Kaamna 1st December 2021 Written Episode Update: Manav refuses the offer of Vibhav kapoor

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Manav steps out with Chokse, he asks why to have they come here, Chokse jee says today is Monday and they have come to do work, Manav says he works from his office as he is a movement employee, Chokse sir exclaims they also go to perform a raid when Manav questions if they have come for a raid, Chokse sir enters the house exclaiming he doesnot know on whom the raid will be performed.

Vibhav is playing in house golf when he sees Chokse coming with Manav so exclaims that today even another person has come into his house, Manav greets Chokse, he apologizes to Manav for calling him early on the Monday morning since he doesnot work on Sunday, he asks why has he not taken anything to drink, Manav replies he is all good, Vibhav explains such sort of good people tend to create problems because they do not accept anything, Manav replies this is because people tend to expect favouritism after inviting them, Vibhav explains a job is done for living while one doesnot live for a job, Manav replies even he would do his work seriously, Vibhav agrees but explains he is a business man and they tend to get whatever they desire because of which two government employees are in his house on a Monday morning, Manan exclaims he might be mistaken because he has come because of his work and not that Vibhav desired him to come, Vibhav asks Chokse which is the correct pronunciation of potato but then exclaims that it doesnot matter, he asks Manav to come as he will show him his house.

Chokse goes to Manav ordering him to not ruin his reputation as Vibhav doesnot show anyone his house, he has only agreed because of the connection, Manav finally agrees even when he doesnot want to, they both go to Vibhav who explains that he desires to talk with Manav alone while Chokse can go to the office as there would be a lot of his work pending, Chokse jee leaves when Vibhav asks how many members are in the family, Manav explains he has a son and wife, Vibhav exclaims a small family is a blessing, then Vibhav exclaims Manav would really love his wife because he got so possessive for a single ear ring of his wife, as he rejected his offer without even listening to what it was, Manav replies there are somethings which cannot be measured, Vibhav exclaims Manav gives really good answers.
Akanksha opens the door to see Khushal standing with a girl, he immediately greets her, informing the girl that she is their Bhabhi jee and when she would have married, many of the people would have suffered a heart break, he seeks the permission to come inside, then informs that the girl is his niece, she has taken part in a beauty contest, he said that their Bhabhi jee is a winner of a big contest so they have come to meet her, so she can give any tips, Akanksha exclaims she cannot give her any tip because it was long time ago, however the girl also insists that she take a selfie with her, after taking some selfies then requests if she come downstairs as the background is really boring, Akanksha however refuses exclaiming she is not feeling well, she greets Khushal jee and then he is forced to leave, after going outside he questions his niece why did she have to ask her to come downstairs, she replies if she had captioned the women with a future it would have ruined it all, Akanksha leaves with tears in her eyes.

Vibhav takes Manav into his personal home theatre mentioning that no one from his office has ever come into this section of his house, he starts to show him his projects mentioning he knows there is some problem going on with his house because Jaspal is not leaving so even if he shifts their then it would still be a government house, he can choose any house which he likes from these projects, and even then he still has some goodies because no one leaves from his house empty handed, Manav replies he has come to his house as a government employee, he doesnot want to give him any hopes because his file would only be passed if he follows the rules otherwise it would be a problem for the both of them, he stands asking where is the door as he wishes to leave but then says he will find the way himself.

Manav sitting with Rhea asks if she was with Akanksha when she became Miss Indore, Rhea replies she was in Pune for her post-graduation, she found out from her friends that Akanksha got really stubborn then after some time she found out about her father’s death, Akanksha stopped answering everyone calls including hers, she even deleted all of her social media accounts after which she found out about his marriage, Manav asks if she did not ask her about it, Rhea replies she did once but then Akanksha asked her to never talk about it again.

Manav sitting with Yatharth asks Akanksha to see that he is once again spelling the word wrong, she leaves asking him to correct it, Yatharth exclaims he purposefully asked him to pronounce the wrong spelling. Manav feels worried.

Akanksha in her sleep starts to dream about her past ads which she did after becoming Miss Indore, she immediately wakes up from her dream and is really tensed, Manav exclaims the air conditioner would have ruined her sleep, then Akanksha exclaims that she was feeling tensed, he goes to sit beside her and pours some water for her.

Vibhav is sitting when the person comes mentioning he has found a needle from a haystack and plays the ad from eight years ago, Vibhav is really stunned to see it mentioning he knows that his Kamana is not an ordinary person, he feels she is ageing like an old wine, the person asks for his fees, when Vibhav exclaims he is worthy of a prize so orders Ranay to give him anything he desires.

Manav is sleeping when he hears that Akanksha is crying in her sleep, he kneeling against her head asks her what is the reason she is so worried because he really cares for her and cannot see her like this, she doesnot even tell him anything and this is the first time he has seen her, he assures her that he doesnot want anything else other then Yatharth and her, but if she is listening then must know he would do anything to find the reason she is worried, he goes back to sleep when Akanksha opens her eyes.

Precap: Vibhav asks what was he saying because he said they would have to follow rules, but now the file has come on the table and it would also get signed, Akanksha reveals that everyone in the society is passing remarks on her. Vibhav is with a women who exclaims she knows the lady really well and her name is Akanksha Awasthi.

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