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Scene 1
Janki says to Mehra you are such a weak lawwyer. I shouldn’t have given you this case. You didn’t even fight. He says I am sorry ma’am. We tried but Sakshi had her statement and Ravi accepted his crime. Ravi has ruined his case tell me what can we do. Janki is crying. Rekha says please control yourself. They leaves.

Devika comes to temple/ She says why are you doing this. God. I always thought you just test me. I faced everything. But my faith never shattered. Ravi never shot monty you know. Then why is this happening with us. I feel like you have left me alone. Like you can’t even let me and ravi live together. He didn’t do anything wrong. Please save him. He is innocent. My faith is shattering. Save it please. Give me a proof. And what about my child. Why did you give me this child. What will I tell him where is his dad? Why did you give me this happiness. You couldn’t give me time to share it with ravi. I thought I will surprise him after party. I don’t know what should I do. I am really mad. Everything is over. Winds start blowing and a pot falls on the floor. Devika picks it up. She sees a bullet on the floor. Devika is dazed. Devika says bullet? how did it come here? She recalls she said in jail why did you lie in front of everyone? why did you accept the crime you didn’t do? You didn’t think about me? I was fighting with you. We were all with you. Why did you say that. Ravi says a bullet was shot. By mistake. devika was shocked. Ravi said I didn’t know I pressed the trigger. Devika said Ravi look at me, what are you saying. He says yes I fired a shot by mistake but it was not in Monty’s direction. It was towards the wall. I thought maybe if I fire the bullet he will calm down. But I didn’t shoot in his direction. I pressed the trigger the lights turned off and he was dead but I didn’t kill him. I know you trust me. I am not lying. I didn’t kill monty.
Devika says this means Ravi was right. He didn’t fire in Monty’s direction. Monty didn’t die from his bullet. His bullet fired the wall. This means someone else shot Monty. She recalls lawyer saying Monty was shot from the gun on his name. Devika says if Ravi had killed him it should have been my gun but it was Monty’s. This means someone else shot Monty.
Someone else killed monty and ravi was just scaring Monty. I can save Ravi. Devika says thank you God. This is the bullet.. I can save Ravi now. I will show this bullet in police station. I will show them that ravi’s bullet is here in the house near the wall. I am sorry. I will prove Ravi is innocent.

Scene 2
Nivi is in her room. She says today is the best day of my life. I got what I wanted. Ravi and devika are separated with forever. DEvika thought she can live with Ravi. She challenged me? Stupid woman. If I decide to do something I do it at any cost. I had to take my revenge. She gave me such a boring lecture. Love is sacrifice and no expectations whatever. I don’t sacrifice. I just win. If ravi isn’t mind he won’t be anyone else’

Devika comes to police station. Inspector says you come here too often? Get used to of living without him. Devika says I am here not to meet him but to show you something. He says what? Devika shows him the bullet. Devika says I found it near the murder place. Inspector says is this another fake story? The bullet from which he was killed is in his body. Devika says how can you say I am lying? If ravi had my gun the bullet in monty’s body should be mine as well? This case requires investigation. Ravi had my gun in hand. He shot in another direction. Inspector says he said first he didn’t fire and then he said he fired but in another direction and now you are trying to prove that with a fake bullet and story. Everything is proved ijn the court. The decision halted because the time of court was over. No one would believe you. Devika says this case isn’t over yet. This was proved in the court that Monty was killed from his own hand, but Ravi had mine. I have three days and I will prove that Ravi didn’t kill Monty and someone else did. That person will be punished. She picks the bullet and leaves.

Scene 3
Devika comes to temple and says what you want God. Why are you doing this? You showed me that bullet and gave me hope. I went to station with so much hope. He said that I am lying. He said no one would trust me. You gave me that bullet. You know Ravi didn’t do anything. Please help me. For my child. Please help me. We always had faith in you. You reunited us every time we separated. Please save my husband. I don’t know how will I prove it.

Precap-devika is hidden behind the car.She sees Nivi meeting saket. DEvika is shocked. She says how is this possible? Saket was dead.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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    What ?? Saket is alive ! I mEan waaaaaoooooo !!

    In this serial miracles after miracles re happening firstly devika nd now Saket waaoooo !!

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