Kalash 5th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Kalash 5th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
the girl who banged in Saket, comes to Savitri’s house, she is Sakshi, she is sanjay’s sister, she says i have to surprise all, Savitri is afraid of her and says she is storm, Sakshi comes to her and hugs her tightly, she says i missed you, Savitri says i didnt miss you at all, its peace without you in house, Sakshi says you dont show your love, it will fail your heart one day. Sakshi comes to dada, dada sys you are still same, mischievous, Savitri sent you in hostel so that your get serious but nothing works on you, Sakshi ask where is Devika, Sakshi goes to meet her.
Sakshi comes to Devika’s room, they hug each other, Sakshi i missed you alot, Devika says me too but how did you come, how you took permission from hostel? Sakshi says i jumped my hostel wall and came here to attend your engagement, she ask did Savitri forced you for marriage? if you dont wanna marriage then i will do something that marriage will break, Devika says i wanted to do job after marriage and Saket has agreed so i have no problem, Sakshi says you got your dream job and didnt inform me? Devika says i am sorry, Sakshi says i will take treat from you, she ask how is your office, are there some hot guys in your office? Devika says there is no one hot in our office and definitely, not that Ravi, Sakshi ask who is this rAvi? Devika says no one.

Scene 2
Ravi and Vikas are going with Saket to venue, Vikas says which contract is this that we have to set up tent and all in one day, is contract big one? Saket says contract is of my engagement, and its tomorrow, Ravi looks on, Vikas says congrats, RAvi thinks he and Devika are getting engaged, Ravi says your engagement so soon? Saket says i told your mother too and i have chosen Vikas to set up everything, Ravi thinks again Devika’s dadi will make fuss, Vikas thinks why he is going from SAvitri’s house street, Ravi ask Saket to stop car, i have to drink water, Saket stops, Ravi comes out of car and thinks that mother doesnt know Saket is marrying Savitri’s grand daughter, if they come face to face each other then again there will be fight, there will be insult from both sides. Savitri comes out of house and finds Vikas sitting in car, he thinks that thought of devil and devils is here, Savitri brings him out of car and says how dare you come in my street, your mother alleged me of stealing, she calls Sanjay and ask him to beat him, Ravi comes there and says dare you touch my brother, Saket comes there and ask whats happening here? Savitri says he is son of lady who alleged me of stealing, she ask you know this cheap guy? Saket says yes he is Vikas and Ravi, i have given them contract of engagement, Savitri says they are robbers, Vikas says it was you who didnt give money of my contract, Savitri says i will beat you, Saket says he is my brother in law, Savitri is shocked, he says i dont know whats problem between your and his family, i only want my engagement arrangement to be good, he says to Vikas that he will pay what Savitri didnt pay him, Vikas says what if she do something, sAket says i take guarantee, he ask Savitri any problem? Savitri says they your relatives so cant say anything but Vikas is of no use, i dont trust him that he will do good arrangements but other guy(ravi) is good, he helped me too, Saket ask her to go home, she leaves.

Scene 3
Sakshi comes to Rekha and says Mama, she hugs her, Rekha ask how did you come here? Sakshi says you called me here, Rekha says when? she says you told me about engagement so i had to come, Rekha says i know what kind of person are you and even then i told you about engagement, she says now your dadi will keep shouting at me to control my daughter, Sakshi ask arent you happy seeing me? Rekha says Sanjay will keep running behind you and he will get hungry fast, Sakshi ask arent you happy seeing me? Rekha says what you think that i will not be happy? i missed you so much, she hugs her her, Sakshi says i know you miss me so i will not go back now, Devika comes there and says if your emotional drama done, Rekha says you can come too, Devka and Sakshi hugs her.
Vikas says to Saket that SAvitri didnt give me my money, she keep taunting me, i wont be able to do work under her, my mother also think that i am of no use, Ravi says you are talented and i am there to help you, you are my brother, you cant lose hope, what if one chance was gone, you have got one more chance, Vikas says i cant handle that SAvitri, i wont be able to handle contract, Saket says you are lucky that i am giving you contract of engagement, Ravi says dont talk like this, Ravi says to vikas that you are talented and i will help you in everything, Vikas says what about your job? Ravi says i will work day and night, he hugs Vikas, Vikas says thanks, Saket says thanks, Ravi says i am doing this for my brother’s future.

Scene 4
Saket comes in Savitri’s house with Ravi and Vikas. he says to them that decorate this house too and tent should be good, arrangement should be excellent, big people are coming tomorrow, Ravi says i know you are MLA, we will not give you chance to complain, Ravi says my bike is at home, how will i go to market, Saket says use my car, i have other car, he gives them key, Saket says to Savitri that they will do work, i will leave, he leaves. Ravi says to Vikas that i will check how decorations of house should be done, sAvitri ask Ravi to meet DEvika and ask her, maybe Saket have told her what colors, what theme he will like for arrangements, Ravi thinks how can i forget she lives here only, he thinks no more fights, i have to concentrate on my work, he goes to her room and doesnt find DEvika there, he finds Devika’s picture on side table, looks at it and smiles, Devika comes out of bathroom and is shocked seeing him, she is about to fall but Raiv holds her in meantime, they comes closer to each other, they share eyelock, Sadqe tere song plays, Devika moves away and says you dont leave any chance to touch girls, i fall or slip, why you save me, what are you doing in my room? RAvi says your dadi.. Devika says now you will use my dadi, i know you use girls but dont have hopes from me, you are flirt, Ravi gets angry, holds her and pushes her to wall, he comes closer and intensely looks at her.

PRECAP- Ravi says to shelly that now i will take next action, i will tell Rithvik about your truth, i will save him from you, just want and watch, devika listens all this.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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