KAATIL ~{A Revengeful Love} S2 SHOT 34 (Happy birthday vibhu)

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Episode 34
“S Vihar”
The Episode starts with the hustle bustle going on n on in s Vihar everyone was so much excited for Neil engagement Shweta and Sakshi happiness knew no bounds they were looking for the preparations …

They called the designer home so that they could give a perfect outfit for Neil ..Neil was getting fed up seeing the much crowd at his home …the decoraters designers everyone ..
Maa maasi plzz select anything you guys want I’ll wear that Neil said getting frustrated ..

No Neil you only have to select based upon your outfit we have to make Avni outfit too so that you both should look like king and queen Shweta said dreaming and smiling …
Haan Neil Didi is right chalo select na baba plzz Sakshi joined Shweta ..

You both sisters na huh ? Waise where is sidhant atleast he should have been here with me Neil said ..
Yeah I asked him he said he is going for some work wait let me call him Sakshi said calling him but his phone was unreachable …

He will come na you choose your outfit by then Shweta added to their conversation and they all continued in showing Neil everything …
While after sometime sidhant too reached his house and was shock to see that much crowd …

Does I am in the right house ? He murmured while Neil who was standing behind him heard him and laughed ..
Yes bro this is our house only our cute mansion Neil stated winking at him but soon he gets angry too where were you Haan ??? I am asking for you since morning Neil said while Sid looked on ..

Wo I went there so that’s why got late and you know na there it had network problem so couldn’t call you guys sidhant ended looking down ..

Is there any improvement ??? Neil asked quickly while sidhant looked at him ..
Yes sidhant cheered happily there is much improvement she started responding to the medication professionals are saying if this goes on she will be fine soon sidhant ended smiling

That’s amazing news bro finally you will be happy again Neil said ..
Yeah some part of my regret and guilt will be less sidhant said and they shared a hug …

Be happy like this this smile suits you Sidhant Gupta Neil said and broke the hug ..
Waise what’s going on here ?? Sidhant asked ..

Don’t tell me you forgot not less than in 2 days I am gonna commit to Avni officially Neil stated while sidhant hits him naughtily ..
Yeah I totally forgot so lets go where’s your outfit n everything else bade Bhaiya ??? Sidhant asked puppily …

Now you don’t start I am already fed up he said while sidhant laughed ..shadi k sideeffects abhi se he winked at Neil while both continued with their talks ..
On the other side (@ taneja mansion)
Rohan broke the hug and looks at all of them Avni kush adeeba Kiara and jasmine and smiled …
To when finally you all are done with emotional part shall we go and have dinner ?? Shanaya asked ..

Yeah I am starving to have your handmade food or else this Avni Kiara and jasmine was making me have rubbish things since we are in India kush complained ..
Haww so mean Bhai jasmine said sternly ???

This kush is like this only he doesn’t have value at all adee added after jasmine ..
Huh whatever kush said teasing them more while they all indulged in pillow fighting …

You all 4 girls are on same side I am all alone kush said emotionally where is Ahaan Yaar he stated in crying voice while jas Avni adee and Kiara stopped hitting him
He will come soon too was busy with some work so didn’t came with us Rohan said ..

I think we should leave Roh…shanaya whisper while they smiled looking at the them ..
Have a good time kush save yourself superman Rohan winked at him n left with shanaya while kush stand ..

What you all think ?? That I can’t fight with you all I am an one man army understood he said pulling adeeba n Avni from his left arm and Jas and Kiara from his right arm …
Stop now Avni said ..

Let’s go for dinner adee said ..
Moti ? come kush ended while she hits him again they all hugged before joining ronaya at the dinning table …
They all started having their dinner still teasing each other while ronaya were admiring their bond

After sometime they were done with their dinner and left for their rooms they all got message from kush and joined in his room ..
Why you called us here ??? Avni asked as soon as they stepped in inside his room while he closed the door behind ..

Jokes and everything apart I seriously want to ask you Avni are you ready for the wedding ??? Kush asked helding her hands while jas Kiara n adee settled on his bed …

Hmm yeah I don’t know I am so confused kush still I don’t know what to do Avni ended making puppy face ..
Arey I’ll marry Neil then kush said sternly while they all screamed ..

What ??? They all shouted in union
Haan then I am asking with so much seriousness and her answer I don’t know what to do kush mimicked Avni while she hits him ..
Twins with benefits kush said making them all burst into laughter ..

Hmm I am ready to marry him Avni said they all cheered for her ..
That’s like my sister kush said…
But you didn’t told him still about you ? Kush ended ..

Haan jasmine too added standing beside them …
If I tell Neil then I have to disclose this too that you both are my siblings and Neil he thinks I don’t like you jasmine but the truth is I love you and was pretending to be a stranger for you Infront of everyone Avni ended …

Haan we had made a deal that no one will know about us being sisters jasmine too added ..
Siyappa queens kush said
Shut up they both said together ..

Okay kush quickly kept his palm on his lips …
Seriously Neil and sidhant thinks we hate each other ?? jasmine said when I came here for this movie I intentionally added same names as kunj twinkle shanaya to hurt sidhant jasmine ended making a a frown

Mamu asked us to know both the sides of coin we know one side now we have to know sidhant side too how it will be possible then kush stated confusingly ..
Look I’ll not tell Neil that I am Avni till we gets to know about sidhant side he thinks Mamu and Mami as my parents let’s play along what say Avni said ..

Haan that would be right jasmine added waise b I got invitation of your engagement from one of Neil relative jasmine said …
Great they all said and continued with their planning …
Soon they all went back to their rooms and slept …
Next morning :::
They were hustle bustle going around in both the house everyone were excited about the wedding …

@ taneja mansion :::
Rohan and kush was preparing the things to be gifted to Neil after engagement both having fun along they all were missing twinj too but they all decided to be happy for Avni happiness ….

The whole day passed with them selecting their clothes for engagement and rest of the wedding ceremonies ..
@ “S Vihar”
Sid and Neil was in hall watching everyone going insane over the preparations they both were making fun when Sakshi saw them ..
We all are worried here and you too laughing like maniacs Sakshi stated Angrily ..

Arey mom its Neil engagement not his death anniversary sidhant said and quickly got quiet when Sakshi passed him death glare …

Haan maasi why you all are doing these works give it to any care taker they will do it Neil too answered her ..

Ahaa so that they can spoil I don’t want anything to go wrong understand Neil Shweta added angrily making them gulp in both the brothers nodded like babies ..
Good Sakshi said ..

Waise you both are free na go and deliver Avni outfit Shweta said ..
NOT-AT-ALL-INTERESTED sidhant stated getting up from couch I am going to sleep he yawns only to be pulled back by Neil ..
Sit here okay we will go and deliver it Neil said …

Why me ? Sidhant asked ..
Because what will my In laws think that I am too desperate to meet Avni he whispered ..

Yes it’s not good that Neil should go alone you should support your brother sidhant Shweta said ..
Okay maasi we will go sidhant said ..
They went inside taking the outfit from the designer directly moving to taneja mansion ..
@ taneja mansion ::
What you all want to eat ??? Kush asked seeing Avni Kiara jasmin and adee sitting there they all were in no mood to make something ..

They all quickly told their dishes while kush went and ordered their care taker seeing that it was prepared as per their wish …
Avni and others were chilling out while jas went outside in lawn …
Next scene :::
NeSid was still in car sidhant was driving while Neil was beside him ..
Arey in which jungle she lives man we are on way from past 40 mins Sid said frustrated while Neil laughed ..

I never went to her house just have the address so even i don’t know ..
I feel she lives in jungle only her house may be a small hut because she is wild cat sidhant ended ..

Huh what will happen of you when we will get married Neil asked ..
What will happen of me ? Think about you brother I still feel you should back off Sid said while Neil makes faces ..

Hmm whatever Neil said their car stopped in front of a big mansion even they were shocked ..
Small hut right sidhant ? Neil taunted while Sid looks at him ..

Go and give it soon I’ll wait here he said ..
No ways come inside it will take me sometime u know Neil said pleading..
Nahi plz come soon Sid said while Neil went inside and sidhant stands in lawn ..lights went off suddenly as electricity work was going on …

Neil walked inside and saw Avni chilling in hall with facepack and cucumber over her eyes ..and Kiara beside her ..
Ahem ahem he coughed to gain their attention ..

Avni got up quickly and looked at Neil ..
You ??? She said ..Kiara too looks at him
Why you wanted someone else ? Neil asked joking…

Huh no I mean why are you here she said fearing because jasmin was there too
Mom send me here to give your outfit Neil replied handling over her while she gave it to Kiara ..she went in room quickly
What’s this he asked moving closer while she looked at him ..

Face pack ? if you don’t know she replied …
Hah I know that he replied they laughed ..
Now you gave na so go back Avni said
Are ? I was so desperate to meet you and here you huh Neil said .

Nahi Neil it’s …nothing like that we are gonna meet tomorro..w na I have to beautify myself to look best tomorrow she replied trembling
You are perfect already he replied pulling her closer

Next scene
Sidhant got a call and was walking ahead he didn’t see the water pipe in dark his foot tripped leading to fall on grass while someone aslo falls with him ..with Sid on top …
Ouch she screamed ..

Sorry sorry he said and opened his phone torch and was shocked seeing Jasmin

They quickly murmured and tried to get up only to be fall again …both looks at each other intensely (tere sang yaara plays in BG …..)

Sidhant carefully got up from her giving his hand to her while she held his hand and got up he smiled seeing her …they stand in silence for sometime suddenly the lights comes they looked at the whole mansion which was looking astounding the wedding atmosphere was created there they looked at each other again and smiled …

After sometime Jasmin looks at him and sees him already gazing her at her with an unknown feeling in his eyes she snaps her finger before him ..
What ???? She ask ..

Nope nothing waise what are you doing here ??? Sid asked her ..
This should be my question it’s my house so you tell me what you are doing here don’t tell me you followed me here too Jasmin ended ..

Why you think that i follow you ??? Sid ask ..
Then ? Where ever I goes you have been present there already ..Jas replied
That should be my question because I came here just now and you were here already Sid taunted her ..

Whatever don’t follow me huh she said ..
I wanna follow you he winked starting his flirting back ..
You are impossible she said going inside while sidhant followed her ..
They went in hall while avneil standing there lost in each other Avni gaze went towards Jas and got shocked …she pushed Neil slightly coming out of his embrace ..
She tried making signs asking her to go but Jas didn’t saw Neil as he was back facing her …

What happen Avni ?? Why are you sweating Neil asked while she smiled ..
Avni d….Jas stopped as Neil turned around while sidhant too came behind her …

Jasmin you here ?? Neil asked shockingly while sidhant too joined him ..
Yes I asked her the same it’s Avni house and moreover Jas and Avni are not even friends too Sid said ..

Kiara and adeee came outside quickly but she is our friend they said while NeSid looked at them confused ..seeing their confusion adee introduced them ..
I am adeeba and she is Kiara we are Avni sisters she said smiling while Neil smiled too …

Glad to meet you both I didn’t knew about Avni sisters Neil said while they smiled ..
Sidhant was just looking at jasmine with questioning face ..

Yes Neil jasmine is here as she is na maa she stopped saying mamu…she is maa friend daughter so she is staying with us only Avni replied trembling with her words …
Oh it’s so good Neil said winking at sidhant while he made a face ..

Dinner is ready devil ladies kush shouted from kitchen making them all shocked ..
Whos that ??? Sidhant aksed ..
Wo our chef he is somewhat mad Kiara said running inside kitchen kush who was coming outside sees her ..

What happen ?? He asked .
Sidhant and Neil is here she quickly said ..
Why ??? He aksed ..
To give avni’s outfit what’s the need to scream like that Kiara said ..

They hide and sees NeSid and rest of the girls ..
I think we should leave now sidhant said ..
I too think so Jas replied they looks at each other with tashan ..

Hmm he replied looking at Avni and murmured chudail while she heard him and gives a stern look …Sid went out
Bye Neil said lovingly
Bye Avni replied he left after sidhant
Gosh they landed on couch while kush and Kiara too came outside ..

What was that ?? Kush asked ..
We have been saved today somehow or else toh plan backfired Jas said ..
Neil is hot kush said winking at Avni while she hits him …

They went for dinner while NeSid was going back ..
What happen sidhant ??? Neil asked
Nothing just thinking about jasmin and Avni they were so comfortable today with each other sidhant replied …

Now don’t become Sherlock Holmes they said na she is their mom friend daughter leave it Neil said ending the conversation ..
@ taneja mansion ::
Kush was playing basketball ball his body was all sweaty the agression in his eyes while another hot guy enters TM and took a deep breathe ..
Finally “HOME SWEET HOME”he murmured

He directly went towards the basketball court and smiled looking at kush ..
Uhmm so much agression Bhai he said smirking
Oh so you finally got time for us Haan kush replied doing another basket ..

Yes finally ? now what’s my punishment bade Bhaiya he aksed ..
Let’s have a match kush said..
Okay he said and kept his blazer aside they looks at each other with tashan …
Screen freezes ..
Heyyyy I am back early this time ? say thanks to vibhu because she requested for it ??
Again a very happy birthday dear ??
So how was the episode ???
It will take sometime for avneil and Sidmin to fall in back as I have to settle others things before …
Thanks to all who supported on last ??
Bye allahafiz ?

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