Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum 15th November 2019 Written Episode Update: Rohit and Raima reach marriage mandap

Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum 15th November 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Mahesh and Sonakshi falling down. Some time back, some men ask for opening the door. Sulochana asks Raima is she ready, everything is clear. The men get inside the place. The man says I heard its haunted, it looks scary. The assistant says its good location and we got this at half rate, our art director is there. The art director says yes, no worries, I will manage. Suman and Veena come. Sulochana says don’t say anything, I will manage. Suman asks will you have juice. Sulochana says how did Sonakshi promise Rohit, that she won’t lift veil and talk to anyone, how will we see her now, it will be bad omen.

Veena asks where is Raima, I had sent her with your necklace. The man asks how did fire come here. The other men ask him not to worry and just see the set. Mahesh holds Sonakshi’s hand. She hangs somewhere. Sulochana says Raima’s mum is unwell, so she left. Veena pities Raima. Suman blesses Raima. She says I didn’t trust her, when I knew her, I realized she is a practical girl, I wish Raima stays fine and happy, call her to know about her mum. Veena says yes.

Raima keeps her phone on silent. Sulochana takes Veena’s phone. She asks her not to call. Suman asks her not to interfere. Sulochana says she will feel guilty if we call her in marriage, fine you can call her. Suman says you are guest, go now. Sulochana says I will stay with bride. Sulochana argues and goes.

Veena asks Suman to avoid this. Suman says Sulochana told me about Rohit’s property, I don’t want to see this woman, she knows playing with everyone’s mind. Veena says it means Sulochana tried to break Rohit and Sonakshi’s life. Rohit waits for Sonakshi. Pandit says this puja will complete in 5mins. Rohit says come fast Sona. The man says get Shanti puja first. They leave. Sonakshi struggles. Sonakshi and Mahesh fall down. She gets up. He says you can’t leave me.

Sulochana asks are their any special guests coming, I shall go to the bride. Veena says no, you have to leave this house, right now. Sulochana says my son is your son in law, you are giving me this respect. Veena says yes, please leave, you can’t ruin Rohit’s life, you can’t see anyone happy. Yash says your actions made me ashamed. Sulochana slaps Yash. She cries and says I m ashamed that you are my son. She leaves in the car. She says you snatched my son, its my curse, your son can never stay happy. Veena asks why did she just say that. Naren says don’t care, she is angry. Yash says I m sorry on her behalf. Pandit says varpuja got completed. The bride comes. Everyone teases Rohit. Rohit wears the garlands. He puts garlands in Raima’s neck. They sit in the mandap. Pooja goes to do gathbandhan. Pooja’s hand shakes. Yash looks on. The gathbandhan gets loose and breaks. Pooja ties the knot again. She worries. Yash gets confused.

Sonakshi invites everyone in her marriage. She fears a bad omen.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Superb Suman ???, good that you told all that a*sh*le SIYAPPA AUNTY’S karnamas to Veena???,
    Veena did a faboulous job to throw that SIYAPPA AUNTY out right in the middle of the wedding??? , only thing is that she maged to dow what she wanted b4 she left????.
    SUMAN is rt, SIYAPPA AUNTY can play with anybody’s mind???, She did that to Raima also???
    Now next it is Raima’s turn to be thrown out???,
    YK has observed that Pooja is disturbed???, hope Pooja comes out of Rohit’s stupid promise and reveals evrything???

    1. SerialLover

      Yes, finally!!! Sulochana kicked out!!!
      But what was the precap? Bad omen? Non sense!!
      So wait for next week to get to know how Sona is saved!! Too long wait 🙁

  2. Not a long wait. Tomorrow is maha episode at 10:30…. Stay tuned

    1. Hey can u tell me how i can see this maha episode i missed it on tv

  3. Skipped almost every part. Why they cancelled the Maha epi.. Eager for RonaKshi’s reunion.

    1. They cancelled it?

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