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Scene 1
Sakshi comes to market and says to shopkeeper that i want to buy gift for my husband, she comes in shop, she looks around, sh finds one showpiece which have couple standing in heart shape, she says its romantic, she buys it for Monty, she bus roses too.
Devika is calling Sakshi and asking driver to drive fast. Driver drives fast, traffic policeman ask them to stop car, Devika asks driver to not stop car, policeman stops them, Devika says let us go, driver asks Devika to leave in taxi, Devika hires taxi and arrives at mandir where Sakshi was called by Monty, Devika thinks that i have to be careful, Nivi must be here waiting for Sakshi. Devika sees some woman standing behind mandir, she sees its Nivi, she thinks that she must be waiting for Sakshi, Raghav was right, she has come here to hurt Sakshi but i wont let her Sakshi, Sakshi hasnt come till now, i have to stop Sakshi but where is she? She sees some car coming and stops car, she sees Sakshi in car, she takes Sakshi away from mandir, she brings her to isolated place, Sakshi asks what is going on? why you are here? Devika says you will be heartbroken to hear truth, you know from whom we are hiding? its person who called you by trapping you to kill you, she made Monty fake-call you, Monty lied to you just to call you here and it was Nivi who asked Monty to call you here, he is Nivi’s servant no, he dosnt love you, he dosnt want you to live anymore, Sakshi drops her gift and says Monty cant do this, Devika says this is truth, he doesnt love you, Sakshi cries, Devika says handle yourself, Sakshi drops on ground and cries, Dvika makes her stand up and says you cant lose hope, Sakshi says he lied about everything, he lied about living together, he doesnt care if i live or die, i trusted him, i was so happy, but he spoiled my all happiness, Devika hugs her and says i know you are feeling bad but Monty doesnt deserve your tears, it was my mistake to ask you to go back to him, you dont need to go to him, he doesnt deserve your love, Sakshi says he was not like this, how can he do this? he planned my murder with Nivi? i cant believe it, if he had problem with me then i would have left his life, but he cheated me like this? i cant understand, Devika hugs her and cries with her, Devika makes her sit down and says i know your pain, i have been through this pain, remember when Ravi did this with me, he was with Nivi too, Monty did same, he wanted to kill you being with Nivi. Devika says to Sakshi that we sisters are unlucky in love, we always get cheating in love, whoever we loved only gave us pain and cheating. Sakshi says i am punished for trusting my husband, Devika says he will be punished, he will repent cheating you, Monty is in my enemy list now, i wont spare him too, i have decided what to do with Nivi, Sakshi asks what are you going to do? Devika says i will go in mandir to meet Nivi not you, Sakshi says what are you planning? Devika says listen to me carefully, we will turn-around Nivi’s plan, she tells her plan to Sakshi which is muted, Sakshi says plan is good but its risky, i cant let you go, i will go, Devika says your life is important to me, i cant risk it, i have to confront Nivi, i would have forgiven Nivi for attacking but i wont spare her for trying to hurt you, Sakshi breakdowns and cries, she recalls her relation with Monty, she thinks that Monty and i were friends but he wants me dead now, Devika says dont cry over Monty, he doesnt deserve it, i will take revenge from him, Monty and Nivi have played enough with our lives but they will get same pain now, i wont let anything happen to you.
Nivi is in mandir and thinks why Sakshi didnt come till now? Monty said Sakshi was excited to meet him but why she didnt come here till now? did she get to know about my plan? but i didnt leave any weak link, i didnt even tell Monty about murder, Sakshi is going to die from my hands and nobody will know and then Sakshi and Devika’s soul will go away, Sakshi must be coming to meet and hug Monty but she doesnt know that death is here to hug her.
Devika says to Sakshi that we will exchange clothes, i will wear your saree and you wear my clothes, and i will put on veil then Nivi will not know that its not Sakshi but Ambika under veil, Sakshi says Nivi wont spare anyone going in mandir, i wil go there, Devika says no i will go there, i have plan, i have thought everything, i know what i have to do and how to handle her, only i can shake her confidence, i will bring out of this trouble, Sakshi says dont put your life in danger because of me, every relation is finished for me, i have only darkness in life so its useless to live so let me go, Devika says are you mad? man people love you, how will we live without you? only think positive, i wont spare Monty, he will be punished for doing all this for you, Sakshi says people love you too, i cant let you go there, Devika says if you love me then dont stop me, i will go there, Sakshi says i am sure something wrong is going to happen, Devika says i will change sides, i will attack her and pain her that she will realize that she shouldnt have used Monty, we are going to win tonight, we shouldnt wait more, lets go to washroom and change clothes, they go to washroom.
Rekha is sleeping, she feels restlessness and wakes up, she says why i am not able to sleep? my Devika is with me, Sakshi is fine too so why i am restless? She takes glass from table and mistakenly pushes Sakshi and Devika’s picture on floor, glass breaks from photo frame, Rekha is stunned to see such bad omen.

PRECAP- Devika comes in mandir wearing Sakshi’s saree, she has veil on her face. Nivi thinks sakshi has come, she comes out to kill her but Devika takes off her veil, Nivi is shocked to see that its Devika instead of Sakshi.

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