Kaleerein 6th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Amar, new Mogambo/Villain In Vivan’s Life

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Meera confronts Amar and Vivan that they both have put her in dilemma and did not try to know what she wants. She tells Amar that he is trying to cash on her upbringing. He asks why she thinks so, he is trying to protect her and does not need any money, he has seen Vivan insulting her repeatedly and trying to even kill her, she can forgive Vivan or divorce him, but she cannot get away from her father. Meera says she will not forgive even Vivan and confronts Vivan that he always distrusted her even after taking oath during wedding pheras that they will trust each other, he will not understand. She falls down. Neighbor women come and lift her. Amar sends women away and tells Meera t hat she is feeling pain as Vivan is untrustable and tells her childhood story that she used to run even after his warning and then fall down and get injured, he used to console her, it is similar situation now, he cannot leave her to fall down, forget Vivan and return home with him. Meera says she will not leave this place. Amar says he will call whole family here then. Vivan asks how will live without her, how can she leave her alone. Amar shouts enough now, get out. Vivan warns enough of his drama, court has given them 6 months them and 5 months are still left, if he tries to separate them, he will go to court. He pleads Meera to bear him for 5 months and see him fulfilling his promise, she herself will wear kaleerein/bridal bangles via his hand. Amar yells it should be his decision as he gave her promise, he will make Vivan’s life a hell that he will run away from here. Vivan challenges he himself will give Meera’s hand in my hand.

Meera’s family shifts to Pind Village and rearrange their goods. Dolly says Vivan did not come yet. Amar says Vivan is London born and will not come here. Vivan walks ind says he may be London born, but a Punjabi by birth, he is ready for any challenge Amar throws. Amar yells he will run away within a day. Nurses bring Amaya on stretcher. Sweety says this village does not have proper medical facilities, why did he bring Amaya here. Vivan says he cannot leave Amaya alone. Biji says he did good, take Amaya in.

Amar shows small sheep shed to Vivan and says he will stay here and clean cow dung, even make dung cakes, prepare tea for them, etc.. Vivan sasy he is ready for any challenge. After sometime, Vivan gets his coffee machine and switches it on. Machine burns. Amar yellls it is not city, now he will prepare tea on mud stove and serve whole family twice. Vivan agrees. Amar challenges Vivan will leave within 2 days. Vivan says let us see…

Vivan sleeps outside house between mosquitoes. Prince throws water on sleeping Vivan and wakes him up. Vivan tells Meera that he is doing it for their future, let her father throw much bigger challenges, he is not afraid of mosquitoes bite him.

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  1. I don’t know if I should be excited at the prospect of seeing Vivaan in a completely new avatar …as a farm help at Amar’s household ….the scene has changed from the opulent Kapoor Mansion to some village agricultural environment and Vavaan will be leaving his formal outfits and wearing the simple clothes of a humble peasant as suggested by Amar…So the tables have turned and Vivaan will be serving Amar and his family….but Vivaan seems to be enjoying this 360 degree turn in his life….may be this is the only way to prove his love and determination to both Amar and Meera and Ofcourse to redeem his numerous misdoings..

  2. Does Meera father want to marry her himself? ??? Why doesn’t he leave her marriage alone

  3. show was good but has started becoming really stupid with Meera father coming between his daughter and her husband.

  4. Yes,Beki ,had Meera opted to not give in so easily,it would have made sense…..it is between a husband and wife to compromise or not…but Meera’s father suddenly becoming aggressive and dictating terms looks stupid and awkward…I am surprised that even Biji didn’t interfere and drill some sense into his nuts…the writers could have done better without this stupid track….with all of them shifting to the village ,the kidnapping drama seems to have faded away with no one talking about it….Poor Amaya,she is the only reminder of that tragic track and still in coma but Vivaan is not interested in tracking the kidnapper and finding out who he / she is and the purpose behind all this…..

  5. Vivaan realizes his love for Meera &ready to underwent any test by Amar….like dat but don’t like sudden change in Amar’s character.As a father his concern for Meera can understandable but d way he is treating Vivaan is not likable at all..Lakshmi i can’t understand why d writers of dis show changes everyones character like dis…..one thing i like d most is Vivaan’s change in behaviour he became so humble …carring…loving..person can’t wait to watch next episode

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