shocked them all nd made silent ….

Kabeer(shouting )- shut up I said shut up ! Would anyone tell me what happened !

Person 1-(from. Crowd)- look at these photos and videos on social media that clearly proves dr Saachi took the kidney of abc patient unnecessarily !

Person 2- yes ! This is clearly black marketing we won’t leave a dr like her !

Veer- what the hell is this ! You guys would believe a fake video shame on u guys !

Person4- don’t fool us this is real nd we have called the police it will be here soon !

Riya – wait guys atleast show us the proofs !

All saw the video nd riya had made that fake video in the manner anyone would believe !

Kabeer just turned to find Saachi in tears !

Kbeer(whispered)- no Saachi ! No tears today ! It’s ur day ur day to fight once again for ur self !stand up we r all wd u !

Isha Pragya- haan yr Kabeer sir is right !

She cleared her tera nd was ready to stand for herself !

Just then we see a person in hood jacket coming in the hospital from back door !

In no time the police came ;
Police officer (PO)- dr Sachi do u agree on this video !

Saachi- never ! I never did anything like tht thts total fake !

PO- that will be decided by special force but for now u hv to come wd us !

Kabeer- (angrily)- how dare you !

Saachi tried to calm down the angry Kabeer when a voice shooked them all nd all turned towards the big projector on the backside of reception table !

Voice -” of course dr Sachi is guilty or not that will be decided but there is something that didn’t met the eyes”
Nd a video played in which Bala nd Madhu clicking photos of saachi nd an audio riya instructing a guy to post these on social media .

Riya (sweating)- what the hell these r fake thts not my voice !

Veer-we didn’t took ur name riya!

A person came in front in hoodie nd removed the blazer just to find kiana there !

All police officers at the same time – Jai hind mam
Nd gave her salute !

She too responded with the same !

Veer and everyone was shocked including krish !

Krish – kiana ?

PO- SPF agent kiana dewan !

Veer- special parlour force ?

Isha- shut up stupid !

PO- special police force !

Krish stood with an oval face !

Saachi- nd dr kiana ?

Kiana – of course I am a dr too !

Krish – wow mtlb murder nd operation Ek sath !

Again aloud voice of a tight slap was heard by Anand on riya”s face nd later on by Kabeer !

Kabeer- I could Never take my hand on a girl but u r a …!
I am ashamed to call u even that !

Police was about to take Riya with them !

Riya – papa pls stop them pls papa I promise I didn’t did that intentionally!

But Anand stood with his face turned towards opposite side!

Anand (to crowd)- I am really sorry on the behalf of my daughter !

Kiana-(to mr singh the PO)… wait mr singh ; case isn’t over yet !

Once again a video played containing all the proofs against dr Malhotra !

Kiana- her father should be wd her to take her care !

Veer- oh wait wait police uncle what would riya do there alone let her friends go wd her to accompany her ; what say my beloved sister riya ?

Police took the four of them Bala Madhu riya nd Anand wd them…!

Saachi- kiana; thanku for this but how did u know abt this ?

Kiana- no need to mention sweetie that was my duty nd our team was keeping an eye on dr Malhotra from last 5 year nd thts why I came here…Nd as far as that Riya is concerned…I heard veer talking abt the strange behaviour of riya !

Kabeer- but you weren’t in hospital !

Kiana – I was …remember the new assistant of miss Fernandes …that girl with eye infection nd goggles !

Before they could say anything further a gunshot was heard; somebody shot her nd got mixed in the leaving crowd !

Saachis POV;
It felt as I was standing still nd a little piece of golden colour with big speed hit my chest ; that not only pierced my chest it was like something made me dumbstruck I wanted to shout to say it hurted it made me silent but I couldn’t do any of these things I just fell straight down with my back lying towards the ground …I couldn’t even move a bit just laid down with my eyes open and waiting to when will I die completely nd get out of this pain !

Authors note- I felt the same few days ago when I saw a dream in which a gun came nd laid me down so that was what it feels being shot !

Saachi just could sign a little by her fingers …Kabeer nd all ran towards her shouting

Kabeer-” saaacchhiiiiiii ”

Kabeer holded her in his lap nd caressed her face immediately took her to the operation theatre nd veer nd krish did her operation as Kabeer wasn’t in a state of operating upon her !

After 2 years !

A large mansion is shown named as kapoor mansion !

Everything was decorated with heavy efforts and in between two mandaps were ready !

Few flashes of sacred rounds were shown ; the nuptial chain nd vermilion filling on her forehead !

Time skipped to late night two rooms are shown adjacent to each other !

Isha pragya- what jiju’s ? Kha jarhe hai ap ?

Kabeer – to our dear wives now pls side nd let us go !

Pragya- not so soon have some patience jiju’s !

Krish- Kabeer beta I don’t know abt ur but mine will shoot me if I didn’t went on time so pls show some mercy saali Ji’s !

Isha- pehle our shagun !
(Placing their hands in front of them )

Kabeer- what’s that now ?

Pragya- a rasam nd our haq so give us fast !

Krish- fine chudails wht do u want ! It would be better Kabeer to give them else u remember na how they convinced me to wear sandils instead of my footwear!

Isha- 50000 per saali !

Kabeer-take 50001 but let us go now or be ready for punishment !

Isha- fine Pragya I think we need to tell this to our sisters !

Pragya- haan yr

Kabeer- ok fine now don’t blackmail !

They gave their saali’s their Shagun nd let’s see what then !

Isha Pragya- two bowls of chocolates ; one new dress nd no punishments for next two months ; agree or not ?

Krish- moke ka fayda utana ache se janti ho tum dono !
Hitlers !

Kabeer- done !

Then they let them go!

Kabeer- see u both in hospital !

Isha Pragya- not fair jiju !

Both of the grooms went to their respective rooms just to find their brides being exchanged nd got out immediately to find their correct brides !

….the start…!

So this was the ff guys pls give ur valuable comments nd tell me did u liked the ending or not !
My dear readers thankyou so much for all the love and support you people gave me that really means a lot I know ending wasn’t that much described yet thts a req guys please bear with me ! I didn’t wanted you guys to wait that’s why here is the ending …! Do you guys want a fs ff os whtever drop in the cmmnts ! Once again sorry for being late because of state govt order on ban on net !

  1. I’m gonna miss your writings…..dear pls write another ff or os as soon as it’s possible for u

  2. Awesome amazing but u ended it i loved ur ff and ur fs too what a twist kiana as a pollice officer too good do come soon and best of luck for ur exams ending was very nice

    1. Trisha139

      Thanku so much sana nd sure dear

  3. It was amazing please come back with new ff I will miss you so much

    1. Trisha139

      Thanku divya I will miss u too

  4. Abhilasha

    Superbbb twist yr…. What a dramatic ending….. If this story would be in a movie.. It would be a blockbuster and like in bahubali ques was why kattappa killed bahubali… U left a ques who shot sanchi??….. Excellent yr…. And don’t go ok… Ur fans are waiting!!

    1. Trisha139

      Aawww thankyou so much abhilasha nd sure dear nd Saachi was shot by some random guy

  5. Supeeeer amazing ff yaar but feeling sad because its last part of ur ff and the words coming in my mind r ..tussi ja rahe ho! Tussi naa jaoo! But what to do of these studies…I m too having more studies as I m in tenth and can understand ur problem..its ok dear…eager to see u with new story love u

    1. Trisha139

      Awwww asi nai ja rhe…just kidding ?I am here only dear with some new ideas
      Love u too

  6. And yaa! As I told u I m tubelight the que. Did not came in my mind that who shot sanchi? And dont believe on dreams yaar they r not true just imagination of what we think whole day…. I hope u have sweet dreams…

    1. Trisha139

      Awww thankyou vrushti…first of all I love ur name …Nd yes Saachi was shot by some random guys not a mystery sweetie ?

  7. So finally u came back I was really missed u and its OK this one was awesome and all the best for ur exams

    1. Trisha139

      Thankyou so much prema nd for ur wishes too

  8. RuCh23

    Trisha….??? Missed you sooooo much!!! Sorry for commenting late dear. Sad the ff ended but it was AWESOME!! No more words to describe it sweetie luv u ?

    1. Trisha139

      Thanku ruwani glad u like it sweetie luv u too ?

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