Kahase juda ye ristha – Part 1

Hi friends i came with new topic  as you know i written only ff on rikara first i a. Trying to write on three couples  i hope you will

All the characters are same from isqabaz but three brothers are business man 

Shivayas  : stone Singh Oberoi his PA is gauri
Omkaras PA : calm mature his PA is bhavya
Rudras:   smart his PA  is Anika

All three girls are sisters  but they are orphan they lost their parents  when they are child they lived in orphanage by the hard work they got a job in oberois company now they shifted to  apartment from orphanage

Anika : kidki tod anika

Gauri : dabang gauri but  plan ki master

Bhavya: she is  mature always says sensible words to her both sisters

Tia kappor : crush on shivaya
Ridhima Kapoor : crush on omkara
Romi kappor: crush on Rudra

Kapoor family oberois family friend


D: kya (shocked )what

Pinky: o my matha

J: sach hai(  is it truth )

T: sach hai issliye oberois ki tin car  garage mai hai ( ya its true because of that our  three cars in garage )

D: arre  shivaya om Rudra   bol na kya hua  (tell me what happened )

Shivomru: actually .

They saw each other face

S: Rudy phehale tum bolo ( Rudy you say first )

R: nahi o tu bolo ( no o you tell first)

O: nahi shivaya bade hai bade se shuru  karo
( no shivaya is big so start from shivaya)

S: ok


( I  was going to office in car suddenly  I hit a scooty the girl fell down    )

A: can’t you see i fell down here you can’t help me

S: excuseme i don’t have time for all this

A: you done wrong see now my chameli also broken and my scooty also now say sorry to me

S: what i sorry never
A: say sorry then i will leave you

S:  take this money and leave now ( he frowned money on her face)

Then she took a wooden piece and broked the car glass then anika throwned money on shivayas face

A: now take this money  and make your car perfect and today my interview is there if anything  happened to that then i will never leave you mind it

S: you know how much it is

A: just stay away from i am anika  i mean kidkitod anika don’t ever try to target me

S: ya why i will target you you are cheap middle class people

A: ya i am ( then she took gobar and throwened on shivays car ) now you will not clean this because you need help from poor people i mean your servants remember it good bye

FB ends

O : waw shivaya Singh oberoi ladki se dar gayi ( waw shivaya you are scared for a girl )

R: band karo ab tumhari kahani shuru karo
(Shut up tell your story now )

O: actually

I  going to office in a car the girl is standing in road  by mistakes the car went on the dirty water and that water fell down on that girl  o  stopped the car went near her

O: sorry actually by mistake

G; what by mistake see now my new dress i took it yesterday after lot of bargaining i took this

O: sorry

G: i don’t want your sorry now drop me till my apartment

O: please leave me now because i have work and your dress is dirty so my car will also become dirty

G: what

O: ya It is 3 crore rupees so plz

G: shut it is three crore or whatever it is drop me now

O: sorry i can’t drop you

G: then you will also not go in your car

O: what you will do.

She went from their and there was one bulldozer standing then she climbed bulldozer by the internet help she destroyed my car

G: Mr now go wherever you want

O: are you mad

G: ya i am mad because you destroyed my beautiful dress  so i disroyed your car now everything is equal  don’t ever try to target gauri i mean dabang gauri

FB ends

Om is  smiling

R: waw  what a girl she know to drive bulldozer also

O: from internet help

S: are you mad why you did not said anything

O:  i think i did wrong

S: always you are like this now Rudy yours

R: actually


I was going to office that time  my girlfriend called me so  dropped the car and went to talk with my girlfriend  i was little far from my car some body throwned stone on my  car glass broken then i went and asked her

R: hey what are you doing

B: sorry actually see this two is  my friends there are loving each other but her parents did not obeyed for it so she ran away from marriage i was helping her when we are going we saw your car and keys are inside so i throwned stone on your car to get keys plz now drop us

R: hello this is 2 crore rupees car

B: plz now drop us goons are behind us

Then i dropped her friends then she  said her place  .

R: what’s your name

B: why you want

R: curiosity

B: i know these type of boys first name next friend dating etc

R: excuse me i have 50 girlfriends

B: for your face fifty girlfriends

R: don’t ever talk about my personality

B: don’t ever try act so smart in front of bhavya now my stop came stop the car

R: but it is market

B: ya i can’t tell you where is my house who knows you will follow me or not bye and thank you


All started to laugh

O: Rudy what a girl ya  she said you are not handsome

R: shut up o

D: tino acchi ladakiya hai (three girls are  good  )

S O R: what  (shocked )

D: mujhe lagatha tha  koi bi tumhe Hara nahi sakta par aaj mujhe paths chal Gaya hai  Meri pothe ke sath bi jagada karenekeliya  bhagvan tin ladki ko paida kiya (  i was thinking no body can fight with my grandchildren  but i come to know god created three girls to fight with you )

S: ham aaj interview cancel kiya unn sabko kal and ke liya bola  ( we can cancelled interview of PA  so i said to them to come tomorrow )

Hi friends  1 chappy is here how it is  I hope you like this  chappy.  1st time I tried on  three couples I am scared if I done anything wrong then tell me plz give me your comments

Love you all

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