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Scene 1
Ravi says to Devika that see this Kurta color, this is for old age, Devika says you wont find designer here, call your designer and order him, Ravi says you dont want me to wear shirt, you have no shame, you wanna see me without shirt, Devika says we are in serious situation so wear this, this is nice Kurta, Ravi says i will wear it but why are you looking at me, turn back, she turns away and says dont move your hand much, wear it with care, Ravi says dont look back, i know you wanna see me without shirt, Ravi puts hand on her shoulder to get support, Devika feels shy.
Saket comes to family and says i was searching for Ravi and Devika too, he asks Navi who is kidnapper? did she find him? Navi says i will tell them truth, i know about kidnappers too. Vikas calls Shweta and says dont come here, we have caught both the kidnappers, one is your brother, dont come here else Manju will not leave you. Sakshi says to Navi that we all know Saket likes Devika, you people dont fool us, tell everything to police but rightnow tell us about Ravi and Devika, Rekha says to Navi that you are daughter of someone too, please tell us where are they? i beg you, Navi says i dont know anything, i came here to find Ravi and Devika, Sakshi says then what are you doing here? at this time? we saw you tearing Devika and Ravi’s photo too, Navi says Sakshi is saying truth but there is reason behind it, when i saw Ravi crying for Devika so i hired detective to find Devika, Sakshi asks who is that detective? Navi says i will call him, Navi calls someone and says come to Garewal house now, she ends call, Navi says you all wanna know who is kidnapper? i have called my detective with all proofs there, lets go there, they all leave from jungle.
Devika brings water from well, Ravi asks if there is road near well? Devika says i dont know, she says i am going to take bath, i will come fast, you rest, Ravi asks he can help? she says no you take rest, she goes.
Family members comeback home, Detective says to family that kidnapper is some family member only, kidnapping happens for personal reasons, Manju says we are not interested in all this, just tell us who kidnapped Ravi and Devika, detective says i will tell you, Navi says its easy to put blame on anyone but i have proofs of everything i will say now, Parmindar says tell us who have done this, Navi says you all will be shocked to know that she has done this, Navi says to Rekha that you might now believe me, Rekha says dont twist words, tell us clearly, Navi says kidnapper is from your family, Sakshi you are crossing limits now, i wont listen any rubbish, Navi says all should know truth, detective says i have proofs, its Sakshi who has done this kidnapping, all are shocked, Monty says you are lying, how much did navi gave you? he asks for proof, detective shows picture of Sakshi with goons, he says i followed Sakshi and saw her with goons, she doubted Ravi too so she kidnapped him too, Sakshi kept informing goons about police too, Sakshi says to Navi that you are trying to trap me as you know i can bring your truth out, Manju slaps Sakshi and says youa re lying, i made you part of family but you are heartless, your sisters loves you so much and you did this with her? Ravi made you marry Monty and you did this? Rekha says i trust Sakshi, how can you doubt her on someone’s saying? they are blaming her falsely, i trust my upbringing, Navi says Sakshi had reason to kidnap them, Monty says after marriage, i am with Sakshi all the time, i can say that she is not behind all this, these pictures can be fake, Detective plays audio clipping of Sakshi ordering goons to not allow them to run, keep them kidnapped, Sakshi is shocked listening all this, detective says i recorded her audio too, Navi says SAkshi must have fooled Monty or maybe Monty is involved in all this too, Rekha says why would she do it? Navi says to get property of Devika, Sakshi says this is lie, Navi says anyone can leave their love for property, she became greedy for property, Monty says these all proofs are fake, Navi says i feel you are involved in this kidnapping too, all are shocked.
Ravi gets up and thinks Devika is not seen anywhere, where did she go? Ravi comes out of hut, he shouts for Devika and gets worried.
Vikas searches Sakshi’s room, he says there is nothing in their room, Navi is lying, they cant do this, Navi doesnt know our relations, i have seen Sakshi and DEvika’s bond, why would Monty and Sakshi do something like this? i feel Navi is lying, Navi says i am sure, we will find something in this room for sure, she searches room and finds paper, she says whats this? she asks Sakshi what is this? Sakshi says i dont know, Monty says even i dont know, Navi says its strange, you both dont know about it, its in your room, lets see what it is, Navi opens it and says this is legal document, it says that Devika is naming her property to Sakshi and Monty, she is giving them her property as gift, only Devika’s signature is not there, she says so this was your plan? you wanted to force her to sign on papers, thats why you kidnapped her? Monty says this is her trap, Sakshi says i dont know about all this, Manju says truth is out, we will call police else tell us truth, Sakshi says she is lying, Monty says she is using her power to do all this, i cant do this, Manju says Sakshi have made you bad too, you back-stabbed your brother only, Saket whispers to Navi that you did great work, Navi says this sakshi tried to warn me, i had to take action against her.
Devika comes in jungle, she says Ravi must be hungry, lot of blood is lost, i should find fruits for him. Snake bites her, she screams, Ravi comes her, he sees snake bite, he ties cloth on her feet and sucks poison out of her leg, he wipes her leg with water, Devika looks at him emotionally, Ravi asks if she is fine? he says yes, Ravi says are you mad? why did you come here alone? what if anything had happen to you? he hugs her, Devika thinks that these moments are precious to me, you and me alone here, we are spending every moment together, never thought i will be so crazy in your love.

PRECAP- Devika says to Ravi that if i can do something then i will do it without thinking, i will give my life for you smilingly, Ravi stops her and comes closer.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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