Kalash 30th November 2016 Written Episode Update

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Kalash 30th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Devika says to Janki that my next target is Manju, she tries to act so innocent so all might think that she cant do anything against anyone but she knows everything and knows what she has to do, i know she can go to any extent for money, because of woman like Manju, daughter in law and mother in law’s relation are scarred, when i first came to my inlaws house, i listened Manju praising Ravi for getting girl who has 10crores, i was angry and told her no when she asked for that property, she started hating me and planned my murder for money only, it was Manju who wanted Nivi and Ravi to get married so she gets get her property, she doesnt need any love, she can go to any extent to get money, she provoked Nivi to kill me, i know what i have to do against money, her weakness is money and i will use it to destroy her, Ravi believes her a lot, i will bring her truth out and show Ravi what she really is, she tried to kill me for money and i will use that money to trap her.
Manju comes home and thinks i have to think something to get Janki’s wealth. Ravi comes there and asks where did you go? you went to my office, Manju thinks that what if lawyer told Ravi that i went to meet him in office? she says why you are inquiring me? who told you? Ravi says receptionist told me, Manju says Nivi wanted one file to be sent to office, she asked me to go, Ravi says you are not her servant, Manju says she is sick, i suggested to go, dont worry, Ravi says fine, he leaves, Manju thinks that i have to tell Nivi before Ravi questions her.
Manju comes to Nivi and asks can i come in? Nivi says you have become respecting? Manju says i thought to learn etiquette, how is your health? Nivi says i am fine but whats with you? Manju says if Ravi asks you then tell him that you sent me to your office with file, Nivi says why? Manju says i went to your office to meet lawyer, Nivi says why? Manju says i cant tell you, Nivi says i want to know, Manju says i will tell you later, it will your benefit too, you know there are many secrets of you i can tell to Ravi, Nivi thinks that she is planning something big but against whom she is planning? if its against me then i will trap her in her trap only.
Devika is sleeping, she wakes up and thinks that i can meet Sakshi as its 1am and all must be sleeping, she sees Ravi gone from room and thinks that where is he? is he planning something against me with Nivi and Manju? she gets down from bed and falls on Ravi, he wakes up and shouts that i am dead, Devika says why you are sleeping here on floor? Ravi says you fell on me, you are of 100kgs, Devika says i am 50kgs, DEvika says you are hurt, you can sleep on bed, i will sleep on sofa, Ravi says are you sure? Devika says i will manage, she tries make Ravi stand as he has sprain in back but falls on him, they share eyelock, Banjara song plays, Devika moves away, Ravi says i will try to get up, he gets up and says are you sure that i sleep on bed? she says yes, she holds his hand and helps him to sit on bed, she says i will bring ointment, she brings it and sits behind him, she pulls his shirt up and looks away, she applies ointment and rubs on his back, she asks if its better? Ravi says it will get better, Devika massages his back and says dont think i care about you, i did it because it happened because of me and i will be guilty, now sleep, Ravi asks if she can sleep on sofa? Devika says i will not have problem, Ravi says rich people are not habituated to all this, Devika says i dont have problems like that, now stop talking and sleep, she tucks him in bed and covers him with blanket, he says its your blanket, wow, Devika goes to sleep on sofa, Ravi looks at her and thinks that she woke up my love, how will i sleep now?

Sene 2
Manju comes to some godown, she is scared and says address was this only but this place is so weird, she asks where are you killer? she sees killer, he is same killer which Saket brought, she says you have to kidnap Janki Devi, killer says your work will be done, Manju smirks.
Devika comes to Sakshi’s room and sees her sleeping, she comes inside and thinks that Sakshi is sleeping, i should not wake her up but i want to talk to her, i will sit beside her then i will leave, Devika sits beside Sakshi and caresses her head, she says sorry to come here late but i felt like talking to you, i miss that mischievous Sakshi, i want to tell you about my heart things but i cant, Sakshi wakes up and says so talk Devika di, she gets up and smiles, she says i am so happy to see you back, you are alive, she cries and holds her hand, Devika says you are thinking wrong, i am not Devika, i am Ambika, i should leave, Sakshi says you dont have to lie to me, you are my Devika di, you used to call me mischievous Sakshi, Devika thinks that Sakshi has become normal but my identity has been revealed to you, it can be problem for you, Sakshi says i remember everything now, just say that you are my Devika and Saket and Nivi couldnt kill you, they failed in evil attempts, say once, Devika hugs her cries, she says my Sakshi, she kisses her forehead and says you have become fine? i am your Devika, your elder sister, i didnt die, i am alive and with you, forgive me that i was not with you and had to leave you with these people but promise me that you wont tell anyone about me, because i would have died if God didnt save me, i am here because of Ambe Maa and i didnt return as Devika but with new identity as Ambika, i have come to take Devika’s revenge so no one should know that i am Devika, promise me that you wont tell anyone, Sakshi says i wont, she hugs her and says dont cry, you know when you were gone, i used to miss you so much and used to cry but now everything will be fine, Devika says why you had to go against Nivi? you are in this condition because me, why you had to do it? Sakshi says its past, now you have come to take revenge and i am with you at all points, we will punish them.

PRECAP- Nivi sees Devika coming out of Sakshi’s room, she stops her and says what are you doing outside Sakshi’s room at night?

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. I just read that Janki Devi s going to get kidnapped :/

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