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scene 1
Monty says Gurvindar that Ravi doesnt let me talk to anyone, i am much more capable than him but he has higher position in company, Gurvindar says i wish that Nivi loved you then you would have been in Ravi’s position, you got that Sakshi to marry, she is mad, Monty says she was not mad at time of marriage, Gurvindar says leave her, you should take Nivi’s side then she wil be good with you, then i will be in Manju’s position, Monty thinks.
Janki comes to Devika and says its good that you controlled your emotions, Devika says i thought i would break down in tears infront of him but i remembered your words and composed myself, i couldnt say no to Ravi, when he asked me favor, i said yes, Janki says i wanted this too, Devika says but you had put her in jail, Janki says that was needed that time but now if you free her then Nivi will think that you are no Devika as Devika will never free Nivi but now she will think that you are Ambika which will be good for our revenge.
Ravi thinks that why Ambika was asking weird questions to me? i though i would have to plead her to free Nivi but she agreed easily, if she had to free nivi from jail then why did she put her in jail first? why i feel that she is Devika when she is so different from Devika? why did she say that i have started running behind money, it means that i was not behind money before? what she wanted to say? manager comes and says Ambika is waiting for you outside, Ravi leaves.
Shweta says to Manju that what Nivi thinks of herself? she can insult us at anytime, Manju says i did so much for her and says she says that i am bad mother in law? am i? Shweta says no you are best mother in law, dont worry, you will not be caught in any crime, you are free, Manju says you are right, i should not take tension, Shweta do something that will take away this gloomy weather from this house and will make things colorful, Shweta says i have an idea, she whispers something to Manju, Manju says great.
Ravi opens car’s door to sit but DEvika comes there and says thanks, she sits in car. Ravi sits on driver and starts driving car. Devika thinks that i am so close to Ravi after so much time, i should control my feelings as i am not Devika, i am Ambika now. Ravi thinks that i dont understand if she is Devika or Ambika, why she is so silent? is she afraid that her identity will reveal infront of me? if it was Ambika then she would have taunted me till now. Devika thinks why Ravi is so silent, it will kill me, i know he still confused that i am Devika or Ambika and he is trying to find some proof but i wont let him get any proof, say something Ravi, this silence is dangerous. She starts music player, Boldo na zara plays, Devika gets tensed and recalls her time spent with Ravi, their memories, she tensely looks at Ravi, she changes music, Ajeeb dastan hai ye plays, they look at each other. Ravi and Devika extend hands to change channel, their hand touch, Devika takes off her hand and feels emotional.

Scene 2
Nivi is in jail, she says i will teach lesson to Manju and Shweta, they sent Ravi to Devika, they dont have sense, dont know where they must be, Ravi thinks she is Devika thats why he broke his engagement with me, what if Devika accepts that she is Devika and tells truth to Ravi, they will become one and i will be lost, what should i do? she says i should call Ravi.. She asks policeman to give her phone, he says you are criminal and i cant give you phone, Nivi says i will snatch your job, give me phone, he says we will see if i will lose my job or you lose your attitude, we have ways to shut your mouth so stay silent.
Ravi stops car at signal, one beggar comes and asks Devika to give her something to eat, Ravi thinks that Devika used to be nice to beggars, she used to give them money and talk nicely with them, now i will see what she will do with beggar then i will prove if she Devika or not, Devika sees Ravi looking at her and thinks that he is noting my every action, she scolds beggar and says you indian beggars just keep asking for money, get lost from here, Ravi looks away, Devika stealthily gives money to beggar and points her to leave before Ravi could see her. Devika thinks that Ravi knows me so much that he is noting my every move to find out if i am Devika or not, i have to be really careful, he will take my exam at every step to find truth out but i will not let him find out my identity, Ravi thinks that my confusion is increasing, she has some qualities of Devika and some of Ambika, i dont know if she is Devika or not, or should i simply believe that she is Ambika?
Ravi and Devika reaches police station. Ravi gets down from car and opens door for Devika, Devika gets down from car, Ravi closes car’s door, Devika’s saree gets stuck in door, he says i am so sorry, she says its okay Mr. Garewal, Deviak tries to take off her saree, he says i will help, Ravi tries to free her saree pallu, Devika glares him, Devika’s saree gets torn, he says i am sorry, i didnt do it deliberately, she says its okay, he says its my mistake, i am sorry, Devika says its just a saree, i will get another one but there are many things in life when its taken, they dont return in life, Ravi is confused, Devika looks around, Ravi folds her saree pallu, devika recalls flashback how DEvika’s saree is torn, she says to Ravi that i have to go out with Manju but my saree is torn, what should i do? Ravi says this is fashion, Devika says how can i go out like this? do you have any solution? Ravi folds her saree pallu, he hugs her and brings saree pallu from behind and gives her in her hand, he says hold it like this, this fashion and no one will know that your saree is torn, Devika thanks him and hugs him, flashback ends, Ravi folds Devika’s saree pallu, she gets emotional recalling flashback, he looks at her and sees her emotional.

PRECAP- Nivi is freed from jail, Ravi comes to her and asks her if she is fine? Nivi thanks him and hugs him, Devika feels bad and leaves from police station. Ravi turns around to find Devika gone, he says where did she go without saying anything?

Update Credit to: Atiba

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