Kaala Teeka 18th January 2017 Written Episode Update

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Kaala Teeka 18th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Kali comes out of the room. Yug comes in front of her. He says you here? The kids come. Naina says where is my treat? pavitra says we solve your problem where is treat? Yug says you favorite pizza is coming. They both hug him. Kali says pavitra go to your room. Yug says let her play with papa. Yug says I understand your situation. But don’t stop me being with pavitra. Like you took care of naina I should be a father to Pavitra. A father shouldn’t be stopped from meeting his daughter. Gauri says wow. You said I won’t enter this house till yug and gauri sort out. You never keep your promises. Kali takes pavitra from Yug and leaves. NAina says you are so bad. I am mad at you. Gauir says she has fooled naina. Yug says kids see the truth. Gauri says are you calling me evil? Yug says yes, I am so unlucky to have a wife like you. I thought you have changed. Yug leaves. Gauri says this Kali has taken my daughter and husband from me. I will teach her a lesson.

Kali sees Paivtra she is alking on video live with Yug and Naina in outhouse. She looks at Nandu’s picture. She recalls promising him she will take care of both the girls.

Scene 2
Next morning, Kali says pavitra you will promise me you won’t talk to yug. You just be with naina. Pavitra says please. Kali says no. Pavitra says but come to see naina she is ill. Kali recalls what gauri said. Kali says I can’t go you go and give her love from my side.
Kali recalls moments with Naina. She looks at their photo. Kali comes out and looks at the card pavitra made for Naina.. Kali comes in the house. Gauri throws a rod in her feet. Kali says I am sorry. Gauri says sorry is a small word. No matter what mistake you do say sorry after that. Kali says pavitra made card for naina. she forgot it. Gauri tears it and says sorry. Yug is about to slap her. Chulbuli comes in and says what are you doing? Yug says you don’t knwo what happened here before you. Do you have any humanity Gauri? Gauri says I am teaching her to be in limits. Yug says your problem is my love for pavitra? Now see what I do. Garui says what can you do? Yug says I will kick you out of this house. Leela says what are you saying. Kali says She is your wife and Naina’s mother. Yug says she is nothing. Kali says I won’t let you do this. Gauri says so once again you became great. Pavitra says papa.. She goes after Yug. A pot falls on her head. She faints. Yug runs towards her. Kali comes too. They pick her up and take her in the room.
Yug comes and sees bruise on Naina’s head. He says what happened? Leela says she was coming downstairs and slipped. Naina is injured too. Yug says they got bruise on same spot. Leela says ys. And the bruise looks same as well. God has tied their fates together. They can’t be separated. What will we do? Call Prohit.

Prohit comes and checks their kundlis. He reads something on a knife and places in under pillows. Gauir says why not under naina’s pillow? Prohit says its not needed. One of them is enough for both. They are each other’s power and they should never be parted. Leela says is that possible? Please tell us some solution. Prohit looks at Yug.
Gauri picks up knife. She says I will kill myself if you think of adopting her. Kali says what are you doing. Gauri shoves her and says I can’t control myself. I will slit my wrist. Yug takes the knife from her.

Chulbuli says to Gauri Kali is Yug’s first love. And everyone knows what you did with all of them. He can kick you out anytime. Nandu is dead and Kali is alone. Gauri says what should I do? Chulbuli says sometimes you sit quite and wait for right tinme. You can only keep an eye on kali if you stay in this hosue.
Yug says no one can stop me from adopting pavitra.
Gauri breaks the mirror in anger. She says I won’t this happen.
kali is making sleep. Kali says God I have suffered enough in life. I just want naina and pavitra to be together always. She writes it on a paper.

Someone with face covered comes in a room. Its Leela. She comes to Prohit. Prohit says sit. Prohit writes a symbol. Leela says what are you making? He says look closely. If we draw a line on this and cut it and tie it on their hands they will be protected even if they are separate. Chulbuli overhears and says I should tell Gauri.
Gauir is peeking in at Kali and says love naina as much as you can not for long. Chulbuli comes to Gauri don’t take niana right now. Yug will give her back to naian.I will tell you the plan. Gauri says thank you so much. It is a good plan. Now see what I do. They will both get that symbol on their hands and they will be separated for life.

Precap-Leela tells the solution to everyone. Yug says this will hurt the kids. Kali says he is right. Chulbuli shouts gauri gauri.. Everyone runs upstairs, She comes down and asks her man to tattoo the kids.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. leisa s morris

    Gauri keeps talkin bout kali stayin within her limits guess she forgot how naina was conceived in d first place. wen she crossed all limits and drugged and raped yug. A wicked person never see their faults but always quick to point out anothers even if its not true

  2. I just wish gauri could die n leave Kali n yug alone

    1. I wish the same…that b***h will never change

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