Kaleerein 26th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Roma Manipulates Vivan

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Kaleerein 26th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Roma with Laali’s help hires goons and forces Meera and her family to get out of their house. They plead not to kick them out of house and asks what did they do. Meera pleads. Roma says she can kick her bahu out at least and orders goons to kick her out. Vivan driving his car fumes that because of Meera, he did not get proper sleep and is drowsy, so he has to return home. Goon drags Meera and pushes her out of house. She falls, but Vivan comes and holds her. Meera looks at him emotionally. Goon attacks Meera. Vivan breaks his hand and he runs away with other goons. He asks Meera what happened. Meera tells her what Roma did. Roma says she is kicking them out of house. Vivan apologizes family and asks them to go and sleep now, leave belongings there itself. They all walk back to their room.

Vivan then tells Roma that he was handling this issue, why did she interfere. She says why he is getting so emotional with caretakers, in fact she thinks he loves Meera. He says he is not, Meera helped him and informed that his mom is alive. She even left her marriage to inform him. Roma says Indians are so cunning and use opportunities, Meera just emotionally blackmailed him, did she give him proof that his mother is alive. He says no. She says she will prove that his mother is dead, else she will obey him whole life. Vivan agrees.

Meera’s family take their belongings back to their room. Meera consoles them. Next morning, she prepares thank you card for Vvan.

Roma takes Anurag to police station to show Vvan’s mother’s death certificate and asks constable to show all old records. Vivan checks records and finds his mother’s death certificate. He fumes that Meera lied that his mother is alive and emotionally blackmailed him.

Precap: Roma says Meera’s whole family is a lier. Meera asks what did they lie. Roma says she lost right to question, it is someone else’s turn now. Vivan shouts Meera lied that his mother is alive, he saw her death certificate.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. This week trp reduced ?
    All r waiting for Meervan love scenes..but they always have some misunderstandings b/w them

    1. Ooshi

      Happy u commented

  2. Candiva007

    This is the time that Meera should slap Vivan and tell him to open his eyes and see that Roma is a snake. For all we know Roma could have paid someone for a copy of someone else’s death certificate and put Vivan’s mothers name on it.

    1. I also think this could be so…

  3. Ooshi

    Thanks for the update MA

  4. You are right Shraddha,the moment things start looking better between Vivaan and Meera ,the creatives play spoil sport and come out with some misunderstanding ….they should not have brought in Roma Kapoor so early,,,,,the couple should have been allowed to spend some quality time and strengthen their relationship…..And I fear this time it is not going to be a simple misunderstanding ….by going to the police station and dig in the police records,,Roma is all set to portray Meera and family as cheats and gold diggers..But What I have n’t understood is Why Meera , after declaring in the airport that Vivaan’s mother is alive, has n’t revealed anything so far about her whereabouts….and Vivaan too hasn’t insisted…..Whatever it is I am disappointed with Vivan’s response when he saw Meera &family being thrown out….O.k ,he came to their rescue ,,,but could n’t take a stand as he has still not realised hs feelings for Meera….the wuestion is will the couple ever be allowed to realise that they love each other…

    1. exactly lakshmi. i thought vivaan would have said something more.this time I thik its no small understanding.its the tearing apart kind. exactly if meera’s dad knew vivaan’s mum was alive. why not talk to vivaan about it.it dont make sense? coz he told meera that she was alive.haiz i do feel sad to see meervaan fights like this.

    2. This is what I dislike Lakshmi, when the leads don’t get enough time to romance. Too soon we see villains ruling the roost ,guaranteed they have to pass through trials and tribulations before they could unite…but writers are so mean, they starve us by focusing more on family problems and other things, that we get get bored when we don’t see some serious action. At the moment, across here, we’re now in the sangeet ceremony…yes you read that right…today I saw Asha Negi and Rithvik Danjani do a dance scene… We are so backwards in this serial. I only watch ISA and AKAJS on desitvflix…

  5. Hello everyone… I would like to believe that Vivaan’s mother is alive, for Vivaan’s and Amaaya’s sake. Maybe Roma had a hand in her lying low all these years but I’d like to know what relationship Meera’s friend share with her though. Lakshmi, can you tell me, I think I lost out on that bit of information. As for Vivaan, he could say what he wants, I could feel his attraction towards Meera…i do enjoy their cute moments, even when they argue. As for Laali….so unbearable!! Talk about jealous relatives, she takes the cake…

  6. Naz,very happy to see you here after almost a week…only the other day Nimisha was remembering you….And shocked to know that the channel is still continuing with its rather strange policy of keeping its overseas viewers much ,much behind the actual schedule…….as for the info regarding Meera’s friend’s relationship with Vivaan ‘s mother,I am also not clear as I too missed a few episodes when I was not well…..but I am positive that it is not explained yet…..I remember Meera,all decked up like a bride and with those lovely Kaleerein dangling from her bangles , ,following vivan and Amaya right into the airport and seeing them already past the security clearance ,takes hold of a mic and announces to Vivan that his mother is alive.so he should come back……Here I missed one or two episodes….Most probsbly the matter might have been set aside till the marriage got over but what followed was absolute mayhem and finally Vivan marries Meera….what is surprising is after the marriage ,he had all the time in the world to ask Meera about his mother….why he has waited till his step mom raised the issue,I don’t understand…..even now , Roma can not do a thing if Meera tells Vivan where his mother is….provided she really knows about her whereabouts…But like you I too believe that she is alive for the sake of her children

    1. I’m wondering where today’s update went to…. Lakshmi, you’re going to be shocked to hear that kaleerein is only shown 3 times for the week…yesh, it is so!!! How can Zeetv expect to hold our attention and interest if by the time between last episode this week and first episode next week is shown, we could very well forget what we saw last week, not so? So this is a lost cause, so I’m really sorry for us here having to put up with this sidelining. I’m already watching AKAJS and ISA on my tab, don’t have the zeal to add this one, having lost the momentum of consistency …all because of Zeetv…. They suck, big time!!! I did go back to the previous day’s episode and saw Nimisha’s acknowledgement, how thoughtful of her to remember me. I’ve wondered where the rest of our ADDNK and ETRETR girls gang went off to…happy to know now that she’s here with us. I’m watching the two I mentioned above, this one and I’ve given up on Mehak and Piya Albela…big disappointment and don’t talk about WAS…that’s a no no for me since the reincarnation track, it just doesn’t hold my attention, with these new characters, they should just close shop. So… I’ll be sticking with these three as far as I can see it.

  7. Kaleerein 27th April 2018 Written Episode Update – Meera’s father says that he met Mrs.Kapoor in a refugee camp..
    Standing outside the police station,Roma waits for her step son Vivan to come out and crips about the hot Indian summers…gloating over her ability to manipulate anything to her advantage, she smiles thinking how she has turned the tables on her adversary Meera and her family….Vivan comes out with a crestfallen face,,,pretending to be in tears,Roma says she is sorry that he has to find out the truth like this,,,but she has no other alternative to expose Meera and her family who turned out to be such cheats that they did n’t even hesitate to portray a dead woman as alive…..all to stop him from leaving Inda As Vivan gets tensed ,Roma instigates him further suggesting that Meera’s family did all this to get their girl married to him as they realised that he was their golden goose…in the bargain they didn’t care about his sentiments or Amaya’s.Making it clear that Meera & co just want his money ,Roma says she is sorry that he has taken their love and care for true.Fuming ,Vivan sits in the car …and Roma,taking great pleasure in her success,joins him to go home…
    Taking pride in having a son in law like Vivan,Dolly tells her daughter even her own son would not come to their rescue in such a situation….as she says that they are indeed very lucky,Roma enters remarking harshly that their own daughter proved to be very unlucky for her husband Vivan .Cinfused ,,Dolly asks her if Meera has done anything wrong…Roma ,becoming sarcastic ,wonders how ,on one hand ,they pretend to love Vivan and Amaya and on the other,plot and scheme shamelessly to usurp his property.When they don’t understand what she is driving at,Roma says that she doesn’t mind explaining ,,,and to their shock declares that all of them are liars….just then viIvan comes in and Meera,distraught at Roma’s insinuations ,confronts him demanding where and when any of her family has lied….Prodding her to remember what she said about hs mother in the airport,Vivan tells her that she is a habitual liar and misled him about the bangle also….Shocked at his allegations against his daughter ,Meera’s father Amar,intervenes saying that it is not Meera’s fault because he was the one who gave her that information….Advancing on him menacingly,Vivan demands to know how can it be possible …the same person alive and dead at the same time….either he is lying or the police records but records can not …Meera becoming emotional says that anything in this world can be false but her father doesn’t lie..As Meera defends her father,Amar explains that he has only told this much to his daughter that he met one Mrs .Kapoor in a refugee camp and after handing over her daughter Preeta to him ,she went her way..Declaring that he is lying ,Roma, applauding Amar’s determination in not giving up , asks Vivan how does he like papaji’s new version….As she keeps on heaping insults on Amar,Meera ,on the verge of tears,begs her not to insult her father as he doesn’t lie….not relenting ,Roma remarks that she has heard people saying that Punjabi parents can go to any extent to get their daughters married and it is obvious that Amar’s mind got corrupted seeing Vivan , the most eligible bachelor….but no one has spared a thought for his emotions..Explaining that this macho manhas a child in him and that child always craves for his mother ,the reason why he is here in India,,Roma accuses the complete family of taking advantage of this weakness of Vivan… ,Meera tries to interrupt Roma,but Vivan,asking her to keep shut says that there is no need to explain as it is proved beyond doubt that all of them are blatant liars…Meera stopping him in the doorway ,beseeches him to look into her eyes and say she is a iiar…Vivan stares into her eyes but prefers to keep quiet….Meera goes back to Roma and tells her firmly that she will prove that her father is not wrong…when Meera tells her that it is Hoshiarpur and here papers change within minutes,Roma sarcastically reminds that in India people also change within no time ,the same reason why ,her dear father might have done all this planning to get his daughter married to Vivan,…Meera,in turn reminding Roma that Indians don’t go back on their promises, says that she too will remember her promise about her father…
    As this argument goes on between Roma and Meera,Amar ,too distressed to bear all these allegations,starts gasping for breath and collapses ….As the family tries to revive him,Vivan comes back concerned ,but Meera refuses his help…..feeling bad,Vivan goes out,not even responding to Roma’s calls and Amar is taken inside by his family.
    Speaking to Laali, Roma tells her that she is so happy today that she feels like singing….because she has put the first nail in Meera’s coffin…When Laali asks when are they going to meet ,Roma disconnects in disgust….Laali smiles to herself thinking where will Roma go as she is her only accomplice in India …Without knocking the door,Meera enters Roma’s room again…and starts explaining that her father always tells the truth…Disapproving her ill manners,Roma says this time she is excusing her as she seems to be in distress and she is not as stone hearted as people imagine her to be…Not listening to her taunts,Meera tells her that her father has very peaceful and sound sleep every night because he is a a simple man….she stops in her tracks when Roma says 6 out of 10….As Meera looks bewildered ,Roma explains that she is giving her father 6 out of 10…..Saying he is always 100 out of 100.meera tells her that her father doesn’t require any report card as he is true to his heart …challenging Roma that she will make her to take back her allegations against her father ,Meera storms out of the room leaving her to eat her pickles.
    With folded hands ,Meera prays to GuruNanakji that she is truly naughty but her father is a noble soul…she prays to god to give her strength to prove her father’s innocence and find out the whereabouts of Vivan’s mother…
    As the anxious family keeps vigil at Amar’s bedside who is still unconscious,Vivan ,feeling guilty,goes ther to enquire about his health but a furious Meera shuts the door on his face.
    As no one sleeps that night in the Kapoor mansion ,Roma gets ready to go to bed..Meera reminicising the many good times that she spent with Vivan and then his terrible allegation against her father,burns the thank you card she prepared for him just that morning.. In his room ,Vivan ,equally frustrated ,,throws away Meera’s dress lying on his bed..
    Roma is seen searching for something frantically and finally to her relief she finds the gun that she has used to shoot Vivan and Amaya’s mother….recollecting how Vivan’s mother was shot dead by her with this same gun,she thinks cynically how could a dead person be seen in the refugee camp by Amar.
    End of the episode

    1. Ooshi

      thanks for the update

  8. Truly it is a lost cause Naz ,rather Zee should stop this hypocrisy and accept their inability to follow a proper schedule …what do they mean in showing a 5 times per week serial just 3 times..I am really sorry that this problem which started last year with ETRETR is still continuing and other alternatives had to be explored to see regular zee serials….anyone will lose interest this way ….what a shame ,Zee thinks that it has very high business ethics….
    Really Naz,once a serial is finished ,you start missing everyone on the forum…Ofcourse some join you on new forums but many go their ways….almost like a life’s journey….I am happy we are not seperated..
    Very busy Naz…swamped with quite a few cases….last night I was up till 3am doing some case studies.but couldn’t find time to comment on Ishq Subhaan Allah…tell me….have Zara and Kabir finally consummated their marriage…I must say Zara is very bold like Rani ….as you remember it was always Rani who said the three magical words to Raja….and the scene on her birthday when Raja asks her to wear that red saree and the later kissing scene ,my god ….pure nostalgia…..Naz,I think I can never get over raja and Rani and their eternal love..
    This afternoon I opened this page to see what is going on ,on Kaleerein but the update was not there ,rather an important one as finally Meera’s father says something about Vivan and Amaya’s mother…still all the details are not clear like …If Meera’s friend Preeta is indeed her daughter ….who is the father and how come she ended up in a refugee camp ….why did she to hand over her daughter to Amar…if so,why Amar is not taking her responsibility now and why she stays in a seperate house….many questions ,answers are awaited…

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