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Scene 1
Nivi says to Ravi that i gave the project to Monty as you know he is ambitious and wanted to do that project so i gave him, i didnt know he would use cheap material, otherwise i wouldnt have give him, i would never put people’s life in danger, i cant put my company at stake, even if i would have accepted his mistake, then our company would have doomed, would you want that? Ravi says but Monty is my brother, he is in jail, Nivi says i will do everything to bring him out of jail and i will make sure to clear him of all charges, you have to trust me and give me sometime, Ravi says how can they come up after so many time of that bridge, suddenly to do this, Nivi says who can be it? who wants me to get arrested? once i find out then i will directly deal with that person.
Janki is playing chess with Devika, Devika says our planned failed today, she got saved, Janki says she took wrong step today, she will pay for it now, she makes wrong on chess table, Devika says now i can kill your pawn easily and then i will get your queen, Janki says exactly if pawn is released then queen is exposed, means Monty is not there to guard Nivi now and Ravi is already standing on side, Devika says but its wrong to punish monty, he didnt even take side in my murder, i feel bad that he is bearing punishment in jail, Janki says dont take action due to emotions else Nivi will doubt that we were behind it, dont worry Monty will come out in two three days, Devika thinks that i feel that wrong happened, Ravi is selfish, he didnt do anything to save Monty, he didnt even go to police station for him, Ravi knew that Monty was not owner of that company, he has bigger post in Nivi’s company so he knew that Monty was innocent even then he took Nivi’s side, he has lost humanity too for money, i feel disgusted by him.
Its morning, Devika comes to police station, she says i want to meet Monty Garewal, he says we dont allow people to meet like that but you are Janki’s daughter so we allow you. Devika comes to Monty’s cell, he says what are you doing here? she says i have come to teach you lesson, people who take path of greed then this happens with them, people who take side of wrong just for their selfish reasons, the people who are blind to not see injustice, life gives them punishment like thi, you still have time to control yourself, leave this wrong path and hold on your life, this happens in life that you want to grow in life and becomes weak in life but you should grip your life and stop this wrong path, end these wrong works, this wealth, status can be taken from you, you know you are arrested in fraud case, people are killed and injured in that bridge case and you are arrested for that, even now if you want to take someone else charges on yourself then its going to destroy life. still you have time, stop all this, money can be taken from you, you wont even have what you have rightnow, leave all those people who are forcing you to do all this, Monty laughs and says what a lecture Ambika, you should give speeches, i knew someone who used to talk like you, she used to look like to you, now listen to me carefully Ambika, you coming here and telling all this proves that you want to me provoke against Nivi, you are pretending to be her well wisher but i know this charade, one more thing, you telling all this means you want good for me, you are telling me whats right and whats wrong but thing is why you care for me? i am not your relative, i am not your employee, we dont have any connection, if you were my Devika Bhabhi whose sister i married then you could have shown care for me but why you are showing care now? you are Devika or Ambika? Devika says dont twist things, there is one more relation between people and that is humanity, people tend to show it, you are in problem, you should worry that you are jail but you are innocent, Monty says how do you know that i am innocent? it shows that you are hiding something, you are forgetting that i am Nivi’s loyal employee and i can sit in jail for her for life, you are in problem not me, i will tell everything to Nivi and after listening all this, i will want to see what she does with you, Ambika Raichand, he moves away, Devika is shocked to see his attitude.
Ravi and Nivi comes to police station, Ravi is lost in thoughts, Nivi asks him to calm down, i will set everything, i will bring Monty out of jail for you, trust me, he nods. They come out of car and goes in police station. Ravi comes to inspector and says we want to meet Monty, Nivi gives him bail papers and says you start work, we want to meet Monty, inspector says okay, they go to meet Monty.
Shweta is at house and says Gurvindar is angry, what Nivi has done for us? she treats us like servants, dont know till when i have to bear it and now we have to deal with Ambika too, i had to send Ambika’s picture to Saket, thank God Janki left me yesterday. she sees all photos deleted from her phone, she sees one picture which has only side face and eyes of Devika, she says should i send it? Saket calls her and says why didnt you send Ambika’s picture? Shweta says i was about send you, you know what happened last night? Saket says i have no interest in knowing that, Nivi is trouble and i dont care, send me picture, Shweta says photo is blur so dont get mad, Saket says okay send it, Shweta says okay and ends call. Saket waits, Shweta sends him blur photo, Saket opens it and sees Devika’s side face and eyes, he is shocked and says her eyes are like Devika, her voice was like Ambika too, how can they be so similar, there is something fishy, i have to go to Ambala.
Devika sees Ravi and Nivi in police station, she gets tensed seeing them. Ravi leaves Nivi to inside. Devika hides behind pillar. Ravi and Nivi comes to Monty’s cell. Nivi is on call, he is happy to see Nivi but she ignores him while on call. Devika thinks that if they see me here then Ravi will doubt me, dont know what Monty will say to them about me, Janki maa told me to not come here but i cant make my heart understand at all. Nivi goes to talk on call, Monty is disappointed. Ravi thinks what i am feeling? why its fresh air? i feel that when Ambika is around, is she here? he looks around to find her, she is hiding behind wall, Ravi thinks that i am feeling same fragrance, my heart is saying that she is around but why will she come here? he turns away, Devika sees him not looking at her and runs from there, Ravi turns out and feels her presence, he goes to see her. Devika is running out of police station. Ravi thinks why i felt Ambika was here? i have gone mad, why will she come here? but why my heart is beating?

PRECAP- Manju calls Nivi and says come to home, some officers have come home and saying they are from bank, they are talking rudely and saying consequences will be bad if you dont come, Nivi is confused.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Deepti sood. Uk

    Stupid devika such a f—_–g fool drag drag I have stopped watching

  2. Ekta kapoor showing us bullshits episodes in the serials……she is most honourable flop director…..evry flim is below average…..please show the climax & end the serials…..enough is enough stop ur nonsense episodes right noe

  3. The serial is going in right way dont change …ekta kapoor’s have great mind scripts…and her all serials are successfull
    Ravi devika is most beautiful couple in the tv channels….

  4. ekta is not stupid. It’s you that’s stupid for watching a programme that insults your intelligence. She obviously thinks all viewers are of poor intelligence. This is across all Hindi serials.


    Why they are dragging it toooo much….. atleast make ravi and devika know the truth about each other; so that they may help each other.

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