Kaali Ek Punar Avatar 21st February 2013 Written Episode Update

Kaali Ek Punar Avatar 21st February 2013 Written Episode, Kaali Ek Punar Avatar 21st February 2013 Written Update

Episode begins with the courtroom scene. Vaani panicks & says that this isnt the actual video. The judge orders them to get the actual video. Dev says that the theif must have definately changed the chip. Judge gives the final verdict that the case cannot be re opened unless they have enough proof. All look sad. Dev says that he will go and find out.

Outside, Dev scolds the policemen for being irresponsible. He orders them to go & find the man asap. Paakhi is searching for Dev. But she is unable to spot him. She informs Vaani the same. After a while, Dev reaches the spot where the man is drinking tea. Dev slowly approaches him. The man is startled and begins running. Dev chases him. After a good long chase, Dev finally grabs him and thrashes him asking for the video. The policemen try stopping him but Dev doesnt budge. Vaani and others too reach the spot and are stunned to see Dev thrashing that man. One of the policemen whispers that Vaani is here thus alerting Dev who immediately composes himself. He looks at them not able to say anything. Unfortunately, the man slowly gets up and runs. A furious Dev immediately follows but the man jumps on a bus and escapes. Dev returns to the place where the family is standing. Mami praises Dev. Paakhi looks at him.

RKT & Samar are rejoicing. Rajneesh who had a small confrontation with Sayali a while ago too joins them. RKT says that they should celebrate. Samar and Rajneesh smile.

At home, Paakhi applies medicine on Dev’s wound. She tells him that things have changed alot ever since he has entered their lives. Fear seems to have vanished from their minds. Dev just looks on. Paakhi gets lost in his eyes. After she leaves, Dev gets a call. Its the Commissioner on the other end who demands an answer as to how could they let that man get away with the evidence. Dev says that it was his fault. Commissioner asks that is it because of any weakness, any bonding? Dev says that there is nothing like that & he is only doing his duty. He assures that henceforth nothing of that sort will happen.

RKT and everyone are busy enjoying their party. Suddenly Samar bumps into Rajneesh thus spilling drinks on him. Rajneesh is furious and Samar smirks. Raj quickly goes upstairs to clean the mess which didnt go unnoticed by RKT.

Dev enters the house and tells everyone that they can work out sumthng only if Sayali agrees as to be a witness. Everyone look thoughtful. Dev immediately leaves for Sayali’s house.

He slowly manages to enter Sayali’s room and tells her that there is just one way they can save the case that is.. She will have to be eye witness. Sayali readily agrees. Just then, Samar knocks on the door. Both of them are scared. Sayali opens the door and Dev hides behind it. Samar asks who was there inside. Sayali says no one. Samar looks around. Dev who is hiding behind the door slowly sits down hiding himself.


Update Credit to: PristineSoul

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