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Scene 1
Devika sees Ravi and Sakshi making bed, she smiles at Ravi, Ravi holds her hand and makes her lie on bed, Sakshi pulls cover on her, Ravi caresses her face. Janki comes there and says doctor gave me sleeping pills for you, Ravi goes to bring water. Janki says to Devika that i am miffed with you, why you had to take such big step? why did you go fight Nivi alone? you didnt think about me? DEvika says SAkshi’s life was in danger, i didnt want to risk her life, is my duty to protect her, Janki says why did you go in mandir, we would have take revenge from Nivi later, Devika says Nivi would denied her plans and would have made plans to kill Sakshi but now Nivi is at right place, i knew what she would do thats why i was careful, Janki says i cant see you in pain, she says to Sakshi that why did you let her go in mandir? Devika says she tried to stop me but i made her swear on my name so she agreed, i am sorry, forgive me, Janki kisses her forehead. Devika says we forgot to celebrate, Nivi was my last enemy, everything is nice, we are free now, Janki says she was not most dangerous enemy, our most important enemy is Ravi Garewal. Ravi comes there with water, he gives water to Devika, Devika takes medicine, Janki and Sakshi leaves.
Monty says to Gurvindar that i cant believe it, this is true that Nivi is mentally ill, police inspector is saying to transfer to mental hospital, Gurvindar says dont know what is happening. Monty says everything is finished for me, my career is finished. Sakshi comes there and says everything happened for ;good, i got my justice today, did i say anything wrong for Nivi? Nivi made me take medicine to make me mentally unstable and now when same is happening with her so you are showing sympathy to her? i got my justice today and Ambika brought this to me, she put her life in danger for me otherwise Monty planned my murder with Nivi, Monty is shocked, Sakshi says he lured with loving talks, not even enemy does that, he is my husband, he promised to protect me but for his gain, he put my life in danger, i kept forgiving him but what he did with Nivi against me, i cant forgive him for that. She asks Gurvindar why she is silent? you both dont have humanity, she leaves.
Sakshi comes in porch and says why i have only pain in my life? i didnt even want to marry Monty, i wanted to do so much, i wanted to make name for my family but my dreams broke and i accepted my fate with Monty, we were friends but everything is finished, he hates me, he even made plan to kill me, what wrong have i done? i did good for everyone, what was my fault? she cries. Devika comes there, Sakshi says doctor asked you to rest, Devika hugs her and cries, she says dont hide anything from me, i know you are in pain but dont hide from me, tell me everything, cry with me but dont hide, i know what you are going through because i felt same pain, Ravi cheated me too, Sakshi says dont think like that, i never want same for you what is happening with me, Ravi loves you a lot, i have seen in his eyes, i can see him hurt when you are in pain, he might have hand in Devika’s murder but he loves Ambika alot, forgive him, you might not forgive him as Devika but forgive him as Ambika, make your life happy, you have taken revenge from all enemies, you just doubt Ravi, allegations are not proven on him so forgive him, Devika says i am scared, what if same thing happen with me again? i was confident against my other enemies but when it comes to Ravi, i dont understand what is right and wrong, i keep thinking what if my heart breaks again? Sakshi hugs her.

Scene 2
Devika is sleeping in her room. Ravi comes there with knife, he comes near Devika and is about to stab her with knife.. it turns out to be Janki’s dream, she thinks that what if this dreams comes true? i have to take action, i cant keep my daughter in danger, Ambika is not taking action Ravi but i have to make her understand, i have to make her take action against Ravi.
Its morning, Devika winces in pain, Ravi brings breakfast and says i will call doctor, she says no need, Ravi says then i will bring hot water bag for you, Devika says you should go to office, Ravi says i will keep thinking about in office, i know if i leave then you will try to walk, you went last night to take water from kitchen, you could have woken me up, Devika says you were tired and sleeping and i dont like to disturb you, Ravi says stop talking and drink soup, he makes her drink soup, she says its hot, Ravi says i will blow air on it for you, he blows air and makes drink it, she smiles and is mesmerised seeing his caring side, he raise eyebrow she says nothing, Devika makes Ravi drink soup too, Devika says it was nice soup, Ravi says i made it, i am lucky because i have best wife, you agree to everything, i will bring hot water bag, i will massage you with it and you will be fine, he kisses her forehead and leaves. Devika thinks that Sakshi was right, i have no enemy now, i dont have to take revenge from anyone, Ravi loves me a lot, eyes never lie, i can see Ravi’s love for me is true by seeing his eyes.
Nivi is being shifted. Manju asks policewoman where they are taking Nivi? she says her mental state is not well so she is being shifted to mental state, Manju says this should happen with her, policewoman says you are clever and was involved in her crimes, you deserve to be in jail too.
Devika says i am feeling better now, where is Ravi? she sees Ravi’s coat on bed and smiles at it, Janki comes in her room, Devika doesnt see her, Devika holds Ravi’s coat and smiles at it, Janki puts hand on her shoulder, Devika says Maa, i am feeling better now, i am healing fast, Janki asks where is Ravi? why he left you alone? he should take care of you, Devika says Ravi was with me, he didnt even go to office, he is taking care of me alot, i am getting fine because of his care, Janki says you are putting yourself in trouble.

PRECAP- Devika sees Ravi talking on call. Ravi says to lawyer on call that Manju maa must be in pain in jail, try to bring her out as soon as possible, Devika hears it and thinks that Ravi is trying to free his mother and didnt even tell me?

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. I thought track will be over but now devika will start doubting Ravi too. Please clear misunderstanding.

  2. Hope devika doesn’t take drastic action against Ravi, listening to janki.

  3. Strange janki trusted Ravi and sent Devika with him on a honeymoon . Now she against him. Same drama starting all over again.

  4. siddharth sharma

    this serial is going to drag as such….bcoz soon it’ll revealed that janki has a son named kavi, janki will kill ravi & make devika fall in love with kavi now this kavi would have an ex grlfrnd who will try to kill devika & this grlfrnd would have ex boyfrnd who would start liking devika & try to kill kavi & thus earth is round..

  5. I will stop watching kalash until the time when Ravi will be cleared of all doubts n accusations . Rather watch a good movie instead of seeing kalash repeating da same old story again.

  6. What’s that in the precap oh god now this track will drag forever

  7. what? whose Kavi? and your saying that he’s Janki’s son? She ONLY had a daughter she even mentioned it her little times before and after she met Devika. like wheres the article that you read that from @ Siddharth sharma. plus why would she fall in love with Kavi? that would be gross than it will Devika’s “brother” since Janki is her adopted mother. so please explain

    1. Any thing will happen in these serials, brother can marry sister

    2. siddharth sharma

      kiran plz don’t be angry i’m just assuming,the way janki was behaving is weird is’nt it??

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