Kalash 2nd February 2017 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1
Nivi looks at Manju and says mummy ji you are here in my award ceremony. Manju says how are you here? Nivi says i killed devika’s ghost. I was so mad. Her chapter is over once and for all. Manju says what are you saying. Constable says lets go. Nivi says she is my mother in law to be. We both killed devika. Where is her award? She deserves it. Manju says she doesn’t want it. Manju says she is lying. Constable says she has lost her mind. she isn’t stable. She tells Manju everything how Nivi was arrested. Manju says how did all this happen.

Ravi lays Ambika on bed. He says ambika please open your eyes. janki says lets take her to hospital. Janki says you are responsible for all this. ravi says what did I do? Janki says you were part of Nivi’s plan. Ravi says what you mean.. Janki says you are murderer of your wife devika. You have to see the mirror. I regret the day I allowed you to marry Ambika. she was not even ready. I forced her because I wanted happiness for her. You can never change. Sakshi says aunty what are you saying? Come with me please. She takes her out.
Janki says he killed Devika with Ambika. Ravi has to see the mirror. Sakshi says don’t accuse him. We have to calm down. Only di has right to question him. She has defeated all her enemies. Now leave it up to her what she has to do with Ravi. Janki says so I have no right? Doctor comes.
janku takes him in and says please check her. She was stabbed. Doctor says its a police case. Janki says police was there. The attacker was arrested. Doctor says I have to check her up. One of you can stay here. Sakshi says I will stay. They all go out. sakshi stays in the room.
Ravi says to Janki, you accused me of killing my wife? what made you say that? You were talking about showing me the mirror. You said something like that. Prove it. Whats the reason? I respected you more than my own mom. Janki says i don’t want to talk to you. Leave. Ravi says but I want to. I really loved devika madly. and you accused me that way? We were really happy together? You know if she was a little injured it would hurt me and you accused me of killing her? I was shattered after her death. I really loved her and you think I murdered her? Janki says if you loved her then why didn’t you save her? First devika was murdered and now ambika. You can’t fool us anymore. You stood with that nivi who murdered your wife. ravi says I didn’t know her. She took care of my family when my family was on road. I didn’t murder my wife. Janki says in heart I was so stupid to trust you.
Ravi recalls everything. He says this means all that happened because of monty.

Ravi comes to Monty and starts beating him. Ravi says I can’t believe you stooped so low. Because of you ambika’s life was in danger. I knew you are jealous of me but I never knew you can do this. for your benefit you can do anything. I won’t leave you. Monty says enough. What are you trying to say? I asked sakshi out because madam wanted to ask her some questions? Whats the point of all this drama? Ravi says you are with her. You both involved and called Sakshi there so nivi can kill her. Nivi has lost her mind but you are normal. You are my brother. Monty says in heart she hid from me that she wanted to kill sakshi? Is she in jail? I should go there. Ravi says i will call police. I will not leave you. Chachi says he didn’t know. He was just stupid. Why would he kill his wife? I beg you don’t call police. Ravi says I am leaving you just because of her.

Scene 2
Doctor says ambika is out of danger. she feels weak although she was wearing safety. otherwise she would be so critical. Sakshi says thank God she wore safety. Ravi says let me check her.
Chahi says where are you going? Monty says I am going to meet nivi. I know she mentally okay. she is just pretending all this. I have to go ask her.
Chachi says did you see how mad ravi was? monty says I know whats right. I am not scared of ravi. i have to go there.

Ravi comes in room. He says who does this? You didn’t think about me one before risking your life? I was shattered when devika died. Then you gave me my love back. Promise me you won’t do any such thing ever again. He hugs her. Ravi says please don’t any such thing again. Ambika says I promise I won’t do any such thing. Promise me you won’t ever go away from me? Ravi says I will never leave you. He hugs her. Janki is on the door.
She says this Ravi has totally fooled ambika but I can’t forget what he did with Devika. I will talk to ambika and won’t let her be fooled by ravi.

Nivi is in jail. Monty comes and says ma’am how are you? Ravi told me what happened in jail. I know you are so strong and all this is drama. It was a good idea. But whatever happens I wont’ go against you. I will get you out of here as soon as possible. Even if I have to fight ravi. I will show how loyal your monty is. Nivi laughs and says my sweet Monty. I want to say something. I am very happy. Because I killed devika but this time I killed her ghost as well. She was really annoying. Monty says what are you saying? Nivi says I am so happy. Ravi would be mine. Monty says in heart so she is mentally ill? How did all this happen?

Precap-sakshi says you risked your life for me? Ravi really loves you. I saw that in his eyes. Ambika is asleep in her room. Someone comes there with a gun.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Why is janki doubting Ravi? He doesn’t know that ambhika is really devika. I think devika should tell Ravi the whole truth or janki. I think it’s monty in precap.

  2. Yea even i dont know y jankibis against ravi… he is always so sweet

  3. Janki was always good to Ravi. Y da sudden accusations now? Hope Janki don’t hire a Ravi look alike for Devika to think it was Ravi thats trying to kill her. ?

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