Kaleerein 23rd May 2018 Written Episode Update: Meera Gives Blood To Amaya

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Kaleerein 23rd May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Pammi is about to tell Vivan that she is Pammii and says she…when Vivan stops her and asks to tell where Pammi is…She says she does not know. Vivan shouts she told she knows Pamm, but now lying that she does not know, his sister’s condition is worse because of Pammi, he hates even Mrs. Singh now as she is hiding Pammi’s whereabouts, he will not spare even her, shouts to get out. Pammi walks away thinking she cannot meet her daughter now. Meera hears their conversation and thinks why Mrs. Singh is here. Pammi sitting on chair cries that she wanted to change her identity, but now her identity is her son’s hatred. Meera walks to her and says she heard her and Vivan’s conversation, Vivan is both wrong and right, if she knows Pammi, she should inform her that she should come out and prove her innocence as someone is trying to harm Amaya and Vivan in Pammi’s name. Pammi says if she had known Pammi, she would have informed already. She sees Roma’s drama showing fake concern for Amaya and thinks she knows Roma is behind Amaya’s condition, if something happens to her daughter, she will murder Roma.

Meera sees Vivan speaking to UK doctor and asking if should book chartered plane and bring Amaya there. She hides reminiscing Vivan warning not to come in front of him and his sister. Doctor comes out hurriedly. Meera asks what happened. Doctor in English says Amaya’s condition is very critical and needs to be operated, needs family member’s signatures on consent form. Meera asks to repeat in Hindi and runs to call Vivan and falls down, she gets up and runs again, sees Vivan speaking to doctor in a closed room and knocks door, but he cannot hear her. He asks UK doctor to get blood and he will pay any amount to save his sister. Meera breaks window glass with her hand injuring her hand. Vivan turns. She says Amaya. Vivan opens door and runs towards OT. Doctor in Hindi tells where was he, he should sign consent form if something happens to patient during operation, hospital is not responsible. Vivan says he will sign it as it is his sister’s death certificate. Meera says if he signs, Amaya’s chances of survival are better. He does not. She tells doctor that she is Amaya’s sister-in-law and if she can sign. Doctor says yes. She signs papers.

Pammi sits into her car and thinks if she cannot go in front of her children, she can be around them at least. She gets out of car and injures her foot. Nurse sees her. Pammi says she is injured and asks to take her to hospital. Nurse takes her in.

Vivan sits on bench talking to UK doctors over phone. Meera offers him tea. He throws it repeatedly in dustbin. Pammi comes on wheelchair and thinks Amaya’s mother is near her. She hears Meera speaking to Preeto and asking if she remembers what is her blood group. She then hears Vivan asking to get AB negative blood group somehow and thinks her daughter needs her blood. She walks towards Meera, but Meera walks away and she falls down. Vivan continues shouting at doctors to find AB negative blood. Nurse informs that blood is found takes her to room where Meera is giving blood. Vivan calms down seeing her.

Precap: Nurse informs family blood group is found. Roma says who gave it, she will touch her feet. Nurse says patient’s bhabhi. Roma fumes Meera is giving blood, now she will suck Mera’s blood.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Why is Vivaan so hot headed, and meera keeps making silly decisions, even if she does mean well ? pammi needs to stop hiding ass it’s putting her kids on danger, her silence to defend herself is giving Roma more power, PS. Whatever happened to vivan’s dad, there’s no mention of him? ?

  2. First time I commenting here.actually I like this serial very much as is there something in this serial which I even don’t know. I just start to watch this serial but I really get mad in this serial and day by day get more interesting.

  3. As expected Mrs.Singh didn’t reveal her identity.Vivan will hate her now even more after he comes to know the truth….
    And AB blood group is Universal Recipient!.so any other blood group can donate blood.and in no blood banks blood was available.. srsly!?? Lol

    1. Gursheen Kaur

      actually AB + is a universal recipient
      Ab- can only recive blood from – donors
      Trust me i am doctor so

  4. Friends, the serial’s tone has become so dark and ominous. I’m so sad about Amaaya’s condition. I just didn’t think this would have been the premise on which we would have to call this serial as entertainment when it first started, I believed that it would have been a love story with Punjabi flavor and was so excited. Today, I’m so dizzy from all that has been happening here and to make matters worse, the writers are deliberately keeping Vivaan and Amaaya from their mother and digging Pammi’s hole even deeper by having her lie as to her identity. Yet again Pammie is forced to own up to her duty in speaking up as to where Pammi Kapoor is while standing so glaringly in front of all sundry…how cruel these creative writing teams are!!! Why have they put so much power in Roma’s hands??? I can’t even fathom how evil she must have been where she was the instrument behind separating Pammie and her husband so many years ago… She must have been a damn b*t*h to the highest level!!! As it is now…. I hope Amaaya recovers quickly and the healing process is a success even quicker… Now we await what Amaaya’s reaction would be when she comes out of the hellhole she was unlucky to fall into.. BTW Lakshmi, the reason for saying yesterday that voice on radio, record or whatever other means sounds different from hearing the individual in person sounding speaking is because I have a close friend who is a radio personality and his voice charms the listening public but when he is hanging out with us socially, you’d never know it’s him on radio, he sounds vastly different…so there!!! Anyways… It’s get well soon to our pretty and adorable Amaaya!!!

    1. i agree with you naz. i missed when the serial was light-heaeted.it turned dark when roma came.

  5. Thanks to the writers to show that Pammi Kapoor is afterall as caring as any normal mother….very happy that atlast she has decided to stop Roma from harming her children…it will be interesting to see how she is going to do that….I am sure Amaya’s operation will be successful as the blood donor is none other than Meera ….this way Meera can not only be at peace with her own guilty conscience but pacify Vivaan’s anger and make himrealise that she interferes in his affairs for right reasons and not as irresponsible as he is thinking…In this episode we could see that Vivaan ,though still indifferent and a bit rude ,had already cooled down, Otherwise he would not have allowed Meera to sign on the consent form.Though things seem to be coming to a logical conclusion,we know that the writers will not make it that easy ….they will certainly bring in some more obstacles to continue the drama …for now let us hope that Amaya’s operation will be successful for everyone’s peace of mind and Vivaan’s misconceptions about Meera be cleared …..

  6. Thanks for the detailed update MA

  7. Hello Piloshini,as you said there is something fresh in this serial that makes it really irresistible and I am happy that this forum now looks more colourful and interesting with more and more comments ….If not for the step motherly attitude of the channel towards its overseas viewers ,this forum would have been really colourful….still my friend Naz makes it a point to give her comments just by going though the written updates because ,believe it or not,Zee Caribbeans is still showing them the marriage track of Vivaan and Meera …..what a shame really!

    1. Cathy

      My frustration level with Zee t.v and it’s incomprehensible reasons for axing the 5 day airing of this show and others to 3 times aday boggles the mind, i try and keep up with the updates and desiflix but that often has streaming issues so i have mostly given up…i do peak in once in awhile and pick episodes to watch as i don’t have the patience with episodes that really don’t have content that appeals.

    2. Yes dear

  8. You are right Naz,too much negativity has become a norm of nowadays serials.Before the entry of Nawab Iqbal Khan ,Raja and Rani ‘s love story was all pink and beautiful….just dreamlike….Ofcourse Bindu and BRM were there but they were not as menacing as this guy was and he finished everything for them and the same was true for Prem and Teja….a carefree college atmosphere ,the nok jhoks and the subtle attraction between the leads ,…everything came to a halt with the entry of Preeti…I think the same is the case with all the serials more or less…I think the present day writers are hard pressed to invent such dark characters ….for what ,I don’t know…..when no one likes extreme negativity,why they take so many pains to create these hateful and abominable characters is beyond our comprehension,…may be a section of the viewers likes these plots….as you said ,with the entry of Roma ,everything has changed ,all of a sudden there are molesters,kidnappers ,murrderers etc. I do hope Roma ‘s truth comes out fast before the freshness I mentioned above disappears altogether.
    Naz,are you watching the new programme Jazbaat ,the new celebrity show on Zee …This Sunday the celebrity guests were all the current hot guys ….Adnan ,Karan and Arjit…I found all the three very charming especially Karan of Aapke Aa Jane se…Have you seen his horror when all those 40+women were proposing to him…a very simple and friendly person.Out of all the three on the show I liked him very much….how I wish I had followed his serial right from the word go!

    1. Yes Lakshmi, I’m going to say that I told you so!! About Karan Jotwani… I love him to distraction… He makes my heart really beat and maybe I have a little fan crush on him…nothing’s wrong with that right??? ??The show has’t aired as yet but soon though because it was advertised but didn’t pay much attention to the timing but since you said that my darling Sahil is on, them I’m definitely watching… ????……seriously, any woman would want a man like him, unfortunately there aren’t many like him in this world!!! Lakshmi, truth be told, I read AKAS first every day before all others…after ETRETR…I’ve found something to really hold on to…

  9. i am just happy to see meervaan closer. meera is a good girl.she means well even whem whe makes mistakes. she had no way to know amaya would be in this state and she probably never expected amaya to follow her. i there is more than 1 reason that meera wants to find his mum. of course to unite them with their mum and also maybe so that vivaan would accept her as his wife. i remember dadi said meera is working hard to find vivaans mum coz till then he wont fully accept her as his wife. think that was the episode in which roms was complaining about meera being om the laptop all day.i hate roma.please man writers please get rid of her. as long as she is there meera is in danger. please now its time to let us get to know pammi kapoor please

  10. i agree with you naz. i missed when the serial was light-heaeted.it turned dark when roma came.

    1. …..Kav, as Lakshmi has said, these writers seems to be hard pressed to write dark negative stories and maybe a section of the viewership likes it but what about us, who crave for a good love story with all the trappings to actually make us want to fall in love all over again??? Are we in the minority?? So unfortunate na???

  11. Wow so many comments! I’m shook for once haha. Personally, I enjoyed yday’s although certain parts annoyed the hell out of me. I want Roma to get outta meervaan’s life already and Amaya’s operation to be successful. Also GODD ye suspense kb ktam hga iss Pammi K ka? Also, thank you for the written update!

  12. QueenB

    can someone please update me on why Pammi is hiding from her kids
    I missed a few episodes 🙁

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