Kaamna 30th November 2021 Written Episode Update: Manav tries his best to cheer Akanksha

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Manav sis in front of the potato wondering what could be the reason that Akanksha hid such a big truth and even now doesnot want to talk about it, he wonders what kind of the truth would it be, Yatharth comes running saying that he is ready, Manav also assures he would also get ready, he then also asks Akanksha to go and get ready, she at once questions where do they have to go when she replies they always go out on a Sunday, he says she has started forgetting after coming to Indore when she replies she did not ask them to come, Manav apologizes saying it was just a joke but Akanksha exclaims she is feeling a headache but cannot go out with them, she leaves which worries Yatharth who questions why is Mom not going with them however Manav replies there is nothing like that, he should go downstairs to play the game.

Devika in the room with Vibhav says that he doesnot want to reveal their relation to the world but why did he stop talking to her, Vibhav exclaims there is nothing left to talk so their relationship has ended, however Devika insists that he not leave her assuring she would hide their relation, not take any photos but live with just a relation of their hearts, Vibhav exclaims what she is doing is called being obsessed, however Devika replies it is known as love, she exclaims she still loves him however Vibhav replies he doesnot love her and never did, he leaves asking how much sugar would she take in her coffee. Devika hugs him, he praises her earring then pointing to the portrait of Akanksha asks if he knows where he can find the earrings in the portrait, but she exclaims one would have to search for them. Vibhav exclaims this is the problem with life as he feels he would have to search for the women his entire life, Devika exclaims this means he is dumping her for this girl.

Akanksha in the kitchen is preparing the food, she is constantly thinking about the announcement which Khushal jee said, she hears the cries so then goes to see the video of herself playing of the time when she was pregnant with Yatharth and her stomach ac aching a lot, she asked Manav what should she do, he asked her to lie down on her side as this is what the doctor said, he then brought the pizza for her which she complained about by saying that the chilli flakes are actually fakes. Manav actually comes with the same mask complaining about pain in his stomach, he takes out the pizza asking her to eat, he questions about it when she replies the same, he once again laughs when she questions how can he laugh at her poor jokes, Manav explains he is still crazy for her even today and will also remain the same in the future, even when they will reach the age of eighty years old. Akanksha looks into his eyes, he picks the pizza, she exclaims he is just as the same chezzy when Manav says they can go for outing as this way her mood would change, she asks him to call Yatharth saying she will not share her pizza when he asks if she would not even share with her, she however refuses explaining because she is sharing her entire life with him, is it not enough when Manav exclaims that she should remain by his side for the rest of his live.

Vibhav is walking with Devika explaining he really cares for her, but this relation has to end, she exclaims if he likes her so much then why is not giving the relationship a last chance, he is pointing Katrina to the flower says that once when the flowers die down, they cannot be the same ever again, he wishes the best for her, but this is the end. Vibhav asks her to see his house for the last time, he is always there for her as a friend, but she must forget him, he opens the door of the taxi for her seeing her off, he asks Ranay how the women got inside when Ranay says he doesnot how she was able to even when he had instructed the guards, but Vibhav asks him to call the commissioner if she ever comes to their house.

Manav is walking when Yatharth runs to the temple, they all pray, Yatharth prays that their parents always remain together smiling, while walking outside Manav asks he knows what they get but Yatharth exclaims his wish was not fulfilled as Mom is not happy, when Akanksha turning asks if this was his wish, she hugs him smiling.

Vibhav is playing the game in the car when Ranay comes saying that he has found a way to find the women, he then calls a person explaining he is a hacker who also helped them a lot in the project, he is sure he can do this to help them.
Akanksha is sitting with Yatharth when she sees some people who say that she is a really strange women who is still living a life as a simple women even after being Miss Indore, they all start walking towards her demanding a selfie, she rushes away with Yatharth and bumps into Manav who questions what has happened, she looks around but doesnot see anyone so feels that it might be her thoughts, she insists on going home to which Manav agrees.

Manav is in the car with his friend who asks how he like his car did, Manav replies it is really nice, he asks if he knew that Akanksha was Miss Indore, the friend replies Rhea told him asking if Manav did not know, Manav replies he did not and would himself talk to Rhea about the reason because someone announced it loudly, Akanksha is tensed after that, Manav also asks if he knows about Vibhav Kapoor, his friend replies that they all know about him because it is said that he has reached this position by using the support of his deceased wife. Manav asks Chokse je is he called him, Chokse sir exclaims they are getting really late and need to leave, Manav immediately questions about the reason, Chokse sir exclaims he is his boss so he can follow his orders with asking question, they are seated at the back seat of the car, Manav realizes they have reached the house of Vibhav Kapoor.

Precap: Vibhav explains that the honest people like Manav donot give them the honour of serving them, Manav replies it is because they tend to think of getting their work done. Ranay explains they have found an eight-year-old ad, Vibhav orders them to find the agency who shot this ad as he was sure his Kamana would not be any ordinary women.

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