Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum 13th November 2019 Written Episode Update: Mahesh kidnaps Sonakshi

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Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum 13th November 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Sonakshi saying its good Mahesh spoke to your driver. Netra says my driver didn’t come today, reach home. Mahesh takes Sonakshi’s phone. He locks the car. He says don’t try Parvati, I have removed all locks, you are just mine. She gets shocked. Some time back, Pari asks Rohit whom is he finding, remove the shoes and relax, what does he want. Rohit says I m okay. Akash and Deepa ask Rohit not to remove shoes, Pari has come to steal shoes. Pari asks really, do you think so. Rohit asks will you do my work. Pari says if I get what I want. He says done.

Sulochana says Veena got just Raima for this. Raima asks what, you want to go for shoot, how can you think so. Sonakshi says channel is saying it will shut the show, I can’t risk so many people’s jobs, what shall I do, baraat has come. Raima gets a message. She says relax Sonakshi, sit here, I will get water for you. She goes out and asks what nonsense. Sulochana says you got the chance, you are her friend, she trusts you. Pari says Sonakshi is alone at home, you can go there. Rohit says I will remember this favor. He removes his shoes. Pari takes the shoes.

Akash and Deepa ask how can you do this. Rohit says its your responsibility to get shoes back, we are Sindhi, don’t give money. He goes. Sonakshi asks how can this happen. Raima says it happens in tv serials also, someone sits in bride’s place, none will know, this is only option, pandit will come and do varpuja, until then you will come back, its not time to think, how will you marry with this guilt, just go, come back soon, think about it, people will bless you and Rohit also. Sonakshi asks but who will sit in my place. Raima says I didn’t think about it, its difficult in last min, who can it be, shall I sit, if you have no problem, I m okay with it. Sonakshi gets Netra’s call. Raima says tell Netra you are coming, I can do anything for you and Rohit, I will handle it, come back soon. Sonakshi asks sure. Raima says yes. Sonakshi answers and says I m coming in 5 mins. Sulochana looks on. Sonakshi goes to change. Raima says Rohit, you were mine and will be mine. She smiles.

Veena stops Rohit and says no… He signs please. She says come back soon. Sonakshi covers her face and leaves. Rohit doesn’t see her. He goes to her floor. Her mauli thread falls there. She waits for Shankar. Mahesh says Shankar is busy, you don’t want anyone to know, so I got Rohit’s car, sit fast. She gets in. They leave. Raima gets ready. Sulochana helps her. She says don’t worry, Sonakshi won’t come on time, enjoy. Rohit calls out Sonakshi. They get shocked. He knocks the door and says I m coming in. Raima asks what shall I do now. She dons the ghunghat. Sulochana hides in washroom. Rohit says hi, wow, I know we can’t see each other, its bad luck, but we can still talk. He turns other side. He says I had to talk to you, I have to fix this, we promised that we won’t hide anything, its about Raima, she behaved immaturely and did big mistake last night, she came in my room and…. Raima worries. He tells everything. He says I didn’t feel good and got angry, then I felt very bad, she is a girl who loved me a lot, I m marrying you in front of her, she is giving her everything to someone else, she isn’t able to accept and getting anxious, I don’t know how to explain her, I wanted to tell you, Raima is my good friend, we should get her to right path, please don’t get upset, I don’t want any misunderstanding, I feel relieved now, I m going, don’t spoil your mood, get ready and come downstairs, bye. He goes.

Sulochana asks did you feel wrong by his words. Raima says get the rounds happen soon. Sonakshi finishes the shoot. Netra says thanks, you saved the show. Sonakshi goes to car. Sumit says who let you come here, baraat has come. Sonakshi says Raima helped me, she has worn my clothes and sat there. She goes. He says I hope she reaches on time. Pandit says its time for varpuja, where is groom. Rohit comes.

Tanya says I didn’t see Raima. Veena says I have sent Raima to Sonakshi, Pooja go and see Sonakshi. Netra says varpuja started, you can reach on time and get ready. Sonakshi says you should have told me about this, its good Mahesh and your driver spoke. Netra says my driver didn’t come today, reach home soon, I will meet you there. Sonakshi sees Mahesh smiling. Mahesh takes Sonakshi’s phone. She asks what are you doing. He speeds up the car. She sees the route and asks where are you taking me. He says don’t worry Parvati, I m taking you to your destination, you will just marry me, the work which was incomplete on engagement day will happen now. She gets shocked. She says it means…. She recalls Mahesh. She says take me home. She tries to open the car door. He says don’t try Parvati, I have removed all locks, this car will stop where I want, Rohit and his thought won’t reach you, you are just mine. She cries. He gets her somewhere. She says you are doing a mistake, police would be finding you. She shouts help. He slaps her. She faints. He lifts her.

Raima asks for oxygen mask. Pooja gets shocked seeing her. Mahesh tries to marry Sonakshi.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. SerialLover

    Was all this drama actually necessary?
    I mean, they started off by mocking those serials with such dramas like dulhan exchange in wedding etc., and now they themselves are telling that their life is going like TV serial, and doing the same thing???
    Isn’t it actually a TV serial?
    I know that Rohit will save Sona because he has to.. as he is the hero!!!
    But still, is it difficult for a serial these days to gain TRP without these dramas?
    Can’t they just focus on the joint family setup, their happiness and sorrows, and of course, RoNakshi scenes?
    Please forgive if any mistake, or anyone is offended. Do let me know.

  2. @serial lover: I had the exact thing in my mind . It’s sad that producers care more about TRPs than a good story line . This drama is unnecessary . Why couldn’t they have a simple wedding . The show has lost its charm , it was supposed to have been different from other shows but it is the same old crap packaged differently . Disappointing !!!

  3. I think Pari and rohan’s affair was more believable than this nonsense . I don’t understand how Raima did a complete U-turn and turned negative. I would have expected her to have felt guilty and told Rohit then and there . Also this wedding drama is plain boring !!!! I think we should blame ourselves . It is the public who influences the TRP and I guess these are the kind of shows we deserve .

  4. What nonsense is this.?..I don’t feel like watching this serial..I felt whatever may be the problem Ronakshi will never separate..but now…..

  5. @Ronakshi
    @ seriallover
    I know the drama element has become way more annoying now. But what I have heard is that Star Plus interrupted and changed the script…..so its not khkt makers doing this high unwanted drama. KHKT makers would have had light moments and little drama for the wedding. But all this OTT is by starplus😰

    1. SerialLover

      If all this drama is by starplus, then I think they are showing their own plight in the serial. Hahahaha!!!! Like, 1 episode went out of current trend, and the channel interferes…

  6. @khkt : I blame the audience too. We watch illogical bad shows and contribute to the TRPs. I really hope the current trend changes , there used to be sensible shows in the 90s and early 2000’s before EKTA came along. It is disappointing to watch khkt with the current plotline . The show had a lot of potential and both Karan and dipika are so talented. Why can’t they give it a chance

  7. I guess the reason for khkt’s low trp is its time slot – 9 pm. When you have stupid shows like Kumkum bhagya, which irrespective of its repetitive story line garners high trps due to a large fanbase, at the same time slot, its normal for khkt to not be getting as high trp’s as it should get. And then we also have KBC. And now after a while Bayhadh 2 would also start at 9pm.
    Because khkt has a lot of potential and its online trp has always been high

    1. I don’t think the marriage swap would happen after making fun of tv shows I doubt they would go through with it and with the precap I feel even more confident it won’t happen. It will come to light I reckon as Sonakshis missing will come to light especially once Netra gets there

      1. No Rohit and Sonakshi get married. Some kinners will help her . The photos are out

  8. i already stopped watching this serial from yesterday.. it was my favorite earlier 😑😑😑😑

    1. Lima, I agree. I feel the same

  9. Verma4

    Now Pooja will die or get kidnapped.

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