Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum 9th December 2019 Written Episode Update: Nishi reprimands Sonakshi

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The Episode starts with Sonakshi asking Rohit to say what is he hiding. He shouts on her. Some time back, Nishi comes and stops Sonakshi. She asks Sonakshi to be away from Pooja. She says how are you Pooja, I m back, I missed you so much, what’s wrong with you, who does such a thing, promise me, you will never do this. Pooja says I will surely try Mrs. Nishi Sippy. Everyone gets shocked. Suman sees Pari…

Nishi says I just came and you are joking with me. Pooja says you all joked with me since childhood, Nishi ji… Nishi asks will you talk to me like this. Pooja asks really, who is my family here, I was always taught to be strong and brave, did you had courage to tell me the truth, you had been cheating me, my own family, I didn’t feel so much hurt, just Sonakshi dared to tell me the truth, I can never hate Sonakshi, I m grateful that she told me the truth. Nishi and Yash cry.

Pooja holds Sonakshi’s hand and says don’t leave me alone, don’t cheat me like them, ask them to go out. Nishi says we didn’t wish to hurt you. Rohit says stay calm, we are going. He says Nishi Bua, its imp that she doesn’t get hyper. Rohit signs Sonakshi. Nishi says we lost her, did you see how she spoke to us, we asked us to leave. Yash consoles her. Rohit says we have to be careful, Sona is with her, I m here, go home, we will get Pooja home. Yash takes Nishi. Suman angrily sees Pari.

Sonakshi asks where is Rohit. Tulsi says he is completing formalities, then you can take Pooja home. Nishi says 21years, we got Pooja home when she was a baby, we gave her love, Sonakshi became imp for her. Veena says no, poor Sonakshi…. Nishi says no way, I knew, that girl is trouble, what happened to you, why did you get Rohit married to her, Suman is an opportunist, they don’t care for relations, they just see their profit. Veena says enough. Nishi says Sonakshi finished a happy family, Yash we shouldn’t be here, we should go and get Pooja back, I don’t want her to be with a classless low grade tv actress. Rohit comes and says that classless low grade tv actress is my wife, she is bahu of this house, you forgot that she had risked her image and protected Pooja, don’t forget.

Rohit says I remember, but she has some benefit, she is your wife now, why didn’t you explain her, that we don’t do anything to come in headlines. He says I know you are upset, we all are affected. She says I didn’t expect this from you. He says trust me, Sonakshi didn’t leak this news. She says then tell me, who did this, we all knew this, and this news didn’t go out, its clear that Sonakshi did this. Rohit says I don’t have name, I can’t say it. Sonakshi gets Pooja home. Rohit says believe me, Sonakshi didn’t leak this news.

Pooja says its okay, Sonakshi will take me to room. Yash asks Sonakshi to take Pooja. Pooja says I will go to guest room. Akash says I will ask Vimmi to set the room. Pulkit scolds Pari. He says its not Sonakshi’s mistake, her in laws are against her, didn’t you see how Nishi was talking to her. Pari says I m sorry, I told sorry to mummy also. He says don’t get mummy in between, its my last warning, you will go to Sonakshi’s house with mummy or me, if you go alone, I will break your legs. He goes to Suman. Pari cries.

Rohit washes his face. He recalls Nishi’s words. Sonakshi comes and asks him to open the door. She says you are protecting me, help me, the family should know who did this, I m your wife, we promised each other we won’t hide anything. He shouts and says I won’t get peace here. He goes. She sits sad and recalls Rohit’s words. Agar tum saath ho….plays… He goes to the hospital.

He sees Sonakshi’s pic and takes his phone. She calls him. He tries to sleep. She cries and lies to sleep. Its morning, Veena asks what, Rohit didn’t come all night, did he sleep in the hospital. Vimmi says yes, Ravi told so. Veena asks how is Pooja. Vimmi says Sonakshi checked on her at night, Pooja was sleeping. Veena says one interview broke my family. Vimmi says you woke up so soon. Sonakshi says I thought to make french toast for Pooja, I m fine, then I will go for shoot. Vimmi asks did Rohit come. Sonakshi says no. Rohit wakes up and greets morning. He asks Ravi did you get my clothes. Ravi says Sonakshi asked you to come home and change. Rohit checks missed calls. Sonakshi says I know what I m doing. She takes the breakfast for Pooja. Nishi gives her medicines and shampoo for Pooja.

She scolds Sonakshi. She asks how do you use people’s pain for your publicity. Vimmi interrupts. Sonakshi stops Vimmi. She says I can understand mum’s anger, its justified, I regret that you think I did this for publicity, I m successful in my career, trust me, I don’t need to do this for publicity, actors are also humans like doctors, if you think I have leaked this adoption news for publicity, I feel sorry for your thinking, I m not saying this to hurt you, keep yourself in my place, since this interview came out, I m facing the taunts and anger of everyone, I m getting punished, I don’t have the truth and proof, I m a successful woman, I shouldn’t tolerate this, but I m here to tolerate, because I know, we vent anger on one we love the most, don’t fill poison for me in your heart, our relation didn’t start, I m also a human like you, please trust me, I want Pooja to come out of this situation, not because of my mistake, because it happens in family.

Rohit says now she will try to find her real parents, I don’t want Pooja to go in that direction. Sonakshi asks do you know her real parents. Pooja says I had seen my real dad’s thank you note in the adoption file. Nishi and Yash worry.

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  1. I totally agree with Pooja???, she has all the rights to know her paternity truth, and the SIPPY’S were actually doing an injustice to her by trying to hide it???, tho Rohit’s insecurities are also valid.???
    They should have listened to Sonakshi and revealed the truth to her b4 itself.???
    Good job ??? Pulkit, u gave a good warning to Pari, coz of her 1 foolish mistake ?? ? even poor Ronakshi ?? ? r going through a deep pain???, she should never enter Sippy mansion again.???
    Loved the way Rohit ❤️❤️ supported Sonakshi in front of Nishi.
    Pity on Nishi & YK too, they’re facing a hard time.???
    And since Nishi is venting everything on Sonakshi???, her conversation with Sonakshi was so emotional.???

  2. Just loved today’s episode….. Khkt is sooo real….. All the characters have their negatives and positives. And today I found Sona’s flaw – she thinks that she has the right to know everything and to get her answers she’ll trouble people at the wrong time. It’s not wrong to want to know answers but everything has a time, and Sona always wants to get answers at the wrong time. When Raima too had come to Sippy Mansion for the 1st time, she was hell bent on making Rohit listen to her side of the story not understanding that the situation was tough and that’s what she did today…. When Rohit needed her comfort and support the most she just bombarded him with questions.
    Rohits outburst at sona was real
    Btw, my favorite part of today’s episode was when Pulki took a solid class of Pari and Sonas convo with Nishi
    Except Rohan and Naren, everyone’s reactions are totally justified

  3. Sonakshi will soon come to know abt Naren’s truth. Jab Rohan and pari Ka truth samne ayega tab Rohit Wil definitely support Rohan. Coz he will think pari is purposely doing and want to create prob in sippys as she did with pooja

    1. Here comes assumation gang who has na other thing than blaming rohit without knwn wat happens in future??
      Bas rohit ko judge karneke alaga kuch kaam nahi
      They wl evn support loser pari nd her greedy mother suman above rohit?

  4. All true… But lots of common sense is missing in this serial from beginning.. If Pooja is Naren’s daughter.. Then why he need to write a thank u letter to Nishi&YK.. He can verbally thank them.. Why this letter drama like the other boring illogical serials..

    1. SerialLover

      May be that’s another story/secret to be revealed

  5. SerialLover

    Pooja has all the rights to know her real parents, and I also agree to certain extent that the Sippys cheated her by not telling the truth, but she should also think from their angle. Why did they do this? Only to make her feel more homely. And since she never saw bias in their love towards her, she should be more happy and thankful that that she was brought up by such people. One should be more thankful to the people who brought her/him up than the biological parents, who, for some reason or the other, could not take care of their child.
    Initially she might have had shock, knowing the matter, but now, it is clearly wrong what she is doing.
    I mean, there are children living with their biological parents, but still not receiving their love.

  6. Shaadi se pehle tragedy, shaad m tragedy or ab shaadi k just baad bhi tragedy…. thoda to happy track dikha dete…itna dukh dekha nhi jaa rha… lgta h ye track to zyada lamba chalega…..

    1. Ekdum sahi

  7. Loved Pulkit today

  8. Yeh tv serials mei mahanta baneka tarika kab stop karogi yaar??
    Ek taraf roshni naira ishita nd here miss sona s added to d list
    Its irritating to see male lead family just glorifying female lead over their own son daughters as if their biological child doesn’t evn exist
    Pooja dont u think wat ur doing s rite?
    I dont think any family wl love adopted child to dis extreme.
    If i was her i would hav fought wid them bt i would never hurt d ppl who loved me all these years without any conditions.
    Her sudden clinging over sonakshi leaving her years nd years of love frm sippys family nd choosing sona over them s really irritating unrealistic nd kind of glorified.
    So they did mistake of hiding nw wat ur doing s right accept to u pooja?
    Na sonakshi stop ur nagging attitude sometyms u cant b right evrytym.
    Was it so imp to nag rohit wen d situation s sonna tensed?
    Y cant u wait fr sometime ne ask him afterwards bt no evn n adoption topic nd nw this one she s pushing her point on rohit
    Nd if he says anythn ronakshi fans cant tolerate nd bash him and his family
    Ronakshi fans wont blame pari r suman fr their badtameezi anytym bttr they always bash sippys ne dat too rohit cz sona s always rit nd rohit should treat her nd listen to her evry sayings even if its wrng
    All these ppl care abt r nly sonakshi
    After marriage track she s always arguing nd nagging
    Bt fans like to see rohit gts jealous, goes behind sona ,nd her arguement wid rohit
    Bt if the same s done by rohit den he wl gt bashed.

    1. very true..!!

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