KAATIL ~{ A Revengeful Love} S2 SHOT 9

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Shot 9
The Episode starts with kunj coming out of his car while the other one too came out of car both looks at each other …
Tu they said together and the other one is revealed to be yuvi …

Gadhe ullu itna Raat ko bevado ki Tarah gaadi kyu Chala Raha hai tune aaj mujhe latka Diya hota yuvi said while kunj laughed. ????

Huh Tu bhi waise hi Chala Raha hai saale aur waise itni Raat ko Kaha Gaya tha aur itna ready ahem ahem date par Gaya tha kya kunj asked him arching his eye brow while yuvi blushed …

Wo Haan I went on date yuvi said while kunj smirked at him they both went from there and reached somewhere they came out of cars and sat on kunj car …

Saale you didn’t told me anything huh and went on date too got your girl Haan ? Kunj asked while yuvi smiled …

Leave this you tell me what you are doing and that too in night wear Kisi ki jasusi Kar Raha tha kya yuvi asked him ..
Hmm yeah kunj told him everything how he went behind twinkle n all ..so yeah she was with my sautan ??kunj said ..

Whatttt ??? A girl is your sautan Haan yuvi was laughing really very bad seeing kunj jealous of a girl ..

Yeah Yaar you know from childhood she is with her even when we used to do internship together she used to disturb us huh ?? agar wo ladka Hoti na I’ll would have murdered her by now kunj said while yuvi laughed again …

Very bad kunj even I am going through same thing you know that girl with whom I went for dinner even she had a best friend he too disturb our moment sometimes …. N yeah sometime before only I dropped her at his cafe yuvi said burning in jealousy now this time kunj laughs …

I will definitely take revenge from her huh whenever she will be in love or gets married I’ll make her husband my best friend and then disturbs her so that she knows how it feels to break someone’s romantic moment kunj said burning ..

Hahah do it ??it will be fun revenge revenge yuvi said and laughed again they both gone totally mad in jealousy ..
So tell me how’s was the girl ???? Like you ?? Or more weird than you kunj said while yuvi looked at him ..

Huh she is not less than an angel perfect for me you know when I first saw her I had fallen for her deeply now I am madly behind her I just pray even she starts to feel for me yuvi said smiling …

Hmm good going kunj said so when you are going to make her meet me ?? He ended ..

Break laga Bhai ?it’s just one sided still whenever it will be from her side too na them you will be the first one to meet her yuvi said ..
Okay deal kunj said ..

Waise I am going to shift at your house now enough of staying in hotel yuvi said ..
Why you said you want to give me and twinkle our privacy then why you are shifting there kunj asked him ..

I am fed up of paying hotel bill now my card balance has also ended yuvi said while kunj looked on both laughed like maniacs …
On the other side :::
Twinkle Ali was done with dinner they were too having fun while Ali decided to tease Aditi …
You know twinkle today Aditi went on date Ali said teasing her while Aditi who was sipping juice split it out …

What you went on date and didn’t informed me so bad Aditi twinkle said wiping her fake tears while Ali consoled her

Chod twinkle ye paraya dhan hogayi hai ab dost dost Nahi rahi Ali said while twinkle too did like wiping his tears while Aditi looks at them ..

Stop it I just went on dinner not on date she said and you both dramaebaaz enough she said ..

With whom you went on dinner ??? Twinkle asked while Aditi looked on ..
Yuvi she said while twinkle and Ali looks at each other smirking ..

Ohoo yuvi ?? From yuvraj to yuvi nice Ali said and twinkle nodded ..
He is handsome and cute enough too we approve him they said together while Aditi replied shut up both laughed …

Now you say Ali Aisha aunty came back ??? Twinkle asked ..
Yep Yaar she came back with aafat ??he ended looking sadly ..

Means ??? They both asked together
Arey Yaar my bua suggested her another girl now mom wants me to meet her now this time I clearly said this is gonna be the last girl …he said irritated

May be she will be really last girl twinkle winked at him while they trio had fun soon they left from there ..
@ Sarna house ..
It was morning when twinj entered the house whole night they had fun with their friends after sometime of resting they went to twiditi enterprise …

Everyone was hell tired due to lack of sleep last night twinkle was somewhat fresh but Aditi kunj and yuvi was totally tired it was benefit for advi having their own cabins they slept while working …but for kunj it wasn’t ?

Twinkle was working when she sees kunj falling asleep by keeping her head on the table he was on deep slumber she got up from there and smiled looking at him …

Sooon a idea popped her mind and she smirked looking at kunj she takes a glass of water and throwed on his face ..

He woke up with a jerk and looked at twinkle who was having a devilish smirk on her face ..

It is office Mr Sarna not your home twinkle said while kunj looked at her angrily he got up from his chair and moves towards her while she ran being scared …

Hey you wait SIYAPPA QUEEN you disturbed my sleep Haan I was sleeping peacefully but you don’t let me sleep na now you will get punishment he said running behind her …

Offo did I said anything wrong she said as she got caught by kunj who looked at her intensely …
No no you are always right hai na kunj said while twinkle nodded in yes ..

Yes I am it’s office not restroom she said
And you are my wife not a hostel warden he said ..

What ??? There is no connection between that both twinkle said blinking her eyes..
Ahhh shut up he said and moves closer they legs entangled leading them to fall on couch kept there …they were very much closer to each other..

What you are doing kunj move back twinkle said being scared while he kissed her cheeks …I am giving you punishment he said and moved towards her lips ..

No no she said and pushed him while kunj smirked at her next time do remember this thing or else he passed a flying kiss to her while she makes faces he laughed ..and twinkle went from there saw Aditi too sleeping ..

Uff babajiii twinkle said seeing her and woke her too while Aditi looks at twinkle and yawns …good morning she said while Twinklee made faces

Huh pata nai aaj sabko kya hogaya hai twinkle said while aditi makes faces ..
Oh hello beauty queen because of your midnight craving only I didn’t slept whole night okay she said while twinkle smiled sheepishly ..

Now go and wash your face see your condition messy clothes sleepy face go twinkle said while Aditi nodded and went from there she bumped with kunj whose conditions was same too messy hairs water marks on his face …

Are you blind kunj asked her while she looks at him ..
It’s you who bumped into me not I she said glaring at him …

Ohh I forgot the great Aditi khanna never accepts her mistake hai na SWARG KI MALLIKA kunj said …

Yeah yeah NARK KA JALLAD she replied that was the names given by both of them to each other in childhood ..

Hey dare you call me that kunj said while Aditi smirks why not I’ll call you that only ..

Huh then I’ll call you dayan kunj said smirking back and waise one movie also suits on you EK THI DAYAN kunj ended ..

Hahah very funny and for you I also have DHOBI KA KUTTA NA GHAR KA NA GHAT KA Aditi said with devilish smile ..

See you are getting on my nerves leave my side kunj said while both again glared at each other and left ..

This was seen by yuvi who was still not able to understand anything these two are behaving as if they are ENEMIES yuvi spoke confusingly twinkle who was passing from there heard yuvi and chuckled ….

Yuvi looks at her while twinkle ran to her cabin …finally there will be someone’s else again to stuck between kunj and Aditi hahhaa twinkle laughed imagining yuvi condition later on ..

whole day went like that soon they were back to work and at night reached Sarna mansion …
Kunj came towards twinkle while she looked at him ..

Wo I came actually you know na yuvi he is gonna stay with us too he stays with me in London so I asked him to stay with me here too hope you don’t mind …kunj spoke in one go …

No why would I mind twinkle said and left ..soon yuvi too shifted there with twinj he was having fun seeing them both fighting their nok jhok and everything they were attentive in office too …days were passing by very soon it’s been one month since they are together ..

One day they were back from office while twinkle prepared tea and kept it on dinning table she went inside kitchen to bring some cookies …

Kunj who came after changing sees the tea he was a tea lover he thought twinkle had made it for him he sat there and tasted the tea and smirked recalling their previous moment …FB starts ..

Kunj was back after a tiring day twinkle sees him and gave him water ..
Twinkle can you plz make a tea for me plzz I need it he said while twinkle looked on confused okay she said and went inside kitchen ..

I have never tasted tea and even don’t know how it is made ??what should I do now yeah Google Baba she said and browsed it kunj who came after her saw her reading something he got know what it is he started laughing holding his stomach ..

Omgg you were googling how to make tea I mean seriously twinkle he said and laughed more ..

Haan so I don’t know how it is made I have neither drank nor prepare so how would I know you go out I’ll make it dekhlena tum she said while kunj ran outside still laughing

After few mins twinkle came with his tea while he drank hmm hmm not bad siyappa queen serious you never drank it now taste it see it will relax you kunj said …

Arey no no I don’t want twinkle said ..
Plz na one time taste it he said feeding her with his hands while she made faces and he laughed again …
Flashback ends ..

Kunj had a big smile on his face he took a sip and said not bad she has improved alott ..

Twinkle came out of kitchen and sees him how dare you touch my tea she said while kunj looked on confused ..

Screen freezes …
Precap : and the war begins ???
Thanks to all who commented ??but I am little disappointed with response guys ?? and also thanks to all who liked and even dislikes …
Hey ramya i read your comments and was glad that you love the story ..
BA BYEE will be back soon ???


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  1. Cheena2001Cp

    Hey!!!! Sammy! More than Twinkle and Kunj ,I like Avni and Kunj scenes! ???They’re just too good! Just nailed it!
    Amazing chapter! Sammy , please don’t be miffed because of the response! ? And don’t dare to end it.
    I am looking forward to more such light scenes and also the war! ?

  2. Superb episode twinkle throw water on kunj n aditi n kunj fight ??twinj fight entertains uv ? n waiting for war between twinj? post soon dear

  3. it was awesome Sam…
    kunj & avni scenes were damn funny..luved it …
    lovely epi …luving the story …
    luv u

  4. Awesome epi dear….

  5. Hi Sam the episode was mind boggling damn from many and amazing and kunj and aditi scene were funny and the war waiting for it and plsss tussi sad mat Hoya karo g less response aajj kal common ho Gaye Hain kissing ki bhi Nahi mill rahe Hain and we can’t do anything par u should come ntinue the story khatam mat Karna issko warna khaa jqungi tukhe Haan Nahi toh an post soon and take care bye

  6. Kiya1234

    Sorry nowadays I’m able to comment on your ff..see kaan padkhe sorry….
    Between episode di best…
    Kunj hate for Avni ????????sautan very funny.. Yuvi and Kunj dialogues on car bumped heheheh….. loved them really..
    Kunj planning to break avni moments heheh he don’t know he will breaks his best friend moments… marvelous episode hats off you.

    And love twinkle friends very much..
    Office part very funny and good too. Kunj expression heheheh.. he kissed on her cheeks.

    Avni and Kunj tashan And their names given by each other ????????????.
    Twinkle kam ti kya avni too…

    Fb awww Twinkle don’t know how to make tea and she goggle it.. ????????. Remember my time same too.. don’t know what makes them separate from each other’s..
    let’s see what will happened next Amazing episode no one can’t beat you..
    Love you yaar bye raj

  7. Amazing episode
    Kunj and Uv’s jealousy…???
    UV’s one sided love…aditi….kunj enemy????. Excited to see kunj’s reaction when he comes to know about aditi being UV’s love.??
    Kuvi and adi sleeping in office…???
    Twinkle waking kunj…??and kunj’s punishment for twinkle???
    And finally THE WAR…?????
    Plz don’t be sad upon low response everyone is having the same problem
    You should write for your regular readers and ones commenting
    Very excited for next
    Post soon dear
    Love u loads❤❤❤

  8. awesome
    i really loved today episode
    i have no words to decribe how good it is
    update soon don’t worry about others
    very excited for next episode

  9. Vibhu

    Kunj and Aditi ????
    Great update

  10. Anusha

    AmAmazing episode dear
    sorry for late comment
    episodes is awesome loved it so much
    Loved kunj and aditi fighting
    Loved dialigue of yuvi in start
    Ali and twinki teasing aditi awesome
    loved twinj scenes
    everything is perfect dear
    post soon
    love u

  11. Awesome epi

  12. Superb epi….really wanted to why Kunj left Twinkie

  13. awesome episode
    i really love kunj aditi scene more than twinj…they borh are really very cute and funny enimies love them alot today…and poor uv how will he handle them in future…
    post soon

  14. Awesome Amazing
    I feel this is one of the cutest ff

  15. SSK

    I know am running behind and giving really late comments but sorry, m really busy at the moment. Now the episode was as usual a brilliant piece. I am loving it. ?

  16. Awesome fantastic fabulous episode dear
    Twiditili scene awesome amazing
    Kuditi fight superb bechara uv ????
    Post soon dear
    Luvvvvv u sweetheart
    Sry for late cmt.

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