Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai Ajab Sa Risk Hai 28th August 2013 Written Episode Update

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Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai Ajab Sa Risk Hai 28th August 2013 Written Episode, Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai Ajab Sa Risk Hai 28th August 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Simran taunting Didi. Didi says you have guts to stand infront of me. Simran says its because of you. She says you don’t know you are my inspiration. Didi smiles. Simran leaves. Didi laughs loudly and thinks it would be fun to fight with Simran. She says Simran has warned me on my face, but she knows how to answer Simran today itself. Simran tells Rajveer that they have to go to Mandir. He says ok, we will go, first take Tau ji’s permission. jhumri is getting ready and asks Baldev to get ready. He gets fooled by jhumri. He says I felt someone else needs this yantra like Tau ji. He says I m thinking to give this to him. jhumri says I was saying… Baldev says I will tell him to get ready for the Mandir. jhumri thinks

what she will do and stops Baldev. She says we can’t give this to him because you accepted it yesterday, so I will take a new yantra for him. Baldev agrees.

Rajveer tells Tau ji about the mandir trip. Tau ji asks how did you think all of a sudden. Rajveer says jhumri asked Simran and they made the plan. Tau ji says ok, go with them. All of them go to the Mandir. Baldev says what happened to you. jhumri says why did jaggi came with us. Baldev says we want someone to get my anger on him. He says I will sacrifice jaggi if the yantra does not work. Rajveer says lets go. They pray infront of the Lord. Rajveer wishes that Simran’s days passes with peace. Simran prays that she is lucky to live with Rajveer. She also wishes that her days become beautiful and full of lovely memories. Simran looks at Rajveer and smile. jhumri wishes she gets a child. Baldev wishes that the yantra works for him. Baldev feels he got the powers. jaggi says save me else Baldev won’t leave me. jhumri asks Rajveer to do something

Baldev thinks the yantra is not working and keeps trying. Baldev catches jaggi for fooling him. jhumri says leave him, he did not do anything. jaggi fools him and runs. Baldev throws the yantra. Baldev runs after jaggi. Rajveer says what should we do now. Simran says I have one idea. They come to a fair and have fun there. Simran says Baldev will not be able to catch jaggi. She says I want to make memorable moments with you. Rajveer agrees. Simran eats chat, ice gola etc in the fair. She rides on the cradle and haves fun. Simran wishes that everyday should be like this. Rajveer says what are you thinking now. She says shall we go on the honeymoon.

Rajveer disagrees. Simran says we can live our life in these days and they would always keep us happy. Simran gets annoyed and leaves. They come home. Didi sees Simran coming and hides. Simran looks at Didi’s room and thinks where is Didi now. She wonders what was she doing. Simran goes inside the room. Didi smiles. Simran thinks there is nothing to know what Didi does inside the room. Didi comes there and asks Simran did you get anything here. Simran is tensed. Simran says I was just going from here and thought to clean your house. Didi says you want to help Himmat. Simran says the door was open, so I thought… Didi says so you thought to know my secrets. Simran denies this. Didi scolds her. She says I will tell this to everyone and Tau ji will tell you what punishment you will get. Simran starts crying. Didi says no one can save you this time.

Didi says you warned me in the morning, so I had decided that I will give you the reply for your warning. Didi laughs and says give the explanation infront of everyone. Didi says I will go and talk to Tau ji, he will be calling you anytime. Simran leaves from her room. Rajveer says why did you go in her room. Simran says I wanted to know what she does. I heard something in her room. She was chanting some mantra in her room. Rajveer says this cannot happen. Simran says I m not a fool to imagine things. jaggi says Tau ji is calling you both. Rajveer says we are coming. Simran and Rajveer come to Tau ji and he looks angry. Tau ji says I have so much work, is this necessary. Didi says she broke the rules as I don’t allow anyone to go in my room. Didi says Simran was trying to look into my room yesterday night. Didi calls Simran. Tau ji asks Simran why she went in Didi’s room. Simran says I was told that this house is mine, and I thought I m the part of this family. She says I went to her room to ask her whether she will have food.

Simran says she heard something from Didi’s room. She says yes I went to her room without her permission because I wanted to know why Didi does not sit with us and she tries to be alone. She says you can punish me if you want. Tau ji takes Simran’s side and says she is not wrong. He asks Simran to say sorry to Didi and go to her room. Didi laughs and says she is lying. Didi says you will be punished today. Didi asks Simran to walk over the hot coals. Everyone are shocked.

Chanchal interrupts. Rajveer says I won’t let Simran do it. Everyone takes Simran’s side. Simran cries. Didi asks her to walk on the coals. Didi picks up a hot coal and says I will not leave this burning coal till Simran walks on them. Didi insists. Rajveer says there is no need to walk on the coals. Simran says if Didi wants to punish me, I can bear it. Simran walks on the hot coals. Everyone are shocked.

Simran is walking on the hot coals. Chanchal cries. Didi laughs.


Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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