Kalash 15th February 2017 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1
Devika says what do you mean? You wont’ say a word before dying because I won’t believe? You have nothing to say. Nothing to prove that you are innocent. You have confess all the sins you did. You won’t close your eyes because you wanna see my face before dying? You are lying even when you are dying? You wanna see nivi’s face? Because of her you killed me. I used to wait for you all the night and you were busy there with Nivi. What you think I am fool. I saw with my eyes every time with Nivi going close to her. I saw you in mental asylum with her too. Ravi says enough. I can’t hear all this anymore. shoot me and kill me. Take your revenge. Celebrate your win. Come on kill me. Devika says I wont’ kill you unless you confess all your crimes. He says what crimes that I never did? Why should I say things I never did. Why are you forcing me to lie? Just to prove your thinking right? I never did that. Yo brought me here to kill me? Shoot me. Devika says I showed you so many proofs. I kept telling myself that I only loved her and after that I chose Ambika because she looked like Devika. He says no one risks their life for 10 crores. I tried saving you. I held your hand to save you. I risked my own. You couldn’t see that? I didn’t want to marry Nivi she wanted to marry me. I couldn’t take all her money but i never did because all I wanted was devika’s love. I used to keep sitting in room and keep seeing her pictures. I was so broken ask my family. Nivi told me that selling your property for you through her would speed up the process. That surprise was that I went to school. I said don’t tell devika because I want to see devika happy. She made you hear it so you believe I killed you. DEvika says its like what is he telling me.
Ravi says I married nivi because of that school. Because of your dream of that school. That is why I said yes to marriage so I can fulfill your dream. I had no option. I didn’t know she was upto all this. i thought she cares for my family.
I am not your murderer.

Nivi shifted me in her house after we lost our house. I had to sell myself for my family and your dream. Devika says where is that school? Make another story. I won’t leave you today. I will kill you. You are lying and you have to pay for your sins. Devika steps back. She is coming to edge of the cliff. Ravi says devika stop. She says I won’t you want to run from here. He says no cliff.. Devika slips. Ravi holds her hand. He says I can’t lose you this time. I couldn’t save you this time. He pulls her up and hugs her. Ravi says are you okay? I was so scared. God gave me you back at the same place where you lost me.
Devika recalls rekha saying ravi can never betray you. I saw him dying without you every day.
Ravi says please devika trust me. I had no part in your murder plan. I was coming up with those papers. You were not there. When I came to that cliff they told me you slipped. I went down. I looked for you everywhere. I didn’t do anything. If you think I am lying then don’t wait. Kill me. Listen to your allegations and not me. forget that we ever loved. Please kill me. I dont’ wanna live. I don’t want a life where my wife doesn’t trust me. Take this bullet and kill me.
Devika is sobbing she hugs Ravi. Devika says I made a mistake. I am so sorry. Ravi says don’t say sorry. DEvika says I dont’ know how I thought all this. He says I am sorry. It it my mistake too. They both hug each other.
Deviak says I should have known. Why didn’t you tell me before. He says I should have I am sorry. Ravi says why didn’t you tell me you are devika. You fought alone. You could tell me. Devika says I didn’t know what was right and wrong. He says do you still think all that? She says I am sorry. He says I will fix everything. Don’t cry. Devika says you always wanted my better. Please pardon me. She slips from the cliff again. Ravi jumps after her. He holds her but they both fall.
Ravi says I am very happy that we are dying together. She says we will live our next life together. Ravi says I love you.

Precap-Ravi and devika fall on garbage down the cliff.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. OMG what will Janki do now? She’ll probably think Ravi killed devika. Is another search track starting?

  2. Love u ravi & devika

  3. Hi tuffy….no episode will be closed on 1st week of march…..new serial is coming on 4th March…..gullam will be shifted to 8-30pm…at last kalash ek dhoka.had came to its climax…..

  4. What!!!??? No no no why did ravi forgive her!!!???

  5. I don’t want Ravi and Devika to die before they Romance plz

  6. beverly poliah mohamme

    ravi and devika will live happily ever after

  7. Really this drama is very attractble… So good.. I liked it


    I hope Ravi and Devika or either of both do not lose there memory and same old drama drag..????
    But one thing is there about the ahow that its purpose or motive is fulfilled that people return for revenge..
    I am loving now a days track.. ??????

  9. Oh my God, this episode was nice but very shocking. It’s good That Ravi forgave Devika. I liked the episode. And they even played sadqe tere song after so long, it revived old memories, it was a treat, with a twist, they both fell from the cliff together, I just hope that nothing happened to them, and yes, whoever mentioned this, that they should not lose their memory again, because it would be very stupid, I hope they show some intense romance soon

  10. Guys, why are there so less comments, this is such a nice story about Devika’s resilient faith, please comment more, we can even form a chat group like the dramas of Star plus, let’s try to reach 50 comments, I mean seriously, this is the only drama that I know in which good has triumphed over evil, evil got destroyed and good has celebrated it’s victory, unlike other series which you watch wherein good always faces injustice and never wins, because evil always wins, this story is fantastic because it’s realistic as well, whatever happens in this serial does happen in reality, nice story so far writers, but please don’t let anything wrong happen with Ravi and Devika


  12. maybe writers will bring in a twist by suggesting janki only saved devika for her money. in truth janki is broke, and in pushing devika to kill ravi all the money will be hers. LOL!!!!!!!!!!

  13. swatee hemraz

    Why kalash is written late ..im waiting for new eritten update..

  14. The episode was very nice but surprising
    I thought so nothing will happen to ravi and devika because they are the stars of the show….


    Plz update yoday’s episode fast

  16. Please update today’s episode fast

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