Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum 18th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Rohit meets Sonakshi

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The Episode starts with a nurse getting ready to assist Rohit. Rohit comes to the hospital. Staff greets him. He goes for the surgery. The nurses and other women see him and stare. Rohit instructs the nurse about the case. Nurse Simmi and a lady greet Rohit. The lady says I got my dad’s reports. He says his surgery happened three months before, he is fit and fine, your dad has to come for follow up, not you. The lady says I have something for you. She gives him Gajar halwa and says I have prepared it for the first time, just for you. He thanks her. She goes. He asks the nurse to be careful, Gajar halwa is made for the first time.

A little girl Preeti sees Sonakshi’s tv show. Her mum comes. Preeti asks will I become brave like Parvati. Her mum says you are already brave. They make a video call to Sonakshi. Preeti asks her to send the poem to get rid of fear. Sonakshi says I will send it, why are you afraid, you are a strong girl. Preeti asks her about story. Sonakshi asks her to see in today’s episode. Nurse come to check Preeti. Preeti’s mum thanks Sonakshi for giving time to Preeti and apologizes for trouble. Sonakshi says I get inspired by her, she is 6 year old and undergoing heart surgery. The lady says we didn’t tell her about surgery, talk to her and tell her that its nothing serious. Sonakshi says fine. She says I have sent the poem, read it, you give him a magical smile and hug him, tell him to check up first and send you home. Rohit comes to check Preeti. He asks did you sleep well at night, your reports are perfect, today we will be… Preeti’s mum says yes, we told her about check ups.

Rohit says today is your surgery, Preeti, there is nothing to be afraid of, its a heart surgery, it will be tough if you have fear in heart, you have to be strong, what do you always tell your mum, you don’t get to race and dance with friends, you get tired and fall asleep, we did some tests and got to know about a small hole in your heart, we will operate you and close that hole, then you can race, dance and swim, you will be fine and brave, just tell this to me, your operation will finish soon. Preeti agrees.

She holds his hand and recites Sonakshi’s poem. She asks him to do the operation, she isn’t scared of the small hole. He says you are brave and the poem is very good. She says Parvati didi taught me. He says its good. She says we will meet her. She asks her mum not to worry, she will just come. She hugs Rohit and says Parvati didi asked me to hug you and then I will get fine. Rohit says so sweet, you will get fine soon. Rohit sees Preeti and says I actually need to hug Parvati as she has made you strong, hug her from my side. He hugs Preeti.

Sonakshi feels the hug and turns to see. Producer says TRP is out, we are number one again, all okay? Sonakshi says yes, I felt a strange thing like I got love from the entire world. Producer says its true, the world loves you. Sonakshi says no, this wasn’t that love. Rohit and Sonakshi pray for Preeti. Sonakshi dances on Ghar Morey Pardesiya…. Everyone claps. The lady explains the steps. The actor shows tantrums. Sonakshi says he is Sumit, he is playing my husband on the show, he taunts me and I don’t react, our jodi on camera is superhit, this happens a lot in our tv world. Rohit operates Preeti. Sonakshi dances in the scene.

Sonakshi gets her phone and checks for Preeti’s message. She says her surgery would be going on. Rohit says congrats to all of you, it was great team work. He comes out and tells the lady that Preeti is very brave, operation is successful, Preeti will get fine. Nurse says you always make patients fine. The lady says I trust you doctor. He recalls past and goes to his cabin. He calls someone and can’t connect. He thinks of the night….. Sonakshi sings and dances…..

Sonakshi feels dizzy. Producer asks didn’t Sonakshi eat anything. The man says she practiced during lunch break and came for the shot. Sonakshi faints. Everyone rushes. Sumit says shooting is stalled now. The men go to look for a doctor nearby. Rohit is on the way and talks to Badi Mamma. She asks him to talk to his mum once on video all and have dinner. He says you mean you lost and won’t come home without winning. He laughs. Producer worries for Sonakshi and asks for the doctor.

The men see the sticker on Rohit’s car and say maybe he is a doctor. Sridhar stops him and says we need your help, you are a doctor right. Rohit says I m a surgeon. Sridhar requests him and gets him to the sets. The ladies gossip about Sonakshi. Sridhar gets Rohit and says he is a doctor. Rohit says I m feeling claustrophobic, what’s happening here. Producer Netra says its a shooting set, come. He asks for water. He drinks water. The people stare at him. Rohit asks them to go out. Rohit sees Sonakshi. He sees her wearing bangles and asks how will I check pulse, she is wearing a lot of these things. The lady removes some bangles. Rohit checks Sonakshi’s pulse.

Sonakshi asks who gave you a dress. Rohit stops. Rohit sees Sonakshi’s show and says so this is Parvati, now this story ends.

Update Credit to: Amena

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    Girls are ogling Rohit!Lol!
    Handsome doctors are rare by the way!
    What is bothering Rohit so much?26th September is creating so much mystery.
    Someone,somewhere is waiting for you…Heard this line in a movie.Meeting happened but….Anyway,precap is looking exciting.Let’s see.

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