Kalash 17th March 2016 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1
Ravi opens his eyes. Devika says I was so scared. For a moment I thought.. He says that I died? i was almost dead. If my heartbeat stops that means I am not leaving you. True love is stronger than anything. If you love me so much then why you don’t tell me? She hugs him. She says you know if I am alive today its only because of you. My heartbeats because of you. He says there are so many things that we have never said to each other. Ravi faints. She says i think he is fainting because of over bleeding.

Navi says I wont leave saket. He thinks he can kill my ravi. She calls Saket. She says where are you? He says I am in jungle. She says I am coming. Saket says come i am waiting for you with arti.Navi takes out gun and says I wont leave you. You have killed ravi I will kill you now. I am coming to get you.
Devika looks for water. she find s a tubwell and fetches water but she doesn’t have a container. She collects water in her pallu. Devika comes back to ravi. She says I have to take him out of here. Devika recalls their moments together.
She says I will take you out of here safe. You came here to save me. I love you. I will be back in two minutes.

Navi finds saket. She says I will cut you into pieces. He slaps him and says listen to me first. She says you don’t know my power. You got him killed, how dare you. I was about to get him. He grasps his arm and says he was just crazy after devika. He came here for her. Devika is like that. It happened because of someone else not me. He leaves. Navi takes out her gun and says stop saket. Saket syas keep it down. She says you don’t have time. You killed ravi now I will kill you. You slapped me. You messed with navi. Now get ready to die.

devika hears fire shot. She says what if they have found him? I should go back. I wont give up till my last breath.
Navi shoots dildar. He dies. Saket says let him. His men grab navi. She says I wont leave you. saket says shut up. You killed the right person he killed ravi. you took my revenge too. We were looking for dead bodies. Better he died. Navi says maybe ravi is alive too. She says we should look for him together. Saket says you are a murderer now welcome to our club.

Devika falls down. She comes back to ravi. she says ravi please open your eyes we have to get out of here.
Monty says to sakshi, navi has gone to jungle. She says how would we know? He says we have to hear it from her. I am caling her. He calls her. Navi picks the call. He asks where are you? she says I am in office. He says so early? She says I had urgent deal. Anyways why you called? Did you find ravi and devika?He says maasi was missing you. She was calling your name. she feels good when you are around. can you come? She says I will come after I get done. I will talk to you later. Sakshi says see. She will never spill beans. He says she said she is in office, she is lying. She is in jungle. There were birds chipping.
Saket says you shouldn’t have picked his call. She says I am too smart for him. She says I need water. he says drink from this hand pump. She says this will be unhygenic. He says then don’t. She drinks water from there. Saket finds devika’s pally there.

Precap-Devika puts ravi on a cart and pulls him.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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