Kaisa yeh isq hai ( AVNEIL fan fiction ) 7 Episode

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? Kaisa yeh isq hai ?

? 7 – Episode ?

Recap :- At the party at SUKOON ghar , AVNEIL had a dance , Neil finds Avni exchanging money with some men

Neil looks with suspicion into Avni’s eyes ” But today only we were there , Then who can do it , Isn’t it Ahiana ”

Avni gets little worried and looks with panicky and irritated vision .

Avni : What do you you mean by this , Ha !

Neil : I mean that , Today only family members and knowns were present at the party so the thief must be here within us only

Avni : Oh so indirectly you’re pointing me , That I had stolen the money

Neil : maybe

Avni : Let me tell you Mr. That you are wrong , I didn’t did it

Avni turns in opposite direction , As she took a step forward , Neil holds her hand and pulled her away .

Neil : Let me tell you that you’re wrong , Yes ! , Yes , She’s only the one who had stolen your money

Avni pushed him away ” Hey , What are you saying ?

Neil : I knew you won’t say yes like this , Just wait and watch

Neil goes and plugged his phone to a television kept on a table

Neil : Neela ma ! yours culprit is here

As soon as he switched on the television , Everything grew dim .

Neela : oh Another electric cut

Neil : Don’t worry I’ll see to it wait

After a few minutes he comes back .

He turns on the television and is shocked to see a blank screen .

Neela : What is all this Neil , You said I know who’s culprit

Avni : You know people of this kind can only speak and do nothing , Would you please stop passing the time

Neil : oh really I know you only did it , Right ?

Avni : Why are you pointing again and again me only

Neela shouts : Please , Please guys , Stop quarrelling now , Please

Avni : This man can’t do anything

Avni walks away from there , Neil ” Ahiana wait ! ” He says and goes behind her

Neil : No I won’t let you go away like this

Neil grasped her hand , And pressed her against the wall

Avni : what nonsense is this , What are you doing ?

Neil sealed her mouth with his hand ” Shhh”

Neil ” Don’t shout , Preserve your energy , Because you need to shout in court to prove yourself

Avni : you’re crossing your limits now , You don’t have any evidence , Then how can you even say that I stole money

Neil pulls in handcuffs from his pocket and tethered her hands .

Neil : I had an evidence , But you removed it from my phone , Right ! but I’m more smarter than you , I’ve saved that video in a secured folder in my phone

Avni : Oh really , Wow ! could you please show it to me

Neil : wait and watch

Avni’s corners of lips curved , She smiles with sneer looking at him , As he’s struggling to find it , He’s searching every corner of his phone .

Avni ” Tak Tak Tak , Did you got it , No I guess , Don’t worry better luck next time .

Neil looks with sharp intense gaze to her

Avni looks into his heavy , Black , frowning eyes

She thinks ” I knew you were making video of mine , But you don’t know me , since 15 years I’ve done a lot of practice , I’ve made myself ready how to deal with every situation ”

Neil constantly staring at her , Thinks ” In these 15 years I’ve seen a girl like you for very first time , You can hide your mistake so nicely wow , But you don’t know me , Now be aware

Avni silently takes out keys from his pocket , Unlocks the handcuffs and smashes onto his hand .

Avni flips her finger in front of him ” And next time don’t you dare to challenge me without any strong evidence , And I think you forget it time and again , Better write it on a paper and read it everyday ”

Avni rotates around , Twists her stomach and walks ahead .

Neil : you’re right , I IPS officer Neil , Pledges that next time without evidence I won’t come to you , And once I got it you’ll be behind bars .

Avni as walking away , Her eyes are watery .

The Next Scene is shown in London , From where Avni has ran away . Inside a big room .

The room is intensively dark , No light , Not even a window through which even single shine can come in .

A person is sitting on a high chair , He’s sitting in opposite direction , His body isn’t shown .

Ragu , Standing a few steps behind him .

The man throws a knife towards wooden plank , On which Avni’s photo is handing , The knife pierced into the photograph .

Man asks in heavy voice ” I hope at least today you’ve bought a good news ”

Ragu is silent , The man breaks a glass down on the floor .

Man : Since so many days I’m asking you the same question , But no replies are coming out , Why ?

Ragu : We’re not able to bring her back !

Man : what ! Ahha ( laughs ) what you said just now , What does that mean you can’t handle a girl , Wow

Ragu : Boss , She has sent money in place of her , She said she won’t come

He rotates around the chair and stood up , His face still covered in blackness , He threw the cigarette which has done it’s purpose on the floor and walks

Man : Aaj ke jeevan ka doosra naam hai … rokda, paisa, maal( The other name for today’s life is … cash, money, wealth)

Man : And if I didn’t got my Kohinoor then what would I do , Yeh dhanda kase chalega ( how’ll this business run )

Ragu : She said she won’t indulge herself in any illegal business now , She’ll fight for herself

Man : She ! she ! She’ll fight from me , Me ! Nice joke

He picks up a piece edgy glass from the floor and inserted it into Ragu’s flesh

Ragu cries ” AAA ” out in pain .

He says ” Joh dhande ke liye sahi woh sahi … joh dhande ke liye galat woh galat … isse zyada kabhi socha nahi ( What is right for the business, is right … what is wrong for the business, is wrong … I’ve never thought anything more than that )

Man : Just because of her my business is lagging behind , I need her now

Ragu : But , What can we do !

Man ” What can you do ! ,you’re asking me ” He interjects the glass more deeper into his arm

Man : I don’t know any how , Why , When , I just want Alia

Neil comes back to police station .

Dd : Sir Ji , You said you’ve caught the theif who stole money

Dd searched for the thief everywhere , ” Where’s the thief ”

Neil : I couldn’t catch her

Dd : what the thief is a girl , And you couldn’t catch her

Dd laughs ” Amazing sir amazing ”

Neil : It’s a serious thing you’re laughing

Dd : I’m laughing sir because firstly you couldn’t catch Alia and now this Ahiana

Neil : Don’t worry next time it won’t happen

Neil taps his phone on his palms ” Why’s this phone not working , what has happened to it now ”

Dd : I think Sir , This phone is also sad as you couldn’t catch the thief

Neil Dd , This is Mumbai we’ve alot of cases pending , Go and do your work

Neil calls a computer operator . He examined the phone and says ” Someone has sent a virus into your phone , Because of that your whole data is deleted

Neil : what ! A virus

He thinks ” Ahiana how clever you’re isn’t It , But I’m also a policeman ”

Neil : Find out how , when and by which source this virus was sent

Neil to keeps the picture of Alia and Ahiana on the table , One picture , On which a girl covered in hood , Other Ahiana’s .

Neil : first this case 123 of Alia and now this case 321 of Ahiana , Have to solve both .

AT SUKOON GHAR , it’s partially evening now .

Neela comes in from door and is uttering ” God knows who stole my money , I had collected them to pay rent , If I didn’t paid , They’ll kick us out from this house , Oh god ”

Neela shouts ” Ahiana , Ahiana , Bacha ”

No replies cane down from her room .

Neela walks to her room and knows at the door ” Bacha I’m sorry , I know you can’t do it , You hadn’t stole money ”

Still no answers were there

Neela : Ahiana , Open the door .

Extremely sorry for late update . Please tell me how do I wrote . Show it some support by hitting ?? if you liked , Please do comment . I really wanna know from you all how I write . Love you all , Good day ahead ?

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  1. 8B4756

    Amazing episode Di .

    1. Kira

      Thanks a lot dear ?

  2. Lucie

    Firstly I apologise to u whole heartedly, that I couldn’t comment to ur ff from episode 2. Actually I couldn’t spare time due to tutions and its works. Where time goes only god knows. Coming to point, I too pledge that we will keep avniel memories alive for ever. The episode are very nice. Talking about today’s episode, it was amazing. Avniel scene were so nice. I am eagerly awaited for next update. Please update as early as possible. Loved it yaar.

    1. Kira

      Thanks a lot friend , No need to apologize , I myself was busy these days , And yes we’ll keep AVNEIL alive , Great day ahead , Good night ??

  3. Avneil_adiza_fan

    Great episode…eagerly waiting for next episode…update soon
    I will never forget avneil I promise to keep avneil alive forever in my heart and my life

    1. Kira

      Thank you dear , Happy to hear from you , Good night ??

  4. Hasinasoghra

    It’s a nice episode Kira

    1. Kira

      Thanks hasinasoghra , Good night dear ??

  5. Kira

    In last paragraphs it’s came and knocks at the door

  6. AryanBhattacharya

    Nice episode di. I promise that I will never forget Avneil.

    1. Kira

      Thank you ?

  7. Nice episode didi
    How can we ever forget our AVNEIL
    Words will be less to describe our emotions after seeing the last episode
    Good Night didi

    1. Kira

      Thanks and you’re right ?

  8. Jasminerahul

    avneil tashan was superb.sad that they still want avni back.perfect pics

    1. Kira

      Thank you ?

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