Kaleerein 11th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Sumer Double Crosses Vivan and Meera

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Kaleerein 11th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Meera as bride poses for pics. Amaya clicks pics. Vivan watches her hiding. Amaya sees him and asks where was he, Nimmo gave him video camera, where did he kept it. She shows Meera’s pics and says she seems to be happy. Vivan says they should not take it seriously as happiness will turn into sadness. Amaya asks to stop his old nature and be happy. Dolly prays god to complete Meera’s wedding without any problems.

Sumer comes with baraath on Nothing Like My Mahiya..song.. Dolly does his aarti. Vivan fumes that Sumer did not inform Mera anything and came with baraath. Meera nervously thihnks if she sees Sumer’s face, she will calm down. Nimmo informs her baraath came, but she cannot go out before shank is blown. Sumer does bhangra with dancers. Vivan hugs Sumer and asks when will he inform Meera, after pheras. Sumer says he will before pheras. Silky also pleads. Nimmo brings Meera with eyes closed and says she can watch her groom now. Meera opens eyes and sees Vivan instead. Jaanam dekhlo…song plays in the background. She slips. Vivan holds her. Her kaleerein stucks in his hand. He looks at her face while she frees it carefully. Vivan gives her missing kaleerein and says it was left with him, without it kaleerein is incomplete. She says it is complete now. She asks how is she looking. He says perfect and thinks Sumer has to tell her truth and cannot betray her. Nimmo comes and asks if she has seen jiju, they can go. Vivan reminisces Sumer and Silky’s intimate video.

Meera is brought to wedding venue with her friends holding red cloth on her. Punjabhi folk song plays in the background. Vivan signals her to correct her nose ring. Photographer clicks her pics. Vivan signals Sumer to tell truth. Sumer murmurs something in her ears, and she looks at Vivan.

Sumer then takes mic and address guests that he wants to tell them something, there is someone whom they now, but not completely. He was thinking to tell since long, but was confused how would Meera react, then someone encouraged this is right and Meera deserves it. He asks to play video and show everything to everyone. He shows Meera’s childhood photos and then family photos, etc.. Silky smiles at him. Sumer says he wanted to show that Meera has someone behind her who wants to keep her happy. Vivan thinks what he hell is he doing, why he is not telling anything to Meera. Vivan walks towards him. Sumer plays Meera and Vivan’s intimate video. Everyone are shocked seeing this. Silky smirks. Meera and her family feel embarrassed. Amar shouts to stop it. Meera breaks down. Vivan angrily breaks screen.

Precap: Vivan shouts at Sumer to stop his nonsense. Sumer says if his right is on mangalsutra, then why he has right on suhagraat. Vivan asks Silky to tell truth. Silky acts as innocent.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Cathy

    Lakshmi!! Finished Bheegi Palkein: Enjoyed it very much, it will never compare to Bashir but what could right? So lets see, I think overall Fari was the best thing in this show, when an actor gets to play the criminal or crazy or other negative characters they have all the fun and it was clear she got into her role whole hearted, i like how they attached her guilt to her sanity she knew in her madness that she did terrible things and her lucid moments she tried to tell someone and she seeing Hassans mothers image contributed to her slide into insanity. Hassan i thought didn’t have enough of character buliding to make a major impact, i maybe unfairly comparing him to Bashir Momin but i can’t help it, he seemed overwhelmed with these women in his life and he didn’t trust his feelings for mehrbano but i also was frustrated with him not pausing long enough to see the instability of Fari and what her and her mother put bano through, if i was him i would have investigated a little more before marrying Fari. The doctor confused me the most in this show, i don’t know about Pakistan so any one please correct me..but for him to fall for his patient was kind of disturbing to me, it is very illegal in Canada and the U.S and im sure else where that a doctor especially a psychiatrist starting a relationship with a patient he would be stripped of his or her license and in some cases receive jail time…but that’s here and i don’t have knowledge of other countries regarding Patient Doctor relationships..but having said that, i was hoping that he would be her light after her long darkness but i knew it probably wouldn’t because this was Bano and Hussans story. i very much agree with you that Umair was the love of bano’s life..But first love is always that imprints us the most, we never forget, hopefully Hussan and Bano would experience true love the most lasting.

    1. Ooshi

      happy u liked Bheegi Palkain although it was his mistake not to investigate about fari and about law i don’t know but the biggest thing is to accept it and correct it and i don’t like fari’s character first she wasn’t interested in him and then she killed his mother to defame mehrbano and get hi

  2. You are right Cathy ,there is no comparison between Bashar’s character and Hasan’s….polls apart..Hasan can be considered a mild sort of person who cares for the society and what it thinks whereas Bashar is a rebel.. I did acmire Hasan when he brought Mehar home from the hospital after that facebook scandal ,much against the wishes of his mother and even convinced her to consent to their marriage,but later he really disappointed us by concluding Mehar to be guilty without even thinking that just giving the glass of poisonous lassi can not make anyone guilty of poisoning ..how, such an intelligent and self made successful business man could n’t suspect that the lassi might have been tampered by Fari much before she left for shopping with her mother and the maid because she was the only one who had a valid motive to kill Mehar and the lassi that might actually have been meant for Mehar was accidentally consumed by his mother…..yes ,Mehar ‘s nervousness and the maid contradicting Mehar’s statement might have contributed to his suspicions but that doesn’t require him to tie the knot with Fari so quickly…and Samina’s character is the worst I must say… Anyways ,after Bheegi Palkein I have watched two of Faisal’s serials ,Adhoori Aurat( incomplete woman) and Faisal ,a young ,ambitious democrat plays a real mean husband in that ,I don’t hesitate to call him a ba……d and the girl who plays his wife is really impressive….the second one ,Zakham ,again Faisal plays a completely negative character,a psycho almost…. I think out of the two Adhoori Aurat is impressive….if you want me to translate anything ,do n’t hesitate …and if you come across any of his noteworthy serials ,pl.share with me….heard that there will be a sequel to Bashar Momin that is expected to go to sets this year…let us see if it really materialises.

    1. Ooshi

      have u seen Mera Yaar Mila De Faisal’s and Dillagi of Humayun

  3. Coming to last night’s episode,it couldn’t have not more uglier, …we can understand about Sumer,a thorough rogue but Silky playing his accomplice to malign her sister’s character is really unexpected…But I wonder what would Sumer have done if Vivan had not seen the video and confronted him….what were his intentions….just getting married to Meera and cheat both the sisters…Anyways the precap shows Vivan tying the knot with Meera to save her from disgrace…so what next …falling in love or more and more problems …

  4. Hello telly ,my comments have not yet appeared ..Thank you

  5. Not yet Ooshi,I will definitely watch them,…..thanks for the information.

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