Kaisa yeh isq hai ( AVNEIL fan fiction ) 5 Episode

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? Kaisa yeh isq hai ?

? 5 Episode ?

Last day :- Avni fights with Ballu who came to take her back , Neil recalls his childhood days with Avni .


It’s morning , In ‘Sukoon ghar ‘ , Neela is sleeping and Avni is standing behind her bed along with other children.

Avni : Shh !! Guys are you Ready , 123 !!!

And the confetti is bursted , Neela woke up ” AAA !!! ”

They all shouts ” Happy mother’s day , Neela Ma ! ”

Avni hugs her

, Neela ” Thanks a lot Bacha ”

Neela’s eyes gets moist , Avni wipes off her tears and takes her blessings .

Avni bows down ” Give me your blessings so that I can find out my mom and I can fight my fight myself ” she speaks slowly ..

Neela keeps her hand on her head ” My blessings are always with you my child ”

Avni : Okay now comes the time to give you a surprise

Neela : Surprise

Avni : Yes , Till another hour you’ll not come out of your room , We’ve a surprise for you okay .


Neil opens his eyes and in front of him he sees Avni’s picture .

Neil keeps on staring it ” Every morning , First thing which i see is your face , At night I sleep after seeing you , Hoping that one day you’ll appear in front of me ”

Neil bangs his head ” Oh Neil how stupid you’re , How’ll you identify her , It’s been now 15years ”

[ Background song – Tujhe dekh dekh sona
Tujhe dekh kar hain jagna
Maine yeh zindagani
Sang tere bitaani
Tujhmein basi hain meri jaan haai
Jiya dhadak dhadak
Jaayen ]

Shweta calls him for breakfast ” Tillu come down food is ready ”

Neil gets ready after taking bath he looks into mirror

Neil says to himself : 15 years have passed Avni , Till now I regret thinking why I left you alone that time , If I would had not done so , Might be , This would have never happen .

Neil sees reflection of Avni’s purse ( that girl’s purse whom he saw at store ) from the mirror ” And one is this girl , Whom I’ve to meet again ”

Neil picks up the purse and moves down

Neil : Mom I’ve to go somewhere I can’t eat anything now , Then I’ve to go to police station also .

Shweta : See Prakash Ji , Your son , He’s so busy with his work he doesn’t have time to sit with family for few minutes only .

Neil : Mom !! Dad please tell her it’s not like that .

Prakash ( father ) : Neil , Is every thing okay

Neil : I’m quite busy today , I know you’ll understand .

Prakash : I’ll off course

Shweta sees a lady’s purse in his hand and she grew suspicious .


The whole place is beautifully ornamented , Little faires and supermans running here and there .

Neil parks his sedan in front of SUKOON Ghar , He moves out and is talking on his phone .

Neil : Yes , dd I’m here for some work, By the way did you got any information

Dd : Yes Sir , Yesterday at Highway NH2A a few people were seen stalking a woman .

Neil : Who were those people , And what was happening there

Dd : Don’t know Sir , But a victim told us that the girl fought with those man , He helped us draw her sketch but that’s not complete , He could only her eyes clearly

Neil : Okay send me it’s pictures now

Dd: Okay sir , But are you at any party , It’s not fare sir , Without me you can’t go for a party

Neil : Dd I’m at SUKOON ghar , At it seems some function is going on in .

Dd : Okay sir enjoy

Neil : Okay Send me pics .

Neil walks looking at his phone towards the house .

Neil looks into the picture

Neil is walking while looking constantly at the picture , Suddenly he bumps with Avni who’s coming form another corner .

They both had a eye lock with each other .

Avni shocking growls ” You ! what are you doing here ”

Neil is constantly looking in her shiny blue eyes , He thinks ” These eyes , They are so similar ”

Avni flips her fingers to break his fixed vision ” Oh hello Mr.whosoever you’re , Why are you here ”

Then Neela comes in , ” Neil , Welcome , Sorry I couldn’t invite you , They all planned a very secret party for me ”

Neil : It’s okay Aunt

Neela : Well you’ve chose nice outfit for this fancy dress party .

Neil : well you’re looking great , And you also ( looking at Avni ) Babli the chor

Avni gets angry and goes away from there .

Neela : She’s very touchy , Gets angry very soon , Well .Thanks you came i want to talk to you about something

Neela drags him to a corner .

Avni rushes out ” Where’s that man who had to come to return my purse where’s he ? ” She says in panicky voice .

Avni ” This day is for Neela ma , I should go to her ”

Avni moves in and sees her and Neil talking secretly in a room .

Neela : Neil I believe you very much , This girl is obviously hiding something ”

Neil : What do you mean

Neela : She’s like my daughter only , Yesterday some goons attacked her and she fought with them alone , I’m really scared about her security , As she’s alone here

Neil finds out form reflection in door that Avni is hearing their conversation .

Neil says confidently ” Don’t worry , From today itself , My eyes will constantly look at her , Ilk take care of her , Don’t worry ”

Avni burns with anger ” Why will need him for my security , He’s destroying all my plans , I’ve to make him out of my way ”

Avni : Now it’s to show him who is Avni !

Hope it was a good one , Of yes please show your support by hitting ?? icon and commenting . Please let’s be friends , Tell me your views . Good night to all my sweet people .????

I know it’s a pretty small episode , Plz bear with me as I’m a student and I’m busy these days so I can only post small , Whenever I’ll be free I’ll post big one . Hope you’ll understand . Bye ??
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  1. Avesome Episode Di ,update soon.

    1. Kira

      Thanks Shea , Sorry I forgot to comment , I read your ff intro it was amazing , All the best ??

  2. Di ,what did u thought about today’s nammkarann episode I literally felt like breaking my tv and how could Avni be so mad how could she surrender herself for a crime she never committed and I think it would have been great if Avni comes in front of Neil and gets shot but we all know that this could never happen because the writers of the show will never do something to make the fans happy btw good night.

    1. Kira

      Idk , I’ll see the repeat telecast now and then will tell you my observation .
      Well , Thanks for writing , Bye ???

  3. Avneil_adiza_fan

    Amazing episode… loved avneil scene…update soon

    1. Kira

      Thanks a lot dear , Have q nice day ahead ??

  4. Jasminerahul

    neela avni scene was lovely.Neil is always thinking of his avni.nice song.Neil just saw avni’s eyes in the pic.but now neela told him about the fight she had with goons.so did Neil realize that those eyes belong to avni?avneil bumping into each other and eye lock was sweet. nice pics

    1. Kira

      Thanks for writing to me ??

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