Kaamna 23rd November 2021 Written Episode Update: Vibhiv finds out that Akanksha was outside the pooja

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Manav enters the house while Yatharth is playing is game, he sees that Akanksha is siitng sadly in the chair, he comes to her when she exclaims he would be thinking how she even after being the daughter of a government official is not understanding the workings of a government official, Akanksha exclaims that he should see this house as it is really small, he would leave for work and Yatharth will go to school while she will be left alone but how will she live here, she is also a daughter of a government official and never saw anyone instruction under any circumstance, he stops her crying asking her to come inside.

Manav explains to Akanksha that bungalow is just a building which would be completed by them both, Akanksha exclaims that what if he is not able to fight when the time comes to which Manav exclaims she should never talk like this because he can do anything for her and Yatharth but she must for now have the dinner which he brought as she has had nothing to eat for the past five hours because of which she is getting like this, Yatharth questions what is Ghussi, Manav exclaims she is the younger sister of anger ( Ghussa). He even takes out a cup of lassi, requesting Akanksha to take it. There is also loadshedding, Akanksha exclaims that now it would not seem how small the house is.

Mr Kapoor is having the dinner when the newscaster reveals that Sankhni Kapoor says Vibhav Kapoor is a really clever him, and being, Ranay comes informing that the picture has arrived from Italy, he is really amazed by the frame and even mentions the picture is nice, he seeing it exclaims had she been p[resent then would have seen how successful he has made his company, he instructs them to hang it over the fireplace and also to place a Haar over it, Ranay requests him to let it be but Vaibhav exclaims he also misses her but the person who ahs not come in four years, he even misses her.

Yatharth exclaims he is really scared because there are ghosts in the dark, Manav requests the ghost if he is present then should turn on the inverter, however the light doesnot come to which Manav exclaims that this proves there is not a ghost so there is no need to be afraid, she asks him to think by himself what is happening as this proves they were better off in Bhopal, he acts as a film star when she asks him to go and see for himself, but stands to herself check it, Manav requests her to look at the brighter side, Akanksha exclaims she cannot see it because of the darkness, Manav exclaims they have a chance to eat at a candle lit dinner, Akanksha exclaims who would bring the candle when Manav reveals he has brought them himself, then Akanksha leaves exclaiming she will bring the dishes, Yatharth asks if Manav had really planned the dinner but he says that he did not do anything and Khushal jee gave them the lights as he told him that there is a constant problem of loadshedding.

In the morning Manav wakes up when he is shocked to see Akanksha hanging the calender, he is stunned to see that she has set the entire kitchen, before he can say anything she exclaims he would say how does she manage to do everything like this and she is really clever, Manav mentions she desired to say the same because till last night she was really angry and did not wanted to live in this house but now has set the entire kitchen, Akanksha exclaims it was because of the mosquitoes as she feels that Indore has all of the mosquitoes from the entire country, Manav assures she will bring the coil for them, she asks him to go and get ready for the office as he should submit any letter required, she will also prepare the breakfast, he leaves after kissing her.

Khushal jee is showing the employees photo of Akanksha asking them to see how beautiful she is, the peon of their office leaves after seeing them both when Manav after entering the office also calls him Kaka, he exclaims that only those who work in the office can call him Kaka otherwise his name is Nariyan jee, Manav mentions by his rule he would have to call him Kaka as he will also work in the same office, Nariyan jee exclaims he is the officer of the land and environment, he apologizes but Manav mentions there is no need, Nariyan je exclaims his family is really beautiful, Manav asks when did he see them, Nariyan jee explains that Khushal je has taken a photo on his mobile and is showing everyone, Khushal je mentions there is nothing like this because he just took the photo because he was meeting Jaspal but there is nothing to be worried about, Manav asks Khushal jee to not take the thing of anyone else just as small as a photo without the permission, Khushal jee mention he will be shown to his office, Manav meets Amita and then they both exclaim how it is the benefit of their government office that they can meet each other even after being transferred, Amita asks if he has met the officer and then he requests the in charge if he can handle the situation of his house but the in charge explains he cannot do anything about it since Jaspal je said he will not shift till six months but Manav can look for another flat which the office will pay for with the allowance.

Akanksha is coming back with the necessary items for the house when Yatharth constantly asks her to take them but she explains he should also lift them, Vinay calls him from behind, he immediately asks Yatharth to come as he will show him his new house, Yatharth asks if he can go and Akanksha allows asking him to be careful, he already knows what she will say so runs away without picking the bins, Akanksha tries to kneel but Khushal jee forcefully picks them up following her, his wife is with another women who asks about the lady who her husband is following she explains that she is the wife of an officer, Khushal is constantly following Akanksha exclaiming she is really pretty and doesnot seem a mother of a son, he believes Manav jee is really lucky to have a wife like her, he in a low exclaims he also cares for her, she feels irritated with his flirting and turns to her flat, she is shocked to see her mother and sister standing, Akanksha recalls how she was being forced to marry the brother in law of her sister.

Precap: Mr Kapoor asks Ranay how was he not able to see her when she passed by in front of him, Manav asks Akanksha how long will she live with what happened eight years ago and must forget them, as they now live in the same city. The in charge coming asks Manav how he stopped the file of Kapoor industries, Manav exclaims the rule should be same for all. Vibhav asks Ranay to figure out who stopped the file as he should be punished, someone from behind exclaims he is right, and they should indeed be punished.

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