Sanjivani 13th November 2019 Written Episode Update: Sid gets intoxicated

Sanjivani 13th November 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Asha saying I will stay back, I m fine, don’t worry. She asks Sid and Ishani to do their work. She wishes him all the best. She goes. Ishani says just two hours now, check your patient. Sid smiles and goes. Vardaan sees the media and smiles. Asha comes to him. He asks did you make Sid eat all the sweets. Asha says yes, it had the drugs. He says good job. Shashank thanks media for coming. He introduces Sid. He says Sid will be performing commissioner’s surgery, commissioner made this request, I agree with him, Sid is one of the best doctors, I trust him, he assisted me in critical surgeries. Reporter asks are you ready for surgery. Sid says yes, I m a doctor and its my duty to be ready.

Vardaan asks Asha for more sweets, its time to celebrate the same media will run after Sid after some hours, Shashank will slap Sid and throw him out of Sanjivani. Reporter asks are you nervous. Sid says no, I will just focus on my work. Shashank says we will talk after surgery. He goes. Sid gets dizzy. He thinks why am I getting so much sleep suddenly. Vardaan says just 30 mins more and then game over. Sid says I will give my 100 percent. Shashank says I m proud of you. Sid hugs him. Commissioner is taken for surgery.

Shashank, Juhi, Vardaan and everyone see live footage from OT. Ishani asks are you fine. Sid says yes, maybe I m feeling nervous. She says you couldn’t sleep well at night. He says I was studying, its a big day, Asha is also not fine, I will take coffee, if I feel I m not fit, I will not perform the surgery, its about someone’s life. She wishes him all the best and says I trust you completely. He says its enough that you said this, thanks. He smiles seeing her and goes. He says I m fine, bit nervous, excited also. He drinks coffee. He goes for the surgery. Reporter says Sid has gone inside, surgery is going to begin. Sid recalls Shashank’s words. Ishani comes and sits. Shashank asks are you fine. She nods. He says we will talk later.

Sid prays. Ishani smiles. Shashank says its a surgery, not a football match. Sid says team ready, lets start. Shashank and Sid say the same steps. Sid begins the surgery. Juhi says its going good. Vardaan sees Asha. He asks how many pills did you give. Asha says one, dose is heavy, I m a doctor and know it. He asks why isn’t it affecting, did you give him wrong sweets. She says no, give it some time. Vardaan says my plan can’t fail, this can’t happen. Shashank and everyone smile. Media is outside. Shashank gets a call. Juhi asks him to go for meeting. Shashank says fine, I will just come Juhi. He goes. Sid gets dizzy again. Philo asks are you fine. Sid says yes. Ishani and Juhi worry. Vardaan smiles. Shashank comes back. Rahil says Sid, you have made the cut at wrong place. Sid drops the scissors and falls back. Rahil holds him. Everyone gets shocked. Vardaan and Asha smile. Sid falls more dizzy. Reporter says we got to know Sid made some mistake. Philo says its a deep cut, its so dangerous.

Vardaan asks Juhi to go and handle the situation. Juhi runs. Shashank thinks what did you do Sid. Ishani thinks Sid can’t be so careless. Reporter says its first time that a doctor slept during surgery. Sid says its my duty to complete this. Rahil asks Juhi to take over, internal bleeding has started. Vardaan asks what’s happening Dr. Shashank. Anjali asks Shashank not to worry. Asha asks what did this happen. Vardaan thinks so much anger in Shashank’s eyes for Sid, wow. Rahil says I have no hope. Juhi says there is hope until patient is alive. Sid says I can’t disappoint Shashank. Juhi asks Sid to calm down. Anjali thinks how can Sid do this. Juhi thinks I have to save the patient’s life, its about Sanjivani and Shashank’s respect.

Inspector asks Sid to answer. Media asks Sid to answer them, how can he sleep. Sid cries. Shashank asks him to answer, what happened in the OT.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. I don’t like the show anymore bcoz main characters are separated from each other, the love story is totally ruined
    In old sanjeevni Dr shashank behaves like a big brother to Dr juhi now how can he became lover of juhi disgusting
    Sanjeevni 2 has totally ruined the fabulous story as well as the good characters of sanjeevni 1
    Please don’t do this way, please make it properly
    Don’t show shashank n juhi as lovers please maintain some dignity

  2. Nice twists brought in the show, Asha is become a vamp now, Apparently the serial is going off air in December.

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