Kabir and Saanchi- A Doctor`s Lovestory (part 3)

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So here it starts:

So it is already dark and the roads are full with snow… still 3 hours to go..

Saanchi and kabir are talking
when the lights in the bus turned off saanchi stopped to talk and sat kind scared

Kabir: are you afraid of darkness??

Saanchi: Mmmh.

Kabir: Hey come on. when i was a kid i was also afraid. but then one day my father told me that there is nothing to be afraid of. You just have to enjoy what you can see even in the dark.

Saanchi thought about it and looked out of the window and enjoyed seeing everything covered under snow.

Saanchi: Thanks Sir. That was a nice thought. By the way aren`t you afraid of anything?

kabir was about to answer but the bus stopped extremely harsh and when everyone looked up the bus was stuck in a big tree in front of them and the driver was injured.

Everyone tried to keep calm and kabir helped the driver and bandaged his wounds. Saanchi was trying to reach a helpline and after a while she got the line. She told them that they are stuck and immediate help
Helpline: Sorry Ms. We can`t help now as all our goups are in different areas… so you will have to wait till morning till we can do something Really sorry.

So they had to wait till morning and as the electric System failed inside the bus it was extremely cold. So everyone was shivering.

Everyone was on their seats and tried to sleep.

Kanchi couldn`t sleep.

Kabir: You asked what my greatest fear is…. Car accidents… I lost my father in a car accident. he instantly died. I was 18.

Saanchi: Oh I`m so sorry. My father also died early.

She thinks. Oh no. Hopefully he doesn`t ask anything about him.

Kabir: I`m sorry…. How..?

Saanchi: Pls. I don`t want to talk about it.

Thinks: He is sometimes so strict but now? he showed his soft side. In fact i really like this dr. kabir… he talked so openly about his father… he must think that i`m quite weird for not revealing anything about my dad…. But what can i do?

Kabir: Saanchi?

Saanchi: Yes?

Kabir: Have you ever been in love?

Saanchi: No… ( In this Story the incident with veer didn`t happen)

Kabir: Would you have arranged or love marriage?
thinks: Did i go too far??

Saanchi: Arranged for sure. My mother will select and i will still have freedom to say yes or no.
But to be honest for a long time i was scared to talk to boys… I had fear that i may fall in love… but now i don`t think that will ever happen to me.
thinks: Did i say too much??

Kabir: Thinks: I want to change that;)
Kabir: But if you fall in love would you accept your feelings or still leave your love behind and opt for an arranged marriage?
thinks: oke why did i say this? Kabir you`re crazy!

Saanchi thinks about it…. and Looks out of the window.

Saanchi: I have never had that Feeling of being in love…. So i can`t imagine loving someone that much.

There wasn`t any good air in the bus as the driver had closed the door as it was too cold. But now with everyone`s breath it was getting very hot.

Everyone was sleeping except kanchi.

Kabir: Would you like to go outside for some fresh air?

Saanchi: Yeah okay.

So both went outside and took a deep breath. It was very very cold. there was a very strong wind…

Saanchi was already shivering…
kabir: Oke let`s go back.

But they were shocked to see the door closed (Strong wind…..)

Kabir: Do you have your mobile with you? You could call pragya and isha to open the door…

Saanchi: no i don`t have it..

They tried knocking loudly on the door and windows, but the bus didn`t let any sounds in.

They were helpless and they still had 3 hours to wait till its morning.

Saanchi: It`s so cold…. What should we do?

Kabir: Let us sit on the fallen tree… There`s nothing we can do.

Both were shivering. Kabir put half of his jacket over her shoulder and they looked at each other. But it was still too cold.

Kabir: If you don`t want any body parts to freeze then you will have to sit on me
Saanchi: Whaaat?

Kabir: That way we will keep both of us warm… at least warmer than now
Saanchi: No way…
After half an hour she slowly stood up … she wasn`t able to move flexible…. and sat on kabeer and was keeping her Hand on his shoulder…o they were actually hugging.
After another half hour saanchi almost slept but kabir keeps waking her up.
Kabir: We can`t sleep now! You know that very well. If we sleep now we may never wake up again.
Saanchi thinks of her mother and her mission.

She sat straight and but still hugging kabir.

Both were too close that they both felt awkard to talk.

After a while kabir`s eyes started to Close but saanchi didn`t see that… She was just staring into the forest.
When saanchi saw him with closed eyes she held his face with her ice cold hands and said
Kabirsir!!! Wake up !! Nooo. Nothing happened. Come on kabir!!

She slightly slapped his face few times.

Saanchi was already in tears when he opened his eyes slowly.

Kabir: Hhaha i was just joking! To wake you up a Little.

Saanchi: What?

Saanchi can`t believe what he just did…
Saanchi: Have you gone mad?
Still with her Hands on his face

Saanchi: For a Moment I thought……. Never do this again… This isn`t funny

And she sobs a bit …
Kabir wipes her tears away and also cupping her face he said:
I`m sorry. But what does that mean to you whether something happens to me or not?

Saanchi: Of Course it matters ! Because I….

kabir: I what?

Saanchi: I mean you are a good Senior doctor for us and you cared a lot for me today…Thinks of the allergy incident.

Kabir: Ohh oke….

After one hour they were still hugging and keeping themselves awake.

They still have 1 hour till the sun rises.

Saanchi is now drifting away…
Kabir trying very hard to Keep her awake.

Then she suddenly doesn`t open her eyes.

He does everything to wake her up
Kabir: Noo saanchi! You can`t leave me alone! We have survived so many hours. Pls open your eyes!

with tears:: I love u!!! You can`t leave me!

Suddenly he hears a Sound. An ambulance and many cars arrived to help.


Saanchi in shimla Hospital….
kabir at her side…

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