Kanchi Forever (Episode 30)

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Here is the next chapter of SDCH…

Recap : riya planned something big …some light scenes btw kanchi nd their fights !

The episode starts ….

Everywhere typical boring schedule was followed now see whts interesting…first of all in kabeers room early morning …-

He woke up as alarm disturbed his sleep …murmured in his sleep …”what the wuck can’t this morning come late “…
But his half sleep was disturbed by constant messages from someone very impatient …he checked his mobile to found few msgs …from saachi….

Saachi(msg)- hey good morning mr Akdu;
Altough I am that morning type person still I had something for you …!
Guess what ?
You were waiting for that eagerly …!
Is u guessed right than u would be given a dare for me …Nd if wrong I would give u a dare along wd ur surprise !!

Kabeer(murmuring to herself)- oh god seems like I am going to suffer a lot today …whtever let’s see !!

As usual same typical boring ; super boring routine ….all got ready nd the hospital started ….
Straightly jnto his cabin…

Kabeer- waah subah subah devi ji ke darshan !
(Wow early morning got to see goddess)…

Saachi- was that a compliment or a …

Kabeer- yeah u guessed right …a tauntrum…?

Saachi- by the did u guessed ?

Kabeer- yes might be a surprise for me ?

Saachi- wrong guess that is ur punishment remember for acting like forgeting our anniversary I told u that I will tell u after sometime so I am here now…

Kabeer- holy shit !

Saachi.- What !

Kabeer- nothing

Saachi(winks)- and yes ur dare too…!

Kabeer- fine now appointments are gonna start before that I will complete that whtever will be !!

Saachi- (laughs )…

Kabeer- I didn’t cracked a joke…!

Saachi- no actually I was imagining u doing the punishment…hahhaha

Kabeer- I don’t like that bad !

Saachi- of ours u look more khduus than that ….

He gave a constant glare to her …and guess what she too gave him a glare this time !

Kabeer- that’s my job !

Sachi- u r a doctor so I think a job of a doctor is about his patients !

Kabeer- (irritatingly) my god ! Can’t u stop irritating. Me …so talkative now tell me nd come to point !

Saachi- u have to distribute ladoos to any 20 people of the hospital urself ..!
Nd dare I will tell u later on !

Kabeer- oh miss ! Excuse me ! Do I look like a vendor to u ?

Sachi- r u doing or losing ?

Kabeer- Kabeer sinha never takes any challenge to lose!
(Gave a smirk)…

Saachi – wowis so start…Nd yes veer will be recording this …!

Kabeer- I am going to kill him …if he does anything like that…!

Saachi- we will see that (winks wd an evil smile )

Kabeer- u and ur Ideas …atrangi like u !

She turned to leave …but got her forehead stuck by the door ….he shouted a little ran to her cupped her face trying to see the wound !!

She was just starring him.. how cute he looked while caring…

He too looked at her and their eyes met…after few seconds they came out of the eye lock…

Saachi- that was just a little one no need to worry that much !

Kabeer- do u seriously think I was worrying I was just looking if u took some piece of my door wd ur forehead !

Saachi- tumhar matha khrab !
(U r mad)

Kabeer- Bengali queen now continue to the work…!
Nd yes I will look for the challenge tomorrow !

Saachi- whtever ! ?

The day passed normally …it was night time !….

Ria woke up wd a choke….while sleeping …she was sweating …!

She saw “people shouting arrest saachi nd dr Malhotra nd dr Kabeer slapping her”

Riya- oh god this Saachi …but don’t u worry Saachi I will not leave u nd this time wd more care…!

Precap- Kabeer completing the challenge …Pragya veer bonding …a new entry …(male)….riya forwarding her plan !

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