Kalash 10th February 2017 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1
Ravi and Devika come in jungle. Devika says in heart you stopped the car at right place. This place was dangerous for me and now is dangerous for you. Ravi says in heart if I knew what is happening in your heart. devika says in heart you will be punished for your sins. You brought me here to kill me. You have to pay back for what you did. I will shove you from where you shoved me. You deserve this. She slips Ravi holds her.

Nivi is trying to run from hospital. Nurses stop her. She says get me a cold coffee. Doctor checks her. Nivi says I love this torch. Doctor please teach me. I always wanted to be a doctor. doctor says shut up. Nivi starts crying. She says i feel weird. DOctor says you remember anything about life? Anything or anyone special? She shows her ravi’s photo and says you recall him? Thats ravi. You loved him. Nivi says such a good looking guy. Is he a bollywood star? You want me to be the heroin. Doctor says to nurse take her to room.

Ravi and Devika are walking. She says we will wait here then we will go farther. He says okay you rest here. Let me look around for a rest house. devika sits near a well. She recalls when she came there with Ravi. He asked her to wait there with manju and said he is coming. She recalls Nivi shoved her from the cliff. She recalls Ravi said on call I am bringing papers. She shouldn’t know why we are here. She would be surprised.
devika says he is gone this time too? Will he send someone to kill me? I won’t let him do that this time. He has to die today. devika takes out her revolver. She recalls Janki gave her revolver. Devika said I can’t take it. Janki said I wont’ let you go otherwise. devika says sorry God. I had to bring it here for my safety. If he tries to kill me this time I won’t be helpless. I will kill him.
Ravi comes to a place and recalls he came there with Devika. They saw a temple together.
Ravi said I prayed to Ambi ma make me and devika parents. Then we will come here with them. He says life was so good. We had so many hopes from life. Why do I feel like something is gonna happen. I feel agitated. Why do I feel like something will be over forever.

Devika takes off her mangalsutra. She recalls Janki gave it to her. And said doctor gave me this. So I got to know you are married. I didn’t know who did this with you. She says ravi I won’t let this go away from me.
devika recalls she took out everything she was wearing when she was dying. Janki asked why you brought them out? Ambika said I want to take them with me to amba ji. So I can be devika in front of ravi once again so he knows that I am alive. I want him to know that devika killed him. That he is paying for his sins. This will remind him of what he did. He will be so shocked to see me as devika.

Precap-Ravi says this mangalsutra is devika’s. She says I know. He says where did you find them? She says you find something you lose. I never lost it. I am devika.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. So will devika kill Ravi or not? Will someone intervene? Why dragging this track? Is nivi faking being ill?

  2. i think she try to kill ravi . but she didnot kill him.

  3. This time ravi will fall from cliff again one men will carry him….track goes on……

  4. swatee hemraz

    Will devika will kill Ravi??will devika will know ravi innocence i really want to know…??

  5. I hope that Devika doesn’t kill Ravi, she really needs to know that he is innocent, she cannot kill him on the basis of that misunderstanding, because that’s how Nivi portrayed it to be last year exactly. OMG she is revealing her identity truth to Ravi, I wonder what will happen, how will Ravi react, how will he prove his innocence, what will happen next, there are many questions in my mind

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