Kalash 25th July 2016 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1
Ravi asks guests to leave, engagement is broken, guests leave, manager asks Ravi to clear payment, Ravi gives him money and says take everything from there, he starts breaking things, Vikas stops him, Ravi says i am done, i am bearing this from many months, Manju says where will we live? Ravi says i have taken decision, we dont live here anymore, he tries to leave but Navi stops him, he says what do you want? Nivi sits in his feet and says forgive me, i cant live without you, she begs him, Manju makes her stand, she says you know how much i love you, i wont be able to live without you, i get insecure for you, i say anything in anger, i know this is anger, forgive me, i am so stupid, i promise i will take care of your self respect, i wont hurt it again, your self respect is mine, your name is mine, i wont hurt you again, dont leave me, i will be all alone, i dont want to live alone, she hugs Ravi and cries, Manju says she is apologetic, forgive her for me, i am asking something for first time, please forgive her on my behalf, Ravi thinks.
Devika and Janki is leaving, Janki says Nivi insulted you, i am so angry, DEvika says i knew she will react like this, i knew her madness will go to that extent but why did Ravi react like that? he didnt give any explanation to her but instead slapped Nivi, i want to know what is going on inside, i am confused, i wanna know whats going inside, Janki says okay lets go and see.
Janki and Devika comes inside house, Manju asks Ravi calm down, he says i couldnt control my anger, i know what i had been through, its my fault, i didnt give her time, i shouldnt have behaved like this, i am sorry, Manju says now lets forgive each other and done engagement, Gurvindar says if problem is coming again? Shweta says no even if guests are gone, we all are here, Nivi sits infront of Ravi and says we have accepted our mistakes so lets do engagement, i promise i wont do it again, Ravi sees Devika there and thinks Ambika and her mother is still here? he says i am ready for engagement, Devika looks at him with disgust, Manju asjs to call pundit.
Saket is meeting with ministers, minister says our enemy is not listening, i am thinking to get him killed, Saket is silent, minister asks what happened? he says nothing. He excuses himself and thinks why Shweta is not picking call? i have gone mad after listening Ambika’s voice, what should i do? i wont get peace till i dont see her.
Pundit says come for engagement. Everyone is ready. Manju asks where is ring? Janki says to Devika that see how big player this Ravi is, he was caught in room with you so played like he is victim, like he was trapped, he made Nivi feel guilty, he made her beg to him, Nivi is bigger fool to get in his trap, his acting has shocked me, now i understand how he would have done magic on you, he would have told you that he loves you and you must have believed him, i am sure soon he would say that he had nothing to do with your killing and you would believe him that he is innocent, he is master in cheating, he can make anyone believe that he loves them but truth is that he loves money only, you should punish him, erase all feelings for him. Shweta comes and says Ambika you are needed on stage, she leaves, Janki hints Devika to go with confidence. Devika comes on stage, Manju asks her to give engagement ring, Deviak brings out ring and gives it Ravi, they look at each other. Ravi makes Nivi wear engagement ring, Devika is hurt, Nivi makes Ravi wear ring, Devika is tensed seeing this, Nivi smiles and hugs everyone. Devika thinks that i thought Ravi will not do this engagement but he broke my heart again, Ravi thinks that finally i saw Devika’s glimpse in Ambika, when she was giving me ring for engagement, now i understand that she is not happy with this engagement, Devika thinks that Ravi is liar, his love is a lie, he can do anything for money, now my mission to break this couple is more clear, today so much chaos happened because os such small thing so think if i take a big step then what will happen, Manju thinks that seems like Ambika is giving fake smile, is she jealous?
Devika is standing in corner, Nivi comes to her and says i dont know how to say sorry, i am regretting doing that with you, i always misbehave with you, i insulted you infont of everyone, you always forgave me, you are always bigger person, you are a nice friend, you have always proved your friendship, i am not liable to ask forgiveness, you give me punishment, i will accept it but dont take friendship away, i dont want to lose it, Devika says i felt bad how you behaved with me, i thought you dont trust me but then i thought anyone can have misunderstanding, its okay, its your engagement, i dont want you to get sad, everything is clear, i am happy that you are engaged with Ravi, i am always with you, Nivi says you have bigger heart really, she hugs her and says our friendship will never break, DEvika says yes we will be together at death time too, Nivi feels weird listening this and says come with me.
Shweta says to Manju that you should be happy that Nivi is engaged to your son, Manju says i am tensed, i got Ravi married to Devika for her property then i got to know that Nivi loves Ravi too and she had more money than Devika so i did everything possible to break their relation and now when i know Ambika’s heart thing, i feel why did i go for this engagement, she is pretty, more wealthy and not mad like Nivi, i did mistake, Shweta says why you are taking tension? its just engagement, not marriage, Manju says you are right, we have to think how to break this engagement. Ravi and Nivi comes and touches her feet, she says i hope this couple remain together till it can last, lets go, Nivi feels weird.
Shweta comes in her room and says i have to take Ambika’s picture to send it to Saket, Manjuu is right, Ambika is very rich and Saket is settled too, Ravi is already engaged, Saket used to like Devika so he would go for Ambika too, they would look awesome together and i will become rich from both sides, lets send picture to him.
Nivi says to Devika that all are sad in party, i will change mood, plan is to get to everyone for dance, will you dance? Devika says yes. Nivi comes to Janki and says i am sorry for misbehaving, forgive me, she says its okay, Nivi thanks her and asks if she will go for dance? she says you people go, Nivi takes Devika with her. Nivi says to family that lets dance, lets change mood, Monty goes to play music. Everyone comes on dance floor, Gal mithi mithi bol plays, Ravi dances with Nivi, Nivi brings Devika forward and dances with her, Devika starts dancing too. Janki is watching them, Shweta thinks its good time to take her picture, Shweta takes her pictures, Janki notices it. Shweta is leaving, Janki goes to her and takes phone from her, she says why were you clicking Ambika’s pictures? Shweta thinks what to tell her now?

PRECAP- Police comes to Nivi’s house and says Nivi you have to come with us, we have arrest warrant against you, all are shocked, police starts taking her from there.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. So stupid serial i thought today devika woluld know…stupids if this serial would also be like meri ashiqui…trps would go down…blah!!!! Ppl would stp watching this!

  2. I like this serial

  3. I was happy when Ravi got mad with Nivi, hoping that Devika will know the whole truth and that Ravi was innocent. I really much rather watch Siya ke Ram and Suryaputra karn. No bulshits there

  4. All of u who r the viewers of the serial kalash…..raise complain to the board of broadcasts about the bullshit topics played …..it’s trp will obviously go below level

  5. The became very stupid,

  6. Please make good story ,not like stupiad…

  7. The drama is so shit now ant gunna watch it anymore bakwas

  8. When will Devika knowing the truth of ravi

    1. She will know when trp’s go really down lol!!!! In other words don’t hold your breath the way story is going on. She has to get week fool that she is when she comes face to face with that idiot saket

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