Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan 16th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan 16th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Manik and Nandini run into each other again and get confused and jumbled when they try to leave. So Manik puts Nandini on her path and as he leaves he tries to say something to Nandini but stops. Nandini asks him of what happened and he tells her to go home as he thinks that she is wasting her time. She asks for the reason, he first gets confused but then says that because we are going to win. As he leaves Nandini asks of how his hand and he replies saying that it’s better. He tries to say something about last night but Nandini cuts his words and says that she knows that It was horrible. She then stops and asks if he was about to sat something else. He says No and says that it was the worst night of his life. Nandini sees drumsticks and then realizes that Manik is also there.
Navya is chasing Harshad and asks him to stop. She says that it is a very beautiful place and things like these happen only in movies. Harhsad is hurrying in finding the instruments when Navya trips and he says that you didn’t see this in the movies. He tells that this is a competition and they are in a jungle. Navya says that in the movies when the heroin fells the hero lifts her up and takes her. After she repeats this a few times Harshad without having any choice takes her.
Nandini tries to get the sticks but Manik uses his height to get them and the taunts with Nandini as she asks them back. While doing this Nandini falls on Manik’s chest and then slowly goes back. She says to Manik that you are a cheater and they get into an argument of who should get the drumsticks and while snatching them both of them fall.
Muktii comes in the way of Harshad and Nandini but then leaves. Harshad drops her and says that he’ll collect instruments for the both of them. Navya starts to think of things such as a lion coming or gangsters and then runs while imagining them. Manik stands up but Nandini is hurt so he gives her a hand to help her. The drumsticks are lying on the ground and Manik gets them again and says that he can’t be generous with that, Nandini mocks him as he leaves.
Harshad stops Muktii and says that no matter how hard you try you were jealous there. Muktii tells Harshad to leave her but then she sees an instrument by the tree so holds Harshad and puts him again the tree. She gets the instrument and then plunges back and says to Harshad that how easy it is to fool you. Harshad holds her when Aliya comes and says that what you are doing. Aliya asks if she is Okay and she replies positively and says that we have a very few time left so must carry on.
Nandini calls bad again and again when Dhruv comes and asks her that how she is and what happened. Nandini complains about Manik and Dhruv replies saying that he thought that the locker room would helped them sort their problems. Nandini says that there problems can never be sorted, Dhruv says that this is why he is stuck between his new and best friend. Nandini says that her and Manik’s problem will never be his again. Shahid comes and scolds Nandini so she leaves waving goodbye to Dhruv.
Aliya asks Muktii if there is something between her and Harshad. Muktii says that she hates him as he wants to break Fab5. Muktii asks Aliya f everything is alright between her and Manik. Aliya starts to cry and Muktii stops her and she confesses her love about Manik when Dhruv listens to it. He comes forward pours water in her hand and tells her to hold it tight. He tells her that as try to hold it the water leaves, he says that Manik is like water and as much you try to hold him he goes further. He tells her to give Manik sometime and he’ll come around.
Navya is waliking across the river scolding her plans and why the go wrong. She then sees rose and thinks that she is her to get hold of harshad. Rose calls Cabir and he tells her to leave but she says that she brought muffins and energy drink and the can have a picnic. Cabir agrees and says that their thought match. Cabir says to Rose that you are great. Navya comes and says to Rose that you should be alone but Cabir turns the table on her and then scares her.
As they are struggling they Navya and Cabir see a saxophone and Navya manages to get it as Cabir slips. With only 20 minutes left everyone is searching for the instruments. Shahid tells to go on as he needs 5 minutes to catch his breath. Harshad, Manik and Nandini arrive at the same spot where there is a guitar. Manik and Harshad run into each but then see the guitar. They run to the guitar when Harshard screams at Nandini to get the guitar.
Nandini goes to the guitar but falls of the creek and everyone hears her scream. Manik goes to grab her while Harshad gets the guitar. Nandini tumbles down the way but Manik holds her. Harshad tells them to hand on as he gets help. Manik holds Nandini tightly and she is afraid of the hight and is slipping. Manik also tumbles as he loses the support and now holds Nandini and himself.

Precap: Manik comes up with Nandini and himself and hugs Nandini as she cries. The Fab5 and NH3 are singing a song together after all of this.

Update Credit to: Sona

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