Kaanchi : Hate to Love (Episode 2)

Hii guys.Actually im free today.Thats y uploading the next chapter early.
I really hope you guys enjoy this ff.

Now moving on to story:

At sanchi house:

sanchi comes and sees veer and chotu sitting in their house and jaya is talking with them.

jaya : beta, we are against dowry and..

veer : cuts the word and says we don’t want dowry and you don’t have to say all these

jaya : par hum pahale ye sab baat karna chahte hain

jaya calls her bhabhi and she comes with nisha.

veer just admires her beauty and he already fallen for her.And he gives a slight smile to her.

jaya : she is done ms psychology and gold medalist.

Both veer and nisha exhange looks and smiles.

jaya : If you both want to talk each other , go in side .

Both veer and nisha goes inside.

Both nisha and veer are nervous and

nisha : veer if you want cigarete you can . No one see u here.

veer : here, i think its not gud.

nisha : u can.u feel better .Actually i saw ur posts and u can smoke .

veer : Thanks

Sanchi is trying all ways to see what they are talking and running here and there and saw through windows.

chotu: taping on sanchi shoulder

sanchi : what do you want?

chotu : im chotu and i also want to see

sanchi lifts him and both see through window.

Nisha closes the one window while veer smoking no one sees him.

sanchi and chotu goes to another window.

chotu : what are they doing and why they close windows?Did they make out?

sanchi:chup.Not like that.You are a kid don’t talk like that.

veer: r u okay with arange marriage ? If u have any pressure from ur mom tell me i can talk with her.

nisha: no no.If there is any problem i can talk with my mom.And thanks for your concern.

veer and nisha are talking with each other…

sanchi comes to other window.And chotu stops by seeing a buffalo there.

chotu:help me out help me out.

sanchi : what happen

chotu: whats this

sanchi:hey its buffalo

chotu: ohh

sanchi : From where do you get milk?

chotu : From alberts store

sanchi hugs chotu and laughs

sanchi takes chotu to the bufalo and show him the way how get milk

veer comes out from room and sit with elders in hall

All are waiting to get an answer from him.

veer looks with a little tension and says my brother will come tomorrow and speaks and gives the opinion.

All are started whispering and sanchi looks angry.

jaya asks him to stay in their outhouse .And they agree.

veer calls kabir and said him to come.

At dining table:

sanchi: what he is thinking about himself?He needs second opinion.no no.We should cancel the wedding.Arrange marriages are like this.And they are putting extra

conditions.Nisha di plz you said no.

jayas bhabhi: stop sanchi.They dont have family.Thats y he said his brother will come and say opinion.

sanchi and nisha in terrace:

sanchi: r u sure want to marry him.U have to work for them for life long.By the way its America .u dont know how they are and ate.Atleast they take u to movies there.

nisha glares her and both go to sleep.

sanchi checks kabir fb and he post recently: going to india .hope i dont find any lizards there.

sanchi takes 2 lizards and put them in outhouse.

Next day morning:

sanchi went to airport to pick up kabir

kabir wearing a black shirt with gogles come and saw sanchi holding a placard with upside down and saw the name groom’s brother.

kabir approaches to sanchi and said placard tho ache se pakad lo .Its reverse.

by the way iam kabir.

and moves his hand forward to shook hand with her.

sanchi: im bride’s sister.with angry tone.Because she doesnt like the idea of veer so she is angry with him.And doesnt forward hand to kabir.

Both went to car.And kabir put the luggage in car and closes the door tightly.

sanchi glares him.

kabir: actually in america the cars r strong.soo

sanchi : in low tone this is india…

Both sit in the car and starts to home.

precap: kanchi nok-jhok and what will kabir say s or no

Hope you guys like it.Obviously the marriage will happen and this is pure love story .I hope you love it.And in future episodes u gottta see more kanchi scenes because this is starting na.And thats it for today .I post next chapter tomorrow.Today im free thats y posting d next episode.Hope u love it.

  1. Wow awesome Hema by the way u r from which state

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      thanks nd im from andhra pradesh

  2. This is amazing neha plzz post soon.

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  3. Hey, is it the story of movie fidaa. I am really interested to see it as a doctor’s tale. It was amazing.

    1. Hema69

      yes u r right dear
      i like d concept of d movie and thats y merging it into kanchi
      hope u like it

    2. Hema69

      and im huge fan of fida director sekhar kammula
      i just take the plot of that movie and i made a lot of changes
      hope u liked it too dear

    3. Lahari99

      I really liked the story and yes I am a big fan of the director too

    4. Lahari99

      I’m sorry I meant I liked your story too and I am really eager for next episode

  4. i just loved it dear
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    So cute… Lizard??… But good job!!!

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      y always girls should fear of insects
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  7. Awesome

  8. omg Hema dear this was simply amazing…….. so now we’ve another osm emerging writer of sdch tu………..just love this new concept & of course ur amazing storyline……….a nice portrayal of characters too………..eagerly waiting for the tashanbaazi of kaanchi…………….

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      it really means a lot thankyou

  9. Nice and amazing story.keep it up????

  10. Lizard idea ws awesome

  11. Moonlight25

    Too good Hema, amazing glad to did another kanchi fan here…am still laughing at Sanchi putting 2 lizards in the outhouse…its so funny am.so excited to see his reaction…post your next epi soon

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  12. its amazing dear
    u just take the base plot and from here the story is new and interesting

    1. Hema69

      thanks swetha
      i just want intro to be very gud thats y i take it from another source
      but from next episode it is different
      hope u will like it

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