Kalash 25th November 2016 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1
Vikas slaps Shweta after seeing her pictures with Ankush. All are shocked. Vikas says you played dirty game with me, you wore these clothes today only, you were inside room this morning and door was closed, you didnt let me open cupbaord, you threw me out of room and closed door again, i am such a fool that i thought you are ill, and started arranging food for you, wow, Shweta you have given me such gift to me on our marriage anniversary, you kept doing drama of love with me and you did all this with Ankush behind my back? what was less in my love that you played this cheap game with me? Shweta says Vikas.. Vikas slaps her again, he says dont lie to me again, if you can sin then have guts to accept it, i knew you are greedy but i didnt know you can stoop this low, i am ashamed to be husband of such a woman, i want to hear truth now, i know truth but i want to know from your mouth, tell me this is all true, accept your sins before i throw you out, he yells her to accept it. Shweta says yes its true, all are shocked. Shweta says this is all true, i am in these photos, they are not fake but what could i do? she sits on floor and says Vikas you dont know anything, whatever i did, i didnt do it because i wanted it but i had to do it to keep our relation secure, Vikas says do you even realize what you are saying? no woman can stoop this low to save marriage, woman who loves her husband can never do this, Shweta says i was helpless to do it, you know why? because this Ankush used to blackmail me, Ankush was my boyfriend before marriage, i met after marriage too but i thought ia cheating on you and i denied him, he kept asking for money so kept giving him but i didnt know he will return and start blackmailing me, i love Vikas. She says to Ravi that i didnt have any option, this Ankush asked me for 5lacs today but i didnt have it so he made me helpless. He had my videos with which he used to blackmail me, forgive me Vikas. Ankush tries to leave from from there but Ravi grabs him and pushes him away, Ankush strikes with killer, killer hits head on vase and faints. Ravi beats Ankush but Ankush runs from there. Vikas says i dont care why you did it but problem is that you crossed line of shame, if you had told me truth then maybe i would have forgiven you but you made mistake again and you dont look helpless in these photos, infact you lookw happy, you have insulted my love, you have broken my trust, i passionately hate you, you know what your type of women are called and i dont have relation with you, you are dead for me, i dont have any relation with you from now on, Shweta says dont say it, i will die. Vikas says you killed me already, you broke my love, trust and heart, i cant tell pain which i am feeling, your type of women should not be respected, this relation is burden on me and i want to be freed from you now, get lost from this house. Manju says dont do this Vikas, just think, everything will be fine, dont take haste decisions, Vikas says please, you are my mother, understand my pain, what was my fault? i did everything for Shweta, i request you to not talk about my relation, i said that i cant live with this woman and i cant, i request everyone to not say anything about me or Shweta, i cant live with this woman anymore, Vikas leaves. Manju asks Shweta to not worry, i will talk to him. Shweta says shut up, you played these pictures, you broke your son’s house. Ravi says how you are talking with mother? Shweta says she is mother? she just wants gold, jewelry, she doesnt care about her kids. Devika thinks that i am feeling bad for Vikas but truth had to come out. Vikas comes there with Shweta’s luggage and pushes Shweta to door, she pleads to not throw her out of house. Vikas pushes her out of house and closes door. Saket comes there and tries to stop Shweta but Nivi says you dont know what she did, dont stop him, Saket says but she is my sister, Nivi says i know but she made mistake, you dont know.

Scene 2
Devika prays to Ambe Maa and says my daughter won her first fight, She asks Devika why she is sad? Devika says i am sad to see Vikas’s pain, what was his fault? i took all this happiness. Janki says Vikas will calm down and this pain wil heal too, Shweta’s truth had to come out, she was pretending to be helpless but flirting with Ankush too in party, dont be guilty, you have done pious work by opening Vikas’s eyes, i dont understand how you managed to get those photos. Devika says today morning i went to Shweta’s room and fixed camera there but i did it to see what Ankush and Shweta will talk, i thought Ankush will blackmail her and Shweta will give him money but i didnt know that would be happening there, how Shweta can do this? i couldnt show that footage so i picked photos which could show truth and Ankush and Shweta’s relation, she didnt even think about doing wrong with her husband, she lives in that room with her husband, she shares that bed with Vikas which she shared with Ankush, Janki says thats why she needed to be exposed, now think about your second enemy, complete your revenge by attacking one by one. Devika says you are right, i have to complete my mission and i will do it soon.
Nivi says to Saket and Manju to stop, why you people keep saying that how Shweta can do it, Shweta has done what she had to do, we cant change it by talking about it, topic here is who did it? someone from this family did it, who put cameras in Shweta’s room? Manju says i dont know, i tried to save Shweta but she bad mouthed about me only, Nivi says stop it. She asks Saket that your contract killer couldnt kill Ambika instead got hurt himself and left. She says what if Ambika has done all this? because only she can plan something like this. Saket says no she was with me in room, she was complaining about Ravi that she is not happy with Ravi, it cant be Ambika, she was with me, its someone else. Nivi says if its not Ambika then who it might?

PRECAP- Ravi says to Devika that you are normal, you must be enjoying, you must be having peace seeing what happened today, Devika says what are you saying? Ravi says you dont know what mistake you did?

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