Kaala Teeka 30th January 2017 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1
After 14 years, there is a village. Pavitra is near the lake. She looks exactly like Kali. Kali says to a girl chutki why were you throwing flowers on me. They were for idols. Chutki says you are my idol. You di so much for us. Kali says what do you want? Why are you buttering me? Chutki says everyone gets halwa puri in village today. See how everyone is preparing. pavitra comes to temple. Pavitra decorates the idol. A woman comesand says see him please, my baby is crying. Pavitra takes the baby. The woman says he has not eaten anything. Pavitra says give me two minutes. She brings meds and gives it to the kid. The kid stops crying. Pavitra says give it to him twice. It would have happened because of powdered milk. The woman says I don’t have money you keep this bangle. Pavitra says I don’t take money for kids’ treatments. Their smile makes me happy.
The woman says your mai is very lucky. pavitra says I was not maybe. That is why I got separated from my family. But Mai is like a mom to me. Mai comes and says like? I am your mom. You are my elder daughter. Kali hugs her and says mai you are my mom and friend. You taught me everything. Mai says what herb did you give to the kid? Let me check. Pavitra says the one you brough from outstation. Mai says 70 rs was the fare. Pavitra says but we don’t charge for kids. Mai says though you can send flour. Pavitra says mai see this idol. Mai says don’t change the topic. I sew this chunri for you. You like yellow? Pavitra says thank you mai. Chutki says you give all the love to her. I kept asking for clothes but you said you dont have money. Mai says you keep playing all the time. Mai says to Pavitra reach before thakur comes.

Scene 2
Niana wakes up in bed. She is totally modern.
Pavitra says chutki has left she could lit the candle. Who dould do this now. Pandit ji comes there. Pavitra coughs.. Pandit ji says you keep treating people and you don’t take care of yourself. You have allergy from smoke. He gives her water.

Chulbuli does arti in the house. Naina coughs. Chulbuli gives her juice. Chulbuli says why don’t you take meds? Naina says I don’t need meds just don’t lit this. Chulbuli says smile. Lets take selfie. Chulbuli says I will put it on my wall. Chulbuli shows her the wall where they have photos of them together. Chulbuli says I always pray that you become what your mother wanted you to be. Niana says God only takes from us. Naina says if God is here he will bring my pavitra back to me. Otherwise he would never have my belief.

There is a ritual going on in the village. A woman says aren’t you coming pavitra? pavitra says I will come later. There is a bride in the doli. They take her out. Mai asks chutki where is pavitra? Pavitra’s chunri is torn in a thorn.
Thakur comes to village with his men. Pavitra is going towards home. She collides with him. Pandit with him says you can’t be part of the ritual with this torn chunri. Thakur says let her go. Don’t punish her for what thorn did. You go. He leaves.
Naina is going to a village with her friend. Her friend says so you are going to another village? Naina says everyone thinks pavitra is dead but I know she is here and I will find her one day or other.

No precap.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. I knew they would separate pavitra n naina n I think naina will find her but she won’t remember her

  2. s*xy naina

  3. i will f**k her sonn pavitra so s*xy so hot
    i will f**k her with con**ms

  4. what rubbish are you speaking gnc


    GMC just shut your mouth and go and learn some manners how to behave and talk. And I like simiti entry in kaala teeka. Hope the writers don’t make another love triangle

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