Kalash 17th January 2017 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1
Nivi opens TV and sees one magician woman saying on TV that i know everything, all souls tell me everything, if you want to know about someone’s death then i am bridge between his/her soul and you, i can make you talk to dead people, you can contact me if you want. Nivi thinks that she will make me meet soul of dead person?
its morning, DEvika comes out of bathroom after taking baht, Devika says to Ravi that i will bring your clothes. She chooses his shirt. Ravi is looking at her and is lost, Devika says you didnt even say good morning to me. Devika is drying her hair and asks what happened to you Ravi? Ravi says from the time i have seen you, i have lost myself, i didnt know you would look so good in wet hair, Devika says you have started again. Devika says you wanted to talk about something, i was tired last night, Ravi says i have confusion, who called you to tell about Saket’s accident? Devika says i am sure Nivi had asked you to ask me this, its okay, i will tell you, when you left house, Saket called me and told me that he came to Kasauli too, he called me last so my number would be in his logs, Ravi says his phone might have been went down hill with him, Devika says he might have thrown his phone on road to get some help, Ravi says Saket called you before accident? Devika says i will show you my phone, Ravi says i trust you, actually Nivi asked me this so i thought to ask you, Devika says Nivi has twisted mind but you asked me all this? Ravi says i am sorry, Ravi says i will dry your hair today, Devika says its not needed, he says i will, he starts drying her hair, she tries to leave but Ravi pulls her closer, she falls in his arms, they share eyelock, Devika says i will bring your clothes, she leaves.
Nivi comes to magician’s house. She says it looks like haunted house. Magician says i was waiting for you Nivi, Nivi says how do you know my name? magician says i know all my clients, leave it, tell me what Malini can do for you? Nivi says i saw your ad on TV, i believe you are professional medium to talk to souls, Malini asks whose soul you want to talk to? Nivi says my friend Saket died in accident, i think he was murdered thats why i want to talk to him, can you help me? Malini says you can talk to Saket’s soul, he died yesterday only so it will be easy to call his soul, his soul might be roaming, can you take me where he was last present? she says he was at my house, his deadbody was brought there, Malini says great we will do all arrangements in your house, it will my energy center, Nivi says i am sorry i dont know how will you call his soul, when can we start? Malini says i will come to your house in evening then we will do arrangements then we will call his soul and then you can ask him anything. Nivi thinks that i have got my golden chance, i will prove that Ambika murdered Saket, her true face will come infront of Ravi, i will use it as weapon and make Ravi mine.

Scene 2
Rekha comes outside Devika’s room, she opens door. Devika says how are you aunty? i couldnt talk to you earlier, lets meet Sakshi. Rekha says i have come to meet you, i was waiting for this kind of meeting, she cups Devika’s face, Devika is uneasy and says lets sit and talk, Rekha says i have come to fight with you, Devika says i dont understand? did i do any mistake? Rekha says yes you did mistake, you tell me did you not hide truth which i had right to know? Devika says i dont understand what you are saying? Rekha says i kept praying for it, i cant bear anymore, my motherly love have won, i know you are not Ambika but my laado, my Devika. Devika says its your misunderstanding, Rekha says enough, i know everything, for the mission you are hiding your identity, i know it, Devika says i am Ambika, i proved it, Rekha says i cant bear anymore, Janki told me everything, i want to ask you once, Devika says i am not Devika, she runs away from here.
Devika comes to Janki and says she was saying you told her everything? Janki says i told Rekha everything, i couldnt see her pain, you dont have to hide anything from her now, she asks Devika to turn around, Devika turns and sees Rekha coming in room. Rekha says i cant bear anymore, Devika hugs Rekha tightly, they both cry, Devika says i am sorry chachi, forgive me, i know i have lied to you, i have hurt you, you kept asking me truth but i kept lying to you, i wanted to tell you but i was helpless, forgive me, i have hurt your heart, Rekha says you dont have to apologize, you did everything being helpless, i knew for sure that you are not Ambika but my Devika, i used to be worried why you dont talk to me, kept calling me aunty, i didnt know truth but i know now, i am so happy, everything will be fine now, my Devika is back with me, Sakshi is fine too. Devika hugs her and says i am sorry, Janki is emotional and looks away seeing their bond. Rekha notices her hesitation, Rekha comes to Janki and says you have taken care of my Devika so well, i cant thank you enough, you are Devi in my eyes, you are her real mother for me, Janki gets happy hearing it, Janki goes and hugs Devika, three of them hug and are happy.
Malini comes to Nivi’s house. Sakshi strikes with her and her things falls from her bag, Sakshi thinks that i never saw this woman before and she have weird stuff in her bag, Malini collects he things, Sakshi asks who are you and why here? Malini says i have come to meet Nivi, where is her room? Sakshi tells her, Malini says your life was difficult and you are responsible for it, enough for today, she leaves. Sakshi says what this woman is doing here? what Nivi have with her? there might be some big problem.

PRECAP- Nivi says to Ravi that i have to know how Saket died, i am 100% sure that Ambika is behind his death, Ravi says dont take my wife’s name again, i wont bear it.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Now spirit saket will cause trouble for Ambika ?????? can’t believe nivi actually believes in all spirits y is she after a married man ?????? She’s crazy ravi was never meant for her hope there’s no rifts between janki and Rekha over devika in the future waiting for sakshi to get a deserving life partner not monty he’s turned into a devil

  2. @areeba, Iol shes probarly obsessed with Ravi thats why she wants Ambika to get away from Ravi so she can have Ravi for herself because she’s a selfish b*t*h.
    anyways, I’m really glad that ambika told her chachi everything and she might help her too

  3. Hahahah really areeba n kiran its so funny spirit n all…. god !!!

  4. Guys chill, I also found it weird. The Nivedita Luthra who plots and plans against Devika at the tip of her fingers is now trying to get a ghost confession. That is seriously stupid and crazy. You’re right she is obsessed. I can’t wait to see Devika act as ghost to make Nivi mentally unstable

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