KAIRA yrkkh (chapter 9)

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So chapter 9 goes here:

The episode starts with a bright morning in the singhania sadan. Naira gets up and was very nervous as about going to her sasural for the first time later she went down and found every one busy in preparations of going there. She calmed herself.
N: why r u guys doing preparations so soon.
BAISA: Because we have to go to your sisters inlaws home today in evening and see its 12:00 right now.
N: but we have to go at 5 in the evening.
DEVYANI: it better to be ready early.
N: hmmmm
Then door bell ranged and a person came with flowers. Naira opened the door.
M: Are u Naira ji
N: yes!
M: These are for u. some body gave me.
Naira takes them thinking that kartik send them. It was a beautiful boquet with roses and a black flower with bad smell in mid. Naira didn’t noticed it and started reading the card. On card it was written
for some one who is my JAAN…..Naira smiled and every one was shocked looking at the flowers, later Naira continued reading…don’t blush before complete reading, my JAAN KI DUSHMAN i.e Jungli Billi (J.B). the black rose is for u.
naira kept the bucket aside n shouted
N: ohh u idiot, dufer, Mr Rahul, where r u come in. I will not leave u today

Just then Rahul entered. And naira hugged him tight. Natik was shocked seeing them. He tought what is his daughter up to, first Kartik now this man.
N: kaisa hai tu idiot? N who told u address. U said to us that your flight is of 3:00?
R: oh ho my J.B, I am fit and fine. you ask so many questions at a single time. Btw how r u? n bhai don’t know anything. N u don’t tell him.
N: wht r u mad, actually no need to ask. Wht the hell are u saying. Why shall I not tell him. Meray becharay pati wahan garmi meh airport par tera wait karay gai aur tu yaha enjoy. Shut up and let mecall him.
R: no no no not today. Stop acting as a very good patni. I know how much u my bhai is scared of.
N: you shut up idiot.
R: u too J.B,, ohh I am sorry how can a jungly billi shut up as her work is to do jungly things. Keep going.
N: Shut up or else..
R: else wht?
N: I will call you Ania and then u will see.
R: arey nahi nahi, my dear lovely cute pretty and best sister n bhabi, don’t say any thing to her, plzzzz. I will never call u jungli billi.
N: ohh really, I cant how much love can change some one. Mr great RAHUL GOENKA who is always ready for tussle with me is praising me, I think I should call kartik and ask him to make video that Rahul is saying he would never call me jungli bill.
R: Yes I won’t call u jungli billi, I will call u only J.B.
N: Rahul ke bachay, I won’t leave u know.

Naira started running behind Rahul. The singhania family was shocked with her and rahuls closeness and chating, of him calling her bhabi, and she claming herself wife of someone.
NA: whts going on princess, who is he? And wht were u guys chatting about… bhabi..pati..patni..hmm
N: papa he is my best friend cum brother. He is Rahul Goenka. My mr idiot and kartik younger brother and brother like to me. And we were just talking rubbish. Nothing such important.
Rahul whispers to naira: haw! Bhai n your marriage a rubbish I will tell him
N: Shut up.
R: okay. Anti ji and every one will be waiting for u all as bhai told me on call. I hope u guys would support my bhai in every of his decision and understand him. He is a very good and nice person, right J.B.
N: Hmmm
R whispers again: and romantic too
N: hmm
R: n plz don’t bring this J.B with u?
N: u shut up and go.

Later Rahul left and naira and family got ready for going there. Naira wore a beautiful Sarree of red colour, simple and elegant. With straight hairs and she also wore mangalsutra and placed sindoor. They both looked un-noticeable. While at kartiks home every one was asking him answer but he said he will only reply in front of Singhania family. Later Rahul entered the house every one was on cloud nne. He hugged kartik and while hugging added
R: bhai, your sasural is so big and every one is thinking your answer as yes.
K: naira told me, but I have a cool plan.
R; plz plz tell me
Kartik murmurs whole plan in Rahul’s ear, and Rahul also told him way of nairas grahparvaish. Both gave eachother a high five and wished everything to be fine. they both went to there rooms and got ready. Both were looking handsome and kartik and nairas dress combination was too great.
Later naira too went down and everyone was surprised seeing her in Indian attire then they appreciated her and everyone including Gayu left for Goenka Villa.
Hope so u liked i. Plz comment and tell. And any idea and suggestion of Kartik’s excuse from marriage and the brothers plan for naira’s grahparvaish.

Take care! Keep smiling! Keep reading! Keep watching yrkkh! 

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    I really wait for your update such a interesting storyline am loving totally…pls continue this hide and seek romance for some more episodes
    Loved fight b/w rahul and naira
    I also suggest that karthik to tell that he is loving someone can’t tell her name due to her career reasons
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  4. Vinni05

    Wow amazing one just loved it
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  5. Vedanshidwivedi

    Wow amazing soo good love devar bahbhi talk soo good love it pls update fast

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    Nice part waiting for the next part.

  7. Aaru002

    Loved the chapter✨❤?

  8. Harshilmylove

    Truly cool …plz write the next ff soon .
    Idea for Kartik to say no to gayu
    Can’t marry her coz he doesn’t want to get married too soon and he doesn’t know her
    For graha pravesh
    Wanted to go out and feed the hungry birds with rice but it dropped

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