Kaala Teeka 14th March 2017 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1
Thakur comes to Badki’s house. She says you here in our small house? He says Goddess chose you that makes your house a temple. I wanted to make you wear this chunri. Chutki.. He holds her hand. Chutki feels disgusted. She recalls everything he said. Thakur says don’t worry you will be fine I am the protector of this village. He caresses her face. Chutki doesn’t like it. Thakur laughs. He makes Badki wear that chunri and touches her back. Chutki doesn’t like it.
Badki comes out. All the women are waiting for her there. Badki hugs mai. They are both crying.
BAdki stops. Mahant says what happened? Chutki says I am coming in a while. Its very important. She comes near that idol of her mother and says I am leaving didi and you. Always take care of her. He chunri gets stuck beneath the idol. Badki takes it out and leaves.

Naina says to Krishan reach old palace. I am going to village. Krishan says but wait listen.. Naina runs. Badki comes back. Mai caresses her face. Badki sits in her doli.
Naina is looking for auto to reach the village. Mahant says pick the doli. The men pick her doli and they take her near the river.
Badki recalls she said to chutki what are you trying to say?

Mai comes home. She is crying. She says I can’t live without my badki.. Chutkii tries to talk to her. She says Mai.. Mai is dazed;. Mai says thank God you spoke. Speak to me more. Chutki says didi.. stop her. Mai says no she has to go. Goddess called her. Chutki says with trouble..

Badki is bring taken near the river. She comes out of doli. Thakur gives her shagun and touches her hands. Badki steps back.
Krishan comes on bike. Naina and he go towards the village. Thakur’s thugs stop them. Krishna says he knows that we are coming back that is why he send them. Krishna beats down all of them.
Mahant does badki’s arti. He says Badki has been chosen for this honor. She will be living as a saint on the other side of the village. Naina hears Badki saying Naina didi.. Krishna says to Naina you run. I will handle them. He beats the thugs while Naina runs towards the village.
Badki sits in the boat.
Mai is madly running on the roads as well. Chutki told her everything. She trips over a stone and falls. Naina comes on the same road. She sees her and says mai.. What happened? Mai says save my badki. Naina says why is she being sent today? There were three days left. Mai says she did that to save you. Please save her. Naina runs towards the river. She hides behind the trees. Naina jumps in the river and swims towards the boat.

Scene 3
Thakur comes back home. Mahant comes in and says thakur.. Kajri has been found by police. Thakur is dazed. He says how? Mahant says that Naina never went to city. Our men tried to stop Krishna and Naina but she ran towards the village. Thakur throws a bottle in anger.
Thakur says badki will pay for Naina’s mistakes. I will auction in her in the market.
Naian swims towards the boat.
Badki says why is this car here? The pandit(thug) with her says to take you to ashram. She syas but ashram was at walking distance. They put handkerchief on her face and put her in the car. Badki sees Niana in the river.. She says didi.

Precap-The judge of the village says you came here again? Badki says we want you to meet someone. Krishna brings Kajri out of the car. Krishnasays Kajri tell everyone what is the truth.. Kajri looks at her parents.

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