Kaamna 28th June 2022 Written Episode Update: Manav defends Akanksha in his birthday party

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Sakshi mam and Manav start the dance which everyone is enjoying, Vibhav also praises them taunting Akanksha of the pain as first Niharika and now Sakshi both are dancing with Manav, he asks if she taught the animal to change the color as he has never seen anyone like her, she went to Vibhav because he had the money but now when his time is not right she once again went to Manav who has everything, Akanksha replies she did not think before coming to him as he became a driver from being the owner of the big company. Akanksha mentions that if she had not done the mistake then would be with Manav who will have given her everything, she has made a mistake so would be the one to correct it all, Vibhav replies this is her mistake since he has not lost so very soon would once again able to win the trust of Niharika. He asks if she think that Manav would once again accept her after she spend so many nights with him, Akanksha replies she knows he still has feelings for her even when he doesnot say them out loud.

Manav and Sakshi end the dance when Akanksha claps for the beautiful couple mentioning now it is time for the cake cutting, she taking it out asks Yatharth to see how she has made it with so much love, Yatharth runs away when they all try to stop him. Akanksha mentions she accepts that she made a mistake but she has given him seven years of her life and so he must not end their marriage as she just needs a second chance, Yatharth comes back with the cake that Sakshi mam made, he informs that Manav would only cut this cake which Sakshi mam made, he starts putting candles on it seeing which Akanksha rushes to also put candles on her cake, Yatharth forces Manav but Akanksha apologies accepting that she made a mistake but Yatharth insists that he would only cut the cake made by Sakshi mam, Manav then looking at Akanksha turns to cut the cake made by Sakshi mam, they all wish him so he starts smiling, Manav asks Yatharth to open his mouth and even Ayesha wishes him. Akanksha thinks that she created such an emotional drama but it still did not have any effect on Manav and his son. Manav takes the cake to Niharika who exclaims he got really late so she thought she would miss it, but Manav assures it cannot happen, he instructs the workers to clear the table.

Vibhav taking the center introduces himself mentioning he knows Manav sir since the past one year and then he would like to say some words about him, Vibhav mentions Manav is known for his honesty and doesnot even do any wrong doings just like a few moments ago when there were two cakes, one was baked by his wife while the other by his friend so he chose the cake made by Sakshi mam. Vibhav informs Akanksha was saying that she baked the cake by herself but the truth is that she only bought the cake from the bakery and it costed one thousand rupees. Manav asks Akanksha to hand him the receipt, he tears it in anger. Manav appreciates that he said those beautiful words and even said he doesnot differentiate so how did he think Manav would let him misbehave with any of his guest, Vibhav mentions that she lied in front of everyone and so is he not angry with her, Manav replies he is not so what can he do about it. Manav says he is going to tell everyone about Vibhav so reveals that he is a really self-centered and cheating person who doesnot have the least bit of honesty. Manav orders him to leave the party, Vibhav then turns to Niharika who asks if he doesnot know that drivers are not worthy to attend the parties of the owners.

Vibhav is leaving when Akanksha stops him mentioning that the truth is still left, she explains that he said his part of the story which is not the complete truth so she accepts that she bought the cake from the bakery but in fact came to wish him but his guards did not allow her to enter, she questions why does Vibhav not reveal who was the person because of whom she committed this crime and that her loving husband has left her and even her own son doesnot want to be around her, Yatharth requests Sakshi mam to stop her as she wants to ruin the entire party and so must leave.

Akanksha mentions Vibhav is responsible for her situation as he is the reason that her relatives have left her, her brother feels humiliated in calling her his sister. Akanksha acts as if she is going to kill Vibhav but instead falls on the ground, Manav immediately punches Vibhav questioning where did he think of harming his guests, he tries helping Akanksha when Yatharth questions why is he doing when she ruined the entire party. Manav questions why is he talking like this when good people should always help those in need, he takes Akanksha inside.

Yatharth is in the room when Sakshi mam tries to enter, he warns that he doesnot want to meet anyone, Sakshi mam sits beside him explaining that she wants to talk with him but he replies what was the need for Manav to pick up Akanksha as he felt really bad, Sakshi mam tries to explain that his father did not do anything wrong but Yatharth calls Ayesha mentioning they would not celebrate Father’s Day as everything is ruined, he ends the call rushing to sleep while Sakshi mam is worried.

Manav enters the house placing Akanksha on the sofa, Swati looks to karan who says he would not help her in any case as he tried but she in return ruined the entire birthday party of Manav so he doesnot have any relation with her, Manav turns to leave but Akanksha holds his hand stopping him, she requests him to not leave her hand as he was the only one who supported her.

Precap: Niharika on the call with Manav explains how she wished of staying with him at his house so they can spend some quality time, she desires to start a new life with him both personally and professionally. Vibhav returning to his room exclaims Manav has made a big mistake.

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