Kaira love story (episode 45)

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Hey guyz! Sorry for keeping  u waiting for so long! I hope the wait is worth it ?

At night 

Goenka house

Kartik comes to suwarna  

Kartik: mom i wanted something

Suwarna: wat do u want beta

Kartik: mom ..woh i want tht ma ka pendant necklace which she wore always 

Suwarna: sure beta ..but y today ..i mean achchanak se

Kartik: i want to give it to naira …though she cant meet my ma …but surely can have something of hers with her

Suwarna gets emotional n says sure take this

In morning

Singhania mansion

Everyone does puja of makar sankranti…
Kartik also arrives for the puja  as he n naira had to the spcl aarti 

Kaira do aarti n aftr aarti is over..

Akshara: kartik ..naira aaj ke din jo wish karoge sab pura hoga hi ..so wish carefully

Kaira smile at each other ..n pray

Kartik (prays): krishnaji apko mein jitna thnk u bolun kum h …apse naira ko manga n apne diya…bas naira and mujhe aise hi ek saath rakhna no matter wat …hum dono humesha ek dusre ko support karien ..n sab achcha ho

Naira(prays): ganga maiya! Thnk  u very much mujhe kartik dene ke liye …n uski family jaise in laws ke liye ..everything seems perfect except one thing …plz manish uncle n kartik ke beech mein sab theek kar dijiye kuch bhi kijiye..mujhe bhi koi raasta show kijiye taki  jaise mere n mumma ke beech kartik ne sab theek kiya this tym i can fix kartik n manish uncle ke relations…n hum sabko aise hi ek saath rakhiye…happy happy

Everyone  leaves for venue where goenkas have planned the celebration 

Naksh: kartik n naira plz tum dono akele ek car mein mat jana 

Everyone smiles

Tara: kyun naksh ..let them enjoy na

Naksh: arrey tara u forgot ..last tym wen we all went to tht restraunt sabse late pahunche ye dono ..pata nhi kaha reh gye the …n aaj kites fly karna h …so late bilkul nhi

Everyone  laughs n kaira blushes

They all reach the venue 

Meanwhile dadi has irritated manish saying tht kartik has become ghar jamai ..as subah subah he went there only 

Manish: maa plz …woh unka damad h .n achche kam ke liye gya h woh ..for puja ..aa jayega 

Singhanias mehshwaris n kartik n vivan  enter

Everyone greet each other

Everyone is ready to fly kite ….but goenkas except kartik r in a mood to sit enjoy watching it (as shown in the show)

Kartik n naira get restless to fly kite …

Manish n  suwarna notices this


Manish: maa …yaha baith ke kya maza h ..chaliye patang udate h na

Dadi is shocked as accrding to her flying kite is not wat elites do

Luv kush jump out joy

Luv n kush:yay tauji ne itni amazing baat h kahi ..hum sab udanyenge kite badi badi

Everyone except dadi chacha n chachi go to fly kite

Kartik: so miss rishikesh …ek saath udani h patang

Naira: nahi ji ek dusre ki katni h patang 

Kartik: achcha ji …ho jaye

Naira: haan hann ho jaye

All the ladies cheer standing there…while all youngsters were flying  kite

Gayu was holding vivan’s firki ..n vivan  was teaching how to fly the kite

Whereas nakshtara

Naksh: tara ye lo firki sambhal lo ..main kite fly karta hoon.

Tara: haww kyun ..mujhe bhu udani h patang

Naksh: bilkul nhi ..otherwise waha bitha dunga mein ..as doctor said na proper rest chahiye 

Tara: ok 

Keerti was trying to fly kite as she was doing it for the first  tym ….

Rishi sees n comes  to help her ..

They have a eye lock..

Rishi: keerti ji aise nhi ..wait  let me show

Keerti holds the firki ..n rishi shows her how to fky kite..

Keerti: thnk u naksh 

Rishi: anytime keerti ji

Keerti: naksh plz plz dont call me ji n all ..just keerti Is fyn 

Rishi smiles n says ok keerti 

They both smile


Kartik: arrey lekin ab firki kaun pakdega …

naitik comes n says arrey kartik beta main hoon na …apne damad ki help karunga n use jitaonga

Kartik gets happy n teases naira 

Naira: haww papa ..ab apki princess ka kya…meri firki kaun pakdega

Just then some on comes n holds naira’s firki ..its manish

Manish: naitik ji aap apne damad ko support karo ..lekin jitegi toh meri bahu hi…

Naira gets happy seeing this ..but remmbers kartik n looks at him ..kartik was about to react …but naira signs kartik n makes hin remmber a promise they made in morning aftr the puja tht thier main mission is to unite the families …so they wont react to things n spclly kartik had promised to control  his anger..

Suwarna notices this n gets happy as she sees a ray of hope for the baap n beta ka rishta to get better all coz of naira

As the  competition  continues…aftr lots of hits n misses .. both naira n kartik’s kites get cut togther 

Everyone claps n says mukabla bara bari ka h yahan toh 

Everyone goes to have snacks …while kartik takes naira to a place where there is no one

Naira: kartik kya kar rhe ho tum ye

Kartik: jo bhi karunga u have to stay here with me only …already subah u did wat i wished like taking tht promise from me …ab meri bari

Naira: lekin kya karne ka irada h

Kartik: janeman…mera toh humesha  se ek cheez ka hi irada h …

Kartik pulls naira close …naira runs away ..but  then kartik pulls naira using a duppatta …naira’s back is towards kartik…

Kartik romantically moves her har from one side of neck n kisses her neck…naira closes her eyes n feels the love …

Kartik then kisses naira’s ears …n then cheeks  …naira smiles even while closing her eyes ..

Then naira feels something around her neck…she is surprised n takes her hand to check wat it is…

Actually kartik made her wear his ma’s pendant necklace…

Naira:wat is this kartik…

Kartik: naira ..i wanted  u to know my ma ..but obviously  it isnt possible…so m giving u this necklace ..it was her fav necklace which she wore always …

Kartik gets teary eyed…naira faces him n cups  his face

Kartik: i still remmber the day  wen her dead body was brought at home …i was 9 yrs old …n felt like all my body parts were stabbed …all the jwelleries  were removed ….n i kept this necklace with me …as i had noticed tht other than me ..the only thibg which was there with her all the tym was this necklace…

Naira also gets teary … 

Naira: kartik ..i would have love to know her..
Now i know it isnt possible but u can always share with me wen u miss her…my shoulders r always ready for u to cry on it

Kartik hugs naira …kartik sheds some tears

Naira: kartik…ma wahan uppar se dekh rhi hogi n m so sure woh tumpe bohot proud feel kar rhi hogi…

Kartik releases the hug…n says listening ma from ur mouth she will surely be happy …

Kartik wipes his tears n says chalo no more senti talks …only romance 

Naira:ok done …n she smiles

kartik: toh mera gift?

Naira: sorry  i have nothing

Kartik:janeman u can still give me something 

Naira: wat

Kartik points towards his lips

Naira: but yaha sab h

Kartik: yes but ryt now toh koi ni na

Naira: but…nhi kartik not now baad mein

Kartik:arrey tumne woh kahawat nhi sunni aaj kare so ab kal kare so aaj …kal ko mujhe kuch hua then kiss karenge kab…isme last wala my spcl modification 

Naira: kartik!!(she shouts)

Kartik: wat

Naira: aisa mat bolna  kabhi …mein tumhe kabhi kuch nhi hone dungi …

Kartik:aww meri sherni …itna pyaar karti ho

Naira: koi shak

Kartik nods no..

Naira looks here n there n then gives a pek on his lips

Kartik: bass itna sa

Naira runs from there n says abhi ke liye bass itna baad mein baki 

Kartik smiles ….

Later everyone greets bye n start to leave for home

Kaira give each other their style flying  kiss 

Precap-naira gets a shocking phone  call

Guyz plz do comment …i was busy with some stuff so couldnt post earlier .. as i also wanted to show this makar sankranti celebrations as a link to a upcomming twist..i hope u liked this  one 

Guyz question for u all…accrding  to wat i have written in all the episodes of this ff …how do u think will manish n kartik unite in my ff…

Plz do think n answer would love to  know ur versions..?

Plz keep supporting my ff like u did from  ao long ..its all because of u all i have reaches episode 45 n now aftr 5 episodes  i will be reaching half century..would not have been possible without all of u guyz! Luv u all?❤

I m planning  for a awsum track for 50th episode…hopefully u all will like it ?

In the show this week is gonna be full on fire…as kaira sangeet is here …badshah is going to come n so many cute n amazing performances …n also before sangeet we will get to see our cutiepie kartik dressed  up as a girl! Arent u excited??

Keep  reading …commenting n watching yrkkh  at 9:30pm only on star plus…
Bhavna Vyas ma’am  (writer)..kaira aka Shivi n Mohsin n whole yrkkh  team  r giving their 200 percent …lets show them tht they deserve no. 1 position in trp charts for all the efforts they put in☺???

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