Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai Ajab Sa Risk Hai 14th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai Ajab Sa Risk Hai 14th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Tai ji saying everyone made Laali a servant here. Its good that Laali told me and understood my pain. Laali gave me courage to speak and ask for a separate kitchen. Everyone are shocked. Simran asks Laali what did she say. Laali lies. Simran scolds her for filling Tai ji’s ears. Laali starts crying and says I don’t have to do anything with this. She says what will I get filling her ears. She says Simran you told I m like your sister, then why being angry on me. Simran says you have made a mistake and have to accept. Himmat gets angry and scolds Simran. Simran says I m doing this for family.

Himmat counts Simran’s mistakes. Rajveer argues with Himmat. Tau ji gets angry seeing Himmat speak. Himmat taunts Tau ji for supporting Rajveer. He asks why do he always love him, he married a literate girl, why do you support him always. Rajveer says Simran thinks about the family and its goodness. Himmat says if my mum and wife tell anything, are they enemies. Himmat says you are wife’s servant. Rajveer says shut up, else I will beat you. Himmat taunts him. Himmat and Rajveer get into a fight. Simran says Rajveer stop.Chanchal cries.

Everyone stop them from fighting. Laali smiles. Tau ji says have you both gone mad. He slaps Himmat and Rajveer. Tau ji cries seeing his family break. Tau ji comes to his room and is upset. Simran comes to give him tea. Tau ji says did you ask Tai ji whether I should drink or not. He says I have to ask her as she asked me not to have anything from you. Simran says she is being misled, and soon she will realize her mistake. She says keep this house on control else it will break. Tau ji says till when will I manage, everything was fine one year ago, but now everything changed since Rajveer went to Singapore.

He says since I got him married, he learnt to lie, he has lied to me always and did what he wanted. Tau ji says Himmat is doing this because of Rajveer. See Rano also did love marriage, not agreeing with our rules. Simran says yes Tau ji, many things changed in this house, its because of me, so I want to make it all well, I want to see happiness in this house, maybe I can’t do this, I know if you want, then you can do it. She leaves crying.

Tau ji comes in the hall and everyone looks at him. He opens Rajjo’s kitchen and asks Tai ji to take it. He says I have a condition. He says you want this for Himmat right. Tai ji says yes. Tau ji says then Himmat has to do this. He says Rajveer and Himmat, you know our godown full of wheat, so Rajveer will manage one and Himmat will manage one. He says sell the wheat whole day and I will come there and see who earned more. He says if Rajveer earned more, then Tai ji will not get another kitchen, if Himmat earns more, then she can get this kitchen. He leaves. Laali comes to her room and calls someone to ruin Rajveer’s grains at his godown. Simran and Rajveer stand at their shop, Himmat and Laali also think of some plan.

Laali asks Himmat do as she says. Himmat says fine. Rajveer checks the grains and finds its wet. He panics and tells this to Simran.Simran is shocked. A man comes and sees the wet wheat. He scolds Rajveer. Himmat and Laali smile. Laali calls someone and is happy. No one buys Rajveer’s wheat and goes to buy from Himmat’s shop. Himmat sells many bags and soon it finishes. Himmat is really happy. Rajveer gets tensed. Simran tries to convince people to buy their wheat. No one buys it as its wet. Rajveer gets upset.

Tau ji comes there and sees Rajveer not seeling any bag and Himmat selling all bags. Hoshiyar checks their earnings. Rajveer says wheat is wet here, I don’t know how this happened. I want another chance. Tau ji says nonsense, I have given good wheat to both of you. Tau ji says its clear that Himmat won the challenge. Himmat and Laali smile. Laali signs a man. A man tells something in Hoshiyar’s ears and he is shocked.

Tau ji comes home and says Himmat won the challenge, so this kitchen is yours. Hoshiyar comes and stops him saying Himmat cheated us. Everyone are shocked. He says Himmat have cheated Rajveer to make him lose. Himmat says what did I do. Hoshiyar says I came to know what he did at night, some men went in godown and made the wheat wet. Tau ji is shocked. Hoshiyar says a man saw this and told me in the market. Tau ji looks at Himmat angrily. Himmat says I swear on my mum, this is a lie.

Tau ji asks where is the man, call him inside. Hoshiyar calls the man. Tau ji asks him the truth. The man speaks against Hoshiyar. Hoshiyar is shocked. Laali smiles.

Tai ji asks Chanchal not to give tea to Tau ji as she will be taking care of his food. Everyone are shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena Hasan

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