Kalash 16th March 2016 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1
Sakshi says to Monty that Ravi and Devika havent come, they had given us hope, i was so happy that they were going to come but.. Monty says they will come for sure, you have to take rest now, Sakshi says till i dont see them alive, i wont be able to sit in peace.
Navi says to herself that i lured Dildar with 4crores, he must have killed devika but he didnt call me, whom should i call? she says i should call Saket, he must know whats happening there.
Saket is sitting in jungle, he says i just need to find Devika, he sees Navi calling and says i was fool to be on her side, dont know what happened to me, because of her Devika is not with me, she must have lured Dildar with money, i wont spare them, he calls Navi back and says i want to strangle you, you asked dildar to kill Devika right? Navi says i didnt mean that, Saket says dont be happy, you are going to in trouble too, on your saying dildar attacked Ravi and Devika both, they both fell off from cliff, Navi says why did he kill Ravi? it must be your orders, Saket says because of you Devika is not alive, Navi says i know you must have ordered to kill Ravi, i wont spare you, i will kill you, she ends call and gets shocked, she shouts Ravi’s name.
In jungle, Devika removes dry grass from her face and body, she coughs and wakes up, she looks around for Ravi, she screams his name and doenst see him around, she searches for him, she asks where are you Ravi? she recalls how they held hands when dildar was going to hit them, she says Ravi where are you? you must be here, we fell together, God make me meet him, she falls down in dry grass, she removes grass and finds Ravi lying there, she gets happy and hugs him, she says Ravi get up, i have come, lets leave from here, get up, Ravi doesnt respond, she gets suspicious, Devika sees him not breathing, she recalls their moments together in jungle, in hut, in jeep, in marriage hall, she comes near his heart to listen his heart beat but its not beating, she gets shocked and thinks this cant happen, your heart beat cant stop, you cant die, she says you cant leave me like this, she moves Ravi but he doesnt budge, she asks him to wake up, she cries and says please say something, please wake up.
Goons and Saket are searching for Devika and Ravi in jungle, Sajid says their dead-bodies are not found even, Saket says just search for them, i need Devika, goons go to search them.
Devika recalls how Ravi promised her that he will be always with her, she says you promised me that you will never leave my hand so now hold my hand, you told me that you wanted to hold my hand for life then why you are not holding it now, you held it then why you are not holding now, you have to get up, she shakes him up and asks him to wake up else she wont talk to him, she recalls flashback how she was sleeping in her room, she wakes up to find Ravi staring her, she asks what? he says you look so cute when you sleep, Devika says let me sleep, go from here, Ravi says you sleep, i will keep staring you, Devika says okay i am leaving, Ravi says if you leave then i wont be able to live, when you are with me then my heart beats fine, fb ends, Devika says to Ravi that i am with you then why your heart is not beating? you said i am your heart-beat right? you have to wake up.
Monty is trying to call Ravi, Monty says their phone is switched off, maybe they did it for safety, Sakshi says to Rekha that they must be coming from far, we have to wait for them, Rekha says i will go to search them, all ask her to stop, Manju comes and asks what are you doing? Rekha says i am going to jungle, they must be in danger, i have to go to them, Manju says what will you do there? stop this drama, its not needed, police couldnt find them, Monty couldnt find them, what you think that you will go there and will find them standing and waiting for you? what you wanna show that only you care about them? we dont worry about them? what you wanna show? Monty says enough, we have seen how much you worry about them, you never liked Devika, you saw how much Ravi loved Devika but you never tried to accept her, you were not allowing Ravi to go and save Devika, if you had clear heart then you could see Ravi’s love for Devika and would have accepted Devika, Ravi lives for Devika, i wish you could have seen that as then you would have been able to love them, Manju gets emotional and says you are right, i dont have heart, i cant be called a mother right? i dont deserve to be called as mother, she cries and leaves, Rekha cries too.

Scene 2
Devika hugs Ravi and says you cant leave me like this, you never say no to me then why are you not listening to me now, please wake up, i wont deny you anything, i wont fight with you, i will always listen to you, just wake up, she cries.
Goon says to Dildar that i am tired, Dildar says we have to find Devika and Ravi else Saket will kill us, Dildar listens DEvika’s voice, he tells it to Saket, goons says we are not able to listen any voice, Saket asks them to not stop and search for them, he says to Dildar that if i dont find Devika then i will kill you first, dildar goes to search them.
Devika says to Ravi that you cant leave me like this, you have to wake up, she shakes him up and says what i am even thinking? you cant leave me, i know you are pretending all this, she wipes his wounds and says you said your heart will beat till my heart is beating, you cant go, Devika says to Ravi that you cant leave me like this, she tries to revive him by pumping his heart, she is about to give him mouth to mouth breathing, she thinks and gives him mouth to mouth breathing, she pumps his heart, Ravi’s breaths are revived, he opens his eyes, Devika is delighted, she hugs him, Ravi hugs her back.

PRECAP- Devika says Ravi is unconscious because of excessive blood loss, i have to bring water for him, she goes to search for water. Saket, Navi alongwith goons are searching for Ravi and Devika in jungle, sajid brings cloth piece and says Devika was wearing these clothes only, Saket says this means my Devika is alive, Navi looks on.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. mc bc harami ka aulad sala kutta ab to bas kar de jan lega kya

  2. Bakwas
    Ab naye saal mein hi inka milan hoga
    Kya pata baby ke sath hi ghsr jayein yeh log wapis
    Fed up of this drama
    Pls stop this episode and make all welll
    Bored of seeing this jungle scenes

  3. does it matter

    ekta kapoor what are your writes doing, the track is boring

  4. Really fed up now….how can someone be kidnapped for so many days…??? I think since a month this drama is going on…n ofcourse there is no police…!!! Earlier i liked this episode but now have started loosing interest n if this goes on,its better to watch something else…for god sake let them reach home for once…

    1. I fully support your opinion

  5. It’s been 1 month since this track. For how long is it going to continue? Losing interest now.

  6. bhad me gya tum log ka serial sari trp katam kr loge…
    aaj 1 mahine se kidnapping dikhate rhoge…
    kabhi to in dono ki love story sahi se dikhao…bilkul bekar hy story writter….itna bdia show ko bekar kr rha hy …..

  7. Please end this part is not getting boring

  8. This is the same thing as Kumkum Bhagya. I’m disappointed these writers are ruining such a good show.

  9. Really…….fed up with this serial now……

  10. Gagandeep Singh

    Devika Kidnapped on 1st of Feb 2016 and still she is kidnapped and his hero Ravi Join him and they started playing catching – catching with goons????

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