KAATIL ~{ A Revengeful Love} S2 SHOT 12

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Shot 12 …
The Episode starts with kunj started to share the flashback …

“IT ALL STARTED WHEN WE WERE KIDS” Sarna family(kunj’s) taneja family (twinkle’s) khanna family (aditi’s) we all used to stay together in Amritsar happily with our families we were neighbours too and all had a family bond among each other staying together..

RT uncle (twinkles dad) was the top businessman of that time Aditi and my papa was his friends cum his employees they were richest among all …

He only had one daughter twinkle he loves her like anything twinkle was grown up like a princess since childhood even if a scratch comes on her face she used to lift whole Amritsar she was admired by everyone she was very much cute me Aditi twinkle were in same school as well as same class ..

Twinkle and Aditi was best of best friends since childhood I used to admired twinkle everytime I sees her we were growing up fast soon …mom used to hate Leela aunty and oftens fights with papa asking him to work somewhere else as she wanted a lavish life but papa never agreed to leave RT uncle I and twinkle became friends finally like our other classmates but wasn’t much close …

Due to some business rivalry RT uncle died in her childhood only whole burden was on Leela maaa now to handle business to handle her princess twinkle the most… at that time me and twinkle became close so much we all used to have fun alott me and Aditi equation was same since childhood we used to hate each other alottt kunj said and went into flashback

A school was shown where many students came as it was the start of their new term kunj enters and was very much happy as he always like to go school very much attentive towards his studies too …

But twinkle was different and Aditi too was passionate they were passing by ..when kunj collides with twinkle and Aditi they trio looks at each other …

Twinki …kunj said and got happy seeing her while twinkle to smiled ..
When you came back from vacations Haan kunj asked twinkle while she told him interuppted by Aditi …

What you will do by knowing it jallad she said while kunj looked at her you are dayan he ended and both started fighting …soon they left for their class …
Flashback ends …

soon our school days passed and we were in last year of school when aditi’s papa dies due to heart attack unable to handle the pain and sorrow even her mum became serious Leela maa was with her in her last time …

Flash back shows :::
Leela was busy with Aditi mom ragini taking care of her …
Leela can you do a favour I don’t know if I’ll be able to live for my daughter will you please take care of her ragini said ..

Nothing will happen to you I am here na Leela said crying …but to her shocked ragini stopped breathing ..
The cute 16 year old Aditi was with Twinkle and was very much worried about her mom when Leela came to her …

Leela aunty where is mumma she said crying while Leela wiped her tears somehow she managed to tell Aditi about her mother …she lost her parents she was handled by Leela and twinkle ..when her uncle arrives as her legal guardian ..
Flashback ends …

So yeah her uncle he said that he can’t take Aditi with him and as her legal guardian he sends Aditi to an orphanage in Amritsar Leela aunty tried to stop him even papa and Bebe but he didn’t listen to anyone twinkle was very much sad they were each other life’s they used to meet in school but always stayed unhappy without each other ..

It was twinkles bday and Leela maa throws a big party to end everyone sorrow she invited all of us to her party twinkle was in no mood to partying …kunj said while yuvi looked on he didn’t imagined about Aditi ever ….
Then what happen ???? Yuvi asked kunj …

Flashback shows
Twinkle and kunj was sitting while kunj was forcing her to get ready ..
See na twinki it’s your bday and let’s go we will have fun kunj said cheering her ..

No I don’t want to know Aditi is not with me how can I party twinkle said and cried kunj wiped her tears …

Plz come twinkle he pleaded while twinkle agreed just for kunj and got ready she was looking hell cute kunj complemented her while they both went downstairs ..

Leela came and sees twinkle and smiled my baby is looking like a princess she said while twinkle too faked a smile ..Manohar and Bebe too wished twinkle …

Chalo twinkle puttar let’s cut the cake Leela said holding her hand while twinkle looked at her and followed ..
Ahh ahh no no take your gift before cutting birthday cake she said …

No mumma I don’t want any gift Twinkle
said ..
Arey just see once Leela said and points twinkle saw and her eyes filled with happiness Aditi was standing there while both of them hugged …

Happy happy happy walA bday to you twinkle Aditi said and both smiled …
Thank you so much for coming I was missing you like anything twinkle said crying while Aditi wiped her tears and nodded in no ..

Thanks to Leela aunty for bringing me Aditi said ..
Ahh no Leela aunty now you are legally my daughter so you can call me maa too like twinkle Leela said ..

Haan Leela maa Aditi spoke with twinkle jumped and hugged Leela thanking her …they both cut the cake and feeds each other
Flash back ends…

Yeah then Leela maa legally adopted Aditi and made them together for the rest of lives like twinkle Aditi too was very much close to Leela aunty she never ever differentiate between them both and considered both as her daughter’s …

That smile that charm was back on twinkle back as well as of on Aditi soon the year passed and it was our farewell party and even I was going to get away from my twinkle kunj said …

Flashback shows
Kunj was getting ready for his farewell he wanted to look the best he went downstairs when called by Manohar …
What happen papa you called me kunj said and looked at his father ..

Yeah kunj let everyone come and I’ll disclose it Manohar said and saw everyone Bebe usha shanaya(kunj sister)

What happen Monu you called us here Bebe said and Manohar looked at them ..
I have decided to move ahead and work more starting my own business and hence I got an opportunity in London so wanted to tell you all that we all are shifting to London after 2 days Manohar told them all everyone’s was happy most happiest was usha …but shanaya and kunj wasn’t happy ..

But papa how can I go I can leave my graduation in between shanaya said while Manohar looked at her ..
I will send you at Didi house you stay here and study and come home on vacations usha suggested …

Haan you can do this Manohar too said
Even I don’t want to go kunj spoke slowly enough audible for them to hear ..
Why kunj Manohar asked …

Papa wo …kunj started to say ..
Your school also ended and you can go for your higher studies in London too we are leaving shanaya here because she already started here and It will be difficult for her to cope up Manohar said …

Hmm okay kunj said sadly and went for his farewell he was very much sad he sees twinkle who was not looking less than an angel in her gown ….they all enjoyed their last day of school had a lot of fun …

Kunj was spending his time with twinkle and was enjoying fighting with Aditi too …soon the time passing by
Kunj decided to tell twinkle about him shifting to London he held her hand and took her from the crowd …

Twinkle I want to talk kunj said while twinkle looked at him ..
What happen kunj I am noticing you since you came why are you so upset ..twinkle asked him ..

What you were noticing me kunj said suprised and happy ..
Hmm yeah you are my frnd na twinkle said .. while kunj nodded and told her everything he wasn’t able to speak more because twinkle hugged him tightly for the first time ….he was in state of shock

Twinkle broke the hug she had few tears in her eyes I’ll miss you kunj she said while kunj smiled …
I’ll miss you more siyappa queen he said and twinkle punched him ..

You will not forget me na twinkle asked him while he nodded in no never ever he said smiling at her while she smiled back ….
Flashback ends ..

After that we left for London for dad business as per his wish I went for my higher studies and was very much attentive towards studies as papa wants me to handle his business after him he was getting more n more success after few years shanaya Di graduation was completed and she was back to London too ….

Papa gave a party for success in his another merger and also to celebrate the completion of my higher studies …

In that party one of business partners of papa liked shanaya Di for his son everyone got happy they decided to get their alliance fixed …

Shanaya Di was not happy with this thing I used to tease her alott about that guy but everytime she used to shout on me I couldn’t understand her behaviour she was quite only whenever Bebe used to ask her too she didn’t said anything if she is happy or not or not she got engaged and finally the day arrived for her wedding she was dressed up as bride everyone was so much happy but maa and shanaya Di wasn’t papa thought maybe be they are sad because Di will leave us after wedding but the reason was something else …

She was taken downstairs for the wedding when Varun jiju entered and disclose that they had got married a year back everyone was shocked ..papa has to bear so many taunts of others …

Papa asked shanaya Di why she didn’t told anyone and got married ..and when she was married why she had hidden this fact till today …when she broke down and told everything ..

Flashback shows
Papa I am so sorry but I lovedd Varun very deeply I knew that you never like Varun but I loved him papa and we got married in presence of maasi and maa but as Varun financial status was not good he told that he will give be everything after a year and even maa agreed to it and bring me back home I wanted to tell you this but was scared of your reaction plzz forgive me papa shanaya cried …

Usha you got you daughter married and didn’t even told me anything since a year Manohar shouted …
Wo ..usha started to say but was cut off by Manohar ….

Shanaya I got defame today just because of you even if you had told me I would have agreed but you didn’t I am giving you too options now…

“EITHER YOU HAVE TO CHOOSE US OR YOUR HUSBAND” Manohar declared sternly as he was very much hurt by this incident …

Papa how can I shanaya said but was again asked the same question by Manohar ..
I can’t choose papa she said I can never leave Varun she ended ..

That means you choose your husband over us I am breaking all the ties with you Manohar declared his decision while shanaya was shocked …
Flash back ends

Everyone was shocked to hear papa decision even I was too shanaya Di left with Varun jiju back for Amritsar …maa and papa used to fight daily on the same topic again n again I was feeling suffocated living there …same topic same day that I decided to do internship as I got a offer from one of the reputated companies in Mumbai even I wanted experience I told papa the same and he asked me to go …

I hugged him and met maa n Bebe unaware of the fact that another chapter of my life is gonna start soon because I was going to meet my life again my Twinkle again kunj said …
Screen freezes
Precap : twinj in Mumbai and their wedding
Yeahhh I am back again ???
So yeah as you all were waiting so here is the start of flashback …
Thanks to all who liked commented and dislikes on last one ??
Keep supporting BA byeee ????

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  1. awesome episode
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    waiting for twinj’s meeting post soon

  2. Cheena2001Cp

    Main bas abhi comment karne hi wali thi ki yeh chapter bhi post ho gaya! Oh God!!! It was quite surprising to see Kunj going all mad in the previous one. I mean, how angry he was! Oh my! I hope Twinkle gets fine soon…..
    It was really terrific! Their past holds many secrets. I’ll wait for the whole story to unravel.
    Eagerly waiting for the next! ??

  3. Superb episode dear I was shocked ? u post it wow yaar finally flashback start can’t wait ? to know the past further Allah hafiz

  4. SSK

    The wait is over and flash back starts. Thank u so much Sameera n thanks for giving so quick updates. The episode was really awesome. ??

  5. Vibhu

    The past seems interesting. Now I think kunj thinks twinkle as Varun’s kaatil and maybe he’s alive.
    God .. But the flashback is amazing.
    Post soon coz this is keeping me sticked !!

  6. Awesome epi….loved it a lottt……can’t wait even a second for next …..

  7. Superb epi…… finnaly flashback is here…..sooo excited for next chapter..
    Thanks a lot for posting early…..

  8. Lovely epi……Narration was good…..

  9. Hi Sam the episode was fab and mind blowing the scenes were so damn cute and felt really bad for aditi and what is the disease twinkle have I can’t wait more plsssssss jaldi jaldi post Karna small and so sorry for such a late comment Sam really sorry love u take care post soon

  10. Sam it was great …finally flashback started …many secrets r their in their past life….I think usha is responsible for twinj separation…eager to read next part …
    luv u

  11. Anusha

    Superb episode sam
    was waiting for it and you posted it
    There flashback story going very well
    I think here kunj thinks leela killed someone so that revenge he is taking from twinkle i think varun is killed by someone and usha used this and made fake story to seperate twinj lets see
    post soon dear cant wait to read there love story
    love u
    Post soon

  12. Two shots in a day, not bad….????Amazing episode ???
    Loved it ??
    Finally the flashback started…???
    Twinj ??
    Twiditi’s bond…..???
    I think usha is the reason for twinj’s separation…one of the reasons might be that she hated leela and she never wanted twinkle to become her DIL
    Precap; exciting??
    Post soon dear
    Love u loads❤❤❤

  13. Anaya_Ali

    Luvd it…
    Epi was emotional
    Sorry for late and short cmnt….
    Post soon ….

  14. Awesome Amazing. Just superb

  15. Fantastic fabulous mindblowing episode sammu
    Flashback start woww yrr finally ab sarre secret bahar aayege
    Post soon dear plzzzzzz plzzzz
    I’m soo excited for next episode
    Luvvvv u

  16. Kiya1234

    Fabulous episode yaar the best kunj and twinkle bonding uff♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️Aditi and Kunj fight… their past is sad..
    each and everything is perfect awesome ?..
    Post soon dear yaar now.. bye love you babes

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