Kahat Hanuman Jai Shri Ram 27th February 2020 Written Episode Update: Maruti decides to learn flying from Garud Raj

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Kahat Hanuman Jai Shri Ram 27th February 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Maruti returns to the Palace. Anjani cries and asks where did you go? Maruti apologizes and says now I will not leave you. Anjani cries and hugs him. Kahat hanuman jai shri ram plays as Maruti flies high in the sky. He thinks the scenery is awesome. It turns out to be his dream. He asks how did I come here? Anjani asks what happened here? Maruti says I was in sleep and asks who could messed up my room. Anjani says I will make someone sit in your room. Maruti says no and thinks if his Gada messed up the room. Anjani calls him. Maruti goes. Anjani thinks he is very much mischievous and thinks to ask Matang Rishi. Maruti comes to meet his friends. Jagan, Magan and Bandu tell that they were waiting for him. Maruti apologizes and tells that he has brought something for them. They ask what? Maruti says I can fly using this Gada. His friends couldn’t believe him. Maruti says you will believe me when you see. He climbs up on the tree and tries to fly, but falls down. His friends ask him to keep practicing and says they are standing there itself.

Anjani talks to Matang rishi about anjani. Matang Rishi tells that Maruti will not hurt anyone, mischief is possible in this age. Maruti tries to fly again and falls down. Bandu tells that they will sleep now and asks him to wake them up, when he succeeds. Maruti tells that when he fought with Dundubhi, he was flying. His friends ask him not to fall down again and again and they leave. Naradmuni sees him and laugh. Bali thinks to do something that Maruti’s death is sure. He throws the vajrapaash. Sugreev comes to Bali and tells about the puja to be done for 5 days. Bali tells that he will do alone. Sugreev goes. Bali thinks once he returns, he will kill Maruti. Naradmuni asks Maruti what is he doing? Maruti tells that he is learning to fly taking inspiration from the birds. Naradmuni asks him to learn from his parents. Maruti says his parents can’t fly so he is learning from birds.

Narad muni thinks Garud Raj will be happy to know that a vanar boy is taking inspiration from birds to fly. Birds King Garud Raj is shown. Narad muni comes to him and tells him about Maruti who was trying to fly. Garud Raj laughs and asks if vanars are ashamed of themselves. He says if you are done with your joke then can I continue. Narad muni comes to Mahadev and devi Parvati, tells that even Garud Raj was egoistic about the fact that a vanar is trying to fly. Mahadev thinks even a big yogi, wants to hear praising and don’t leave ego. He thinks Garud Raj shall leave his ego. Narad muni comes to Maruti and tells that he needs a Guru to learn to fly. Maruti thanks him for returning to help him. Narad muni asks him to listen to him and tells about Pakshiraj Garud. Maruti says I will learn from him and he will get impressed with my bravery. He asks where is he? Narad muni tells that he comes twice on the earth. He asks about his name. Maruti tells that he is Maruti, Anjani’s son. Narad muni realizes this leela is very big than to break Garud Raj’s ego. Maruti tells that he will go and meet Garud Raj. Narad muni thanks Mahadev. Maruti runs and climbs up the mountain to reach Garud Raj. He falls down the mountain, but his magical tail saves him. Maruti comes to the Garud Raj’s kingdom and thinks to learn flying from him.

Precap: Maruti comes to Garud Raj to learn flying. Garud Raj refuses.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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